Friday, April 29, 2011

Agent Smith wannabe

while others wish they have powers like those in Heroes (flying, reading minds, healing powers, freeze the time and all), I on the other hand wish I have the ability to multiply myself like Agent Smith from The Matrix, or at least have multiple hands.

I'm having tons of assignments need to be completed within this week, and I find that it would be more advantageous to be able to multiply myself instead of asking for the day to be more than 24 hours. Serves me right for procrastinating? This time, I don't think I'm to blame completely, because we received the assignments late too. Hahaha...blame it on the alcohol lecturer! ( tak baik. Tak berkat!)

Mock trial for criminal procedure, jurisprudence, professional practice (housing loan and establishing legal firm), civil procedure (4 take home test and group assignment). Adding it is the final exam is next week. First paper is on the 8th; civil procedure. Hope we are able to know the topics coming out for finals as soon as possible.

Working cap on! lol!

Thursday, April 28, 2011



Still waiting.

And waiting...

waiting again...

they said don't be demotivated.

they told me not to give up.

well, I am tired of waiting.

I already feel demotivated.

And I'm very near to giving up hope. One step more.

Friday, April 22, 2011

so that's that

I am writing this from my mom's laptop.

As mentioned before, I received an offer to attend an interview to some firms. So, I went back on Wednesday, after the Jurisprudence test, and went to KL that very evening with my father. There were three interviews that I was supposed to attend. The first was at Mont Kiara, the second at Megan Avenue and the third is at Jalan Sultan Ismail. Nevertheless, due to unforeseen conditions and after much consideration, I've decided to let go of the third one, which was scheduled on Friday. Will talk more about it later.

So, we stayed a night at a hotel. I brought along my Civil Procedure book. Yessss, for my friends who read this, ye, dengan bangganya aku memberitahu aku bawak sekali buku Janab yang besar, tebal gedabak tu. Kononnya nak baca, kot-kot la diorg tanya aku pasal civil. Mampus aku nak menjawab. Haha.

The first interview was at Mont Kiara, at 10 a.m, and we were there an hour early. Semangat!! Padahal dalam hati tersangat nervous asyik rasa macam nak terkentut je. Hehe. The interview was really short, about 10-15 minutes only. Perhaps it was not the partner who interviewed me. And honestly I was dumbfounded when they said they pay RM700 for chambering students. I might be wrong, but RM700 won't make the cut, especially if you're going to rent a house throughout the whole 9 months, plus with fuel money, maintenance and other necessary things, it's going to be difficult living with just RM70o (hari-hari makan maggi and nasi campur kicap/telur je la gamaknya...hahaha)

The second interview was at Megan Avenue, at 3 p.m. And we got lost while searching for the office. Bukan sesat cari jalan ye, sesat cari office. Hahaha! Well, considering that I've never been there before, it was quite acceptable that we couldn't find our way, plus it is a really big building! This firm is bigger than the first one. And there were another 3 students who came for interview. (one of them is Cik Fenny! hahaha!). The interview went quite well, I think. This one was really challenging. They asked me many questions that I really have to think quick and carefully to give them the answer. But that's not the challenging part. The challenging part was that even after you answer, they would twist and turn my answer and asked another question from that. Psycological much? Indeed it is!!! It was funny that I didn't find it stressful, rather kind of enjoyed it. It was like a discussion and giving opinions rather that they questioned and I answered. This interview took like 45 minutes! didn't expect it would be that long. Poor Fenny! She had to leave for another interview at 5.30 p.m. But, lucky for her, she's already been accepted to the first firm she went to! Yay!! Good for you girl! They must've liked you very much! =D

So now, I'm still 'unemployed' by any firms. Heh. Not that worried though. I have tried my best, so it's up to them to consider if I'm suitable for their firm. Plus, I'm still going to send applications around, hopefully I'll find a place sooner or later.

Ok lah, that's all I wanna write about so far. Lots more in my mind, but I'll tell later. Toodles!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

shush! In the name of Peace.


I like this one quote by Madame Giry, a character in the Phantom of The Opera. When she tried to warn Joseph Buquet to be careful of what he said about the Phantom, she said, or sing, in this situation 'Those who speak of what they know find too late that prudent silence is wise'.

Yeah, I agree with that. Prudent silence is wise. If you can't say anything smart from your mouth, might as well keep quiet, zip your mouth tight. Don't say a word.
Normally this principle is best applied in a situation where you're in a bad mood, or in an argument or in a stressful situation and you feel like punching everyone's faces. Of course, when you're angry all the negative elements will be surrounding you like bees surrounding honey. You start to find the faults in everyone; one is being so nosy, one is being an irritating chatterbox, one is being annoying, all those things will suddenly appear out of nowhere.

For some, they find it better to express the feelings out. In most cases I see, they'll be expressing them out in an angry attitude, shouting, and blaming others, or in some situation, being cynical or sarcastic, or throwing tantrums, like throwing things, and kicking the furniture, anything that can make them release all that angry emotion that's in them. Now, I'm just saying this in my own perspective. I don't really like such approach. From what I've seen, hardly anything good comes from it. It usually ends up with the other person getting hurt or offended, and it just makes matters worse. Sure, it makes you feel good, but it leads to another issue, which if left untreated, will be long or never ending. Like a saying 'nothing can ever be solved if you fight fire with fire'. True enough. A quarrel or an argument will only satisfy one person; the person who wins the argument. And the other one will be left hurt, and when there's hurt in a person's heart, it's not easy to heal. Even if it's healed, it leaves a scar. Or for some people, they don't forget. (your truly?)

So I find it easier to learn to try and coax the heart first. Say to yourself 'you're angry, you're mad, try not to say anything silly in this sort of emotion. cool down first,'. because I find that all the words I said out when I'm angry or in a bad mood are the words that I really regret saying them out loud. It's an awful feeling. Try to distract the feeling by doing something else. Go out for a walk, put on your headphones and turn on the music to its maximum volume, or sleep. My teacher chose ironing clothes when she's in a bad mood or feeling stressful. And when someone tried to strike a conversation with you, even if you're not in the mood to talk, don't snap at them. Take a deep breath, teach your heart to be patient, control the anger, the voice volume, the tone, and try to reply them as cool and as kindly as possible. People know when a person's in a bad mood, it's like a heavy, cumulonimbus cloud is right above your head. You'll have this gloomy, 'constipated' look, like you're thinking about something too hard. They wouldn't want to bother a bad mood person unless they have something important or necessary to say.

Don't think about how good it feels to win an argument. I know it feels really good, especially when you proved someone wrong, at that time that was like the best feeling ever! yeah, of course it is, for the moment! Then what? Nothing! Life goes on normally, the next day you'll be talking or laughing with the same person you argued with. No point, well, except to make things clear, but for that, you don't need to have an argument, slow talk is enough. In some situation, it is best to be the one backing out. Mengalahlah kalau dalam bahasa kebangsaan Malaysia. Sure, it makes you feel like you lost, or makes you look like you're the one at fault. But think like this, 'somebody has to grow up, and end this ridiculous issue. Obviously it wasn't that person, so why not you? It won't harm you. Later on, you'll find yourself to be more capable in handling your patience and your heart.

But if you still can't get it out from your chest.....scream!! take a pillow and screammmm as loud and as long as you want to. Or find a place where nobody's around and let your heart out!

And if that still doesn't work, there's Facebook! write a status. Or blogger, write a post, or Tumblr, reblog pictures describing your mood and emotion.
There's always a better way!

p/s: so, if ever anyone see me quiet and distant after reading this, you know what it means. ;)

Monday, April 11, 2011

thoughts from a bored mind

My cravings for durians is still not fully satisfied., albeit the fact that I've had 3 sessions of 'durian eating' with my friends here. Maybe I should buy one or two of the fruit and eat it all on my own. Lol!

Watched the Big Bang Theory yesterday. Can't stop laughing. Simply amusing. And genius! Lol! (the 'amy and sheldon had sexual intercourse' gossip is one awesome gossip! hahahaha.

Received another offer. But then comes the same problem; time. Should I do it after my Jurisprudence test or after the final exams? Mom preferred the latter, which is opposite of this 'you snooze you lose' principle I have. =[

Eat a lot these few days. Yesterday bought murtabak, nasi tomato, karipap and popiahs and I managed to finish them all! O__o!

Have piles of assignments waiting to be completed. Had my Professional Practice half done, and my Evidence, also halfway done, have not started doing Jurisprudence yet (please don't get the difficult topic), no news on Civil Procedure and Criminal Procedure.

Farewell party in a couple of weeks. Haven't bought any presents yet. Must be universal. Hmm...can I just get one and insert  a note 'if you're a guy and you received this, I'm sorry, I just picked what I thought was nice' together with it? Not good in choosing the best present.Am excited to vote for the classmate for the awards though. Heh. Wondered if I have any chances of winning??? -_-''

A month more and I'll be leaving this university. Leaving the college, my extra spacious room that brings jealousy to some of my friends, the lectures, the lecturers, the peaceful, green environment, the monkeys, the cats, and most of all my friends. Sad. SAd. SAD! SAD!! SAD!!!  okay okay...control...breath in...breath out...

well...I think that's all about it. Got nothing else to write about.

Ok, till we meet again. Nak tengok movie. (takde kerja)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

my precious second home

Suddenly I miss my Alma Mater.
Was looking through the pictures with my highschool friends, and I realised it has been 6 years since I left Convent. I'm a product of Convent school and I'm proud of being one. It was there where I learn how to be courteous; we greeted every teacher we bumped into, 'P's and Q's is like a routine word used everyday, I learn how to pronounce a word correctly, where I made good relationships with the teachers and the school staff (the assistant librarian especially, Mrs.Ooi...I miss u!) and most of all, where I made friends that add colours to my life.

I remembered how nerdy I was back then. School librarian, teacher's daughter (yup, my mum's the teacher there, and she taught my class BM!) my friends are all from that school, and other girls from other school. Hardly know any boys, or even talk to one. Haha...a completely different person from what I am today. A big surprise! lol!

 Here's the badge. Originally, there was a cross sign, but it was replaced by the star. Then, there was a bible, but was then replace by a book.

And here's the picture of my beloved school, past and present:

 Honestly, I love it more when it was painted blue...looked more nostalgic...maybe it's just me (I'm a sucker for ancient and old gothic architecture). And I have few places that has become my favourite place to 'lepak' with my friends.

-The Library.
I'm a of course that's my place. And what other place is better for those who love being surrounded by books than the library? Had fun being a librarian...wrapped books, shelving, updating the DDCS (dewey decimal classification system), and got hooked on books, and often got away from paying the 'denda' whenever the borrowing date expired. heh heh... I love this library not only we can meet and gather together, but also there are lots of classical books, books you can never find it anywhere today. All the hardcover, yellow page books, with silverfish spotted in between the pages,...I miss that moment. >.<

-The Chapel.
This is another favourite place of mine. I love staying and hanging out in the chapel. For one thing, it's cooling, because of the'll never feel stuffy or hot when you're in the chapel. And since that's where we often practice our choir and that's where the music class is, it gives more reason to be there. Sometimes I played the piano, or tried playing the Gamelan and Caklempong, and banging on the drums, and tried my hands playing the guitar, or sometimes I just like to sit there enjoying it's pretty structure while waiting for my mom. Our choir sounds lovelier and we became more excited in trying to win the competition. =D

 -The Volleyball court.
or the place where we have our assembly, or where the 7th Coy Rangers practiced their march everyday, or the place where we sat and talked early in the morning, waiting for the bell to ring, or the place where we sat and hang out during recess...frankly it's a multi-purpose court. LOL! That was where we sat together talking about some interesting things happened during last night's tuition, or talking about the same tv programme we watched last night, or talking about what we heard on Hitz.Fm this morning on the way to school, or when it was football season, the team we supported; those Beckham lovers, Thierry Henry fans, Zinedine Zidane supporters, all gather together talking about which footballer is the best. Then came the assembly, where we sang a patriotic song, and listening to the announcements and some good or bad news. Sometimes we have to listen to our PK HEM lecturing us about our attitudes, and announcing the cleanest class and dirtiest class; who later had to go for Litter Duty. At that time, I was thinking what's the point in doing all this? But now, as I remembered, those were precious moments that I dearly miss.

Well, there are other things that I'd like to share about SMC, but I think it will only bore the readers. purpose of writing this. It just makes me happy to remember and share about the precious times I had with my friends in SM Convent.

Friday, April 8, 2011

all hail the King!

Last two days we had the opportunity to spend time with the King! (kau ada?)
Ala, tak payah la nak kecoh-kecoh, jumpa King je pun. Bukan benda besar. Takat nak jumpa king of fruits, ko cari je la kat mana-mana tempat. Confirm jumpa, sekarang tengah musim, kalau tak dapat tu, it's either kau pemalas gila nak pergi mencari or kau memang hilang deria penglihatan. 

So yeah, last two nights, we had this small party celebrating the arrival of this magnificent fruit king! King Durian, duh! 
Dah lama sebenarnya kepingin makan durian, cuma tak berkesempatan. Plus, kalau ada pun, dulu jual mahal, now that the price is slightly lower and reasonable, apa lagi? Borong la sebanyak mana kau mampu. Haha!
And what made things more exciting was that dearest dad is willing to sponsor! Bank in duit suruh aku sponsor belanja kawan-kawan makan durian! Haha! Sapa yang taknak? Aku pun dengan seronok dan berbesar hatinya mengajak kawan-kawan semua pergi menjelajah pekan cari buah durian. Ingatkan nak makan kat tmpat tu terus, tiba-tiba pulak hujannnnn.....jadi semua pakat longgok simpan dalam car boot, makan lepas kelas malam. At 11 p.m. to be exact.

Bila habis kelas, bukak pintu kereta semerbak keluar bau durian, menimbulkan persoalan dalam kepala classmate yang lain, sapa yang simpan durian tak ajak makan skali? hehe. Sorry, I beli tak cukup untuk satu kelas. Nanti la you all pergi beli, murah je. heh. Poyo. 

So lepas tu, bergegas balik, get ready air mineral, berkumpul di badminton court, dan bermulalah the first supper kitorang! First supper makan durian! haha! Memang nikmat, buah pulak semua elok, takde pun yang berulat bagai. Pergh, memang tak puas. The next day, pergi beli lagi 5 biji, kali ni cik Dila pulak yang sponsor. Thanks ye cik Dila..hehe!

Cakap je tak best. Here are a few pictures I snapped during sesi santapan kami. =D

love every moments, every laughter, every smiles we had together! Gonna miss them terribly when it ends! (teary eyes) >.<

Thursday, April 7, 2011

bad or good habit?

I have this one habit. I'm not sure whether it is a good one or a bad one. For those who was once hit my this habit of mine, perhaps they will think that it is a bad one. But everything has two sides of the story. Some people didn't mind, in fact they thanked me for it.

What habit? well, I tend to correct people's grammar. Yes. Doesn't that sound annoying? You'd think; 'who are you to tell me about grammar? You don't even speak English at home!' or 'kau siapa nak betul-betulkan grammar aku? macam la kau tu betul sangat English.' Ouch! Yes, I know, I am completely aware that my English is not the very best one. It's not my mother tongue, and yes, I too, still do grammatical errors. But there's one thing. I am aware of the mistake, and I improved. Improve in a way that in other future conversations, I remind myself of the right way of saying, whether I have to use has or have, is or was, I keep that in mind. I train my brain to construct the word before I say it out. And I'm keen in looking for new vocabs. I read the dictionary sometimes. Yes, the dictionary! And when I watch a movie, I don't just watch, I listened to them. How they pronounce the word, whether they use the right grammar in addressing a certain plot or scene. And trust me, not all movie used right grammar all the way throughout the movie. I managed to spot a few mistakes. And I'm proud for being able to detect it, because I know I'm improving. No longer have to rely on subtitles. And it just adds more interest in learning new languages.

 see what happens when you use the wrong grammar???

That is  my intention. To help a person improve. Also because it doesn't sound right to the ear when you pronounce wrongly, but that's besides the point. I know, I'm not a master in grammar, but at least I can help with the knowledge that I have, even if it is just the slightest error of using 'is' and 'was'. Sharing knowledge is encouraged, even if it is only at a small portion. It's better than being a selfish know-it-all. Mostly, people misunderstood. They think I'm bragging. A sad reality. I know, you will feel embarrassed. I felt the same way too when my friend did it to me. Better to get embarrassed now in front of your friends. But that embarrassment is just for a second. The mistake though, you'll remember for a long time, and you'll be aware not to repeat the same mistake in future.

I think if such authority exists, I don't know how many 'saman' tickets I'm gonna get! lol!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Show Me Your Bff Contest.

Hello there!!

Current location: Library. My college had no electricity so I decided to hang out here for a while. Sambil-sambil tu wanna try my luck in joining a contest. This would be my second attempt entering a contest, after one organized by blog Denaihati.

Anyways, this contest needs you to post a picture of you and your friends and say a few words about them/her/him. So here's the picture!
Tada!!! yes, I look tired in that picture. T____T
So, here's a few words about me and my lovely friends.

Dear Nurulbadiah Lai,
What can I say about friendship? For one thing it is based on trust, sincerity and memories! I chose this picture not because my other friends are not wonderful, but because these lovelies have been my friends for the longest time! Since high school! And everytime we meet, there's always excitement and stories to tell and shared! =D
Ok, let me introduce you to them. I refer to the biggest picture. From left, the one with glasses and long hair, that's Amy Ho! We have our own nickname! It all began with Cats and The Phantom of The Opera and the next thing you know, I find myself spending time laughing and talking non-stop about musicals with her! She's really a cheerful, bubbly and neat person! sekarang dah kerja dah pun. Lucky you now that you have your own money! >.<. Next to her, is Michelle Chew! Yes, as you can see her smile is what makes people love her! And her laugh! I swear you'll laugh along! And yes, her love for books! She's a sweet girl, what more can I say?? We hardly see each other as she is now studying far far away. The one next to her is Sarah Shireen! I've known her since primary school! And we share many things in common! She's an interesting and fun person to talk and to hang out with. It's a pity that she was misunderstood by some, because she's one of the most honest and sincere person I know! Once you get to know her, she is such a dear! (if you're reading this Sarah, I really mean what I said). I guess it's true; Tak kenal maka tak cinta. Now she's in Russia, doing medicine, a future doctor!!! And I'm sure you'll be a good surgeon! =D Lastly, next to me, is Pui Yee!! She's studying in USM, and if there's anything about downloading and internet stuff, she's the one you can rely on! Good with gadgets and technology! Cheerful and bubbly just like Amy! (they both look like sisters! lol!) We gatecrashed her house to make a surprise birthday party once, it was a success!! And she's responsible with my current obsession with Darren Criss! LOL!

We all have some things in common. Books, musicals, glee, darren criss, nice soothing songs, oldies songs, yum cha sessions. We hardly meet. We are separated miles away. But we still keep in touch and find ourselves still getting excited whenever one of us posted a Darren Criss video or a Musical show in facebook. (like that show in Istana Budaya. Amy Ho, I'm so jealous! >.<) And whenever we meet, it's like we have the place all for our own. Even if the meeting is just for an hour or so, we filled it with laughter and chatter, and sharing the latest news and gossip. Like there is no worries in the world. We made effort in making those small, random short meeting memorable. And it worked, because I really miss them. I miss seeing them and talking to them. I miss being all crazy with them. I miss that moment where we rekindled back our highschool memories; our classes, our teachers that we like and dislikes, our school trip, and the awkward moment we involuntarily made that made us all laughed. Those were precious moments. 
Kawan tak semestinya mesti ada bersama setiap masa. A friend is a best friend when you know they will always be there for you, even if we are separated miles away, when you can still smile excitedly whenever you see them coming, when you still have so many things to tell even when you hardly see each other, and when you still miss them so much and wanting to see them again. Everyday, if possible.

Contest ni is from the lovely sis Nurulbadiah Lai. Show me your BFF Contest. =)

Check out her contest entry here!!

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Monday, April 4, 2011



Got a reply from one of the firms, saying that I can come for an interview.

Don't want to get too excited yet. Waiting for the rest of the applications.

Hope to get the best one.

Now, have to figure out the suitable days to attend an interview. The earlier, the better.
Still haven't figured it out yet.

Apa-apa pun, Alhamdulillah.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

delay waves opportunity away

Done with my resume.

Had to go endorse my exam transcript because apparently no uni logo or authority whatsoever is written on the transcript in the portal and when you print it out. A silly thing if you ask me.

First went to the Law Department, then they said go to the Examination Unit, then they asked me to go to the Academic Affairs. Apparently, the Examination Unit has no authority to endorse it. Why?? I don't know. Hope it's a relevant reason.

So went to the Academic Affairs, handed my transcript, hoping to get in endorsed so I can send it to the firms by today. A simple request. Get it endorse. Just take the rubber stamp with the uni logo and the authority and that's it. Doesn't take more than 5 minutes.

They asked me to take the transcript tomorrow.

Good management much?

Should I be pissed?

Just hope they really mean it when they say tomorrow. Hello, this is somebody' future we're dealing with. And I want my transcript all endorsed by TOMORROW. Not the next day, or later, or next week. Hell to the no.

I'm being emotional. I know. So what? hahaha

Friday, April 1, 2011

Baru habis Law Soc Family Day.

Ok lah...Enjoy la jugak. Not to mention embarrassing myself... T_______T

Now need to sleep. Shower doesn't help.