Tuesday, March 2, 2010

All I want for a Birthday...

Entry mode: Manglish.

Had gone watching percy jackson this afternoon. Right after tutorial. Haha! Tak sedar diri ada test next week n presentation. I absolutely love that movie! It's about the greek gods, one interesting subject to learn and read about. I remembered back in school days I used to read about them, their legends and histories and I still remember some of their names; there's perseus, aries god of war, thor god of thunder, freya, aphrodite, neptune, hades, hercules, medusa, achilles, and so many more.

This week is not as hectic as previous weeks. I mean, I have a test that I'm afraid it's only satisfactory, but hey, that's what happens when u study last minute right? All i can say is that; I NEVER LEARN! Haiyo...apa la nak jadi ngan ak ni kan? asyik main jer...umur dh makin tua...huhu

Speaking of makin tua.... hehehe

A few more hours to go before I'm officially declaring mysef as a 22-year-old virgin girl. Muahahaha! Kenapa ayat macam poyo sial? Ntah..sukati la kan? Ni blog sapa? Blog saya? Jadi? Sukati saya la... Hehehehehe...Ok..saya sudah gila...Mungkin sebab cuaca panas yg mampu mengectkn otak. Yikes!

I don't expect anything much...It's just another birthday...just like every other people. Too bad I cannot celebrate it with my family... Sob sob... But nevermine...that's what adulthood is al about..learn to survive...Yeah!

What I want for my birthday? Well, I want many things, but honestly, I cannot think of any right now. A violin might be wonderful. Or perhaps boxes of chocolates? Oh oh! I know! One very very good book for me to read!!!!

Hey..bukan ke ak ckp ak xtau ak nk ape?

Alamak...the brain is shrinking. Need. Medication. Immediately. Have. To. Stop. Writing.

See you guys...


Adila Ady said...

hoh...dah tua kau,padan muka.tapi tetap aku lebih tua dari kau..
aku nak buat suprise bday party la kat kau..bleh ke..?

alamak...rahsia dah bocor..tak jadilah kalau macam tu..hehe

nurulfari8zahamdan said...

hahah..xpe dila..ak dh sengkatan ngan pasukan 22..hahah

leh je nk wat surprise party..korg wat la..ak pura2 terkejut..hehehe