Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Temporary Freedom


Mission accomplished!

Assignment all done!

Only one presentation left.

Now that I'm free like a bird and has nothing to do...I should be enjoying every moment of it...

Ironically, I'm BORED!!!!!

Haha....tu la manusia.

Bila sibuk, nak harap masa lebih.

Bila dah tak sibuk pulak, rasa bosan bila takde kerja nak buat...

Nonetheless, the way and the situation that I am right now is better and more pleasant than what I had before. Stress much better...

The next mission is: FINALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aim: DEKAN!!!!! hahahaha

It doesn't hurt to hope right? hehe...

p/s: I just got punkd! To whom it may concerned (you know who you are)....ngok ngek la korang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So far, memang ini yang terbaik lah....muahahahahahahaha!

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