Saturday, March 20, 2010

kenap bah kau berubah????

Nothing much to say actually...

do you know the situation when you are so pissed off and feel like breaking things down but in fact all you're able to do is be quiet and become a total ignorant?

that's what i'm feeling right now..

i'm having this whirlpool of mixed feelings...(betul ke ayat ni?)
negative feelings specifically.

don't blame the fellow's just frustrating to see how easily we are being forgotten when something new and special arrives. What is more frustrating, annoyed and sickening thing is when there's nobody around, that is where we come in. And we come in not by choice, not totally by sincerity of our hearts. We come in just for the sake of not wanting the fellow to be alone, or hurt, or feel neglected. Because I've been there, and believe me, it is one situation I don't want anyone else to be in. Boy, you've changed.

CHANGE...there's nothing wrong with change. I mean, everyone change, every minute every second. Go ahead with your life. Rejoice! You're free to do whatever you want and be with whoever you wish to be. We respect the decision that you've made. Just one thing. Don't forget history. And don't forget those who have been there with you through thick or thin. They may look like they understand, but deep down, it is hurtful. because they care for you and they don't want history repeats itself. Maybe they are wrong. But don't pretend they are not around. And don't wonder why all of a sudden they are acting different. Don't blame others before looking into yourself. Muhasabah diri sebelum meletakkan kesalahan pada org lain. They won't be acting like that for no reason.

And if by any twist of fate somebody read this and show or tell it to the parties involved..I'd say "whatever! good now that you already know, we won't have any difficulty to lay down the sticks straight for you,"

That is all.

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