Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Life as a Single...

Life as a single starts when you wake up in the morning with your handphone next to your pillow but without any cute 'good morning dear' messages or missed late night calls or missed 'goodnight dear' messages

Life as a single is when you slept late at night not because of running out phone credits with your dear but because of writing stories, listening to musics or watching movies because you cannot sleep.

Life as a single is when you don't bother to look at yourself in the mirror numerous times checking for any defects 9bedak bertepek ke, tudung senget ke, baju dh pernah pakai masa previous date ke...) because you re going to meet your dear at the cafe for makan-makan

Life as a single is when you don't mind acting crazy, cm sial, huhahuha, gila2, bengong2 to everyone because nobody checks in you. (xyah control, belasah jah! hahaha)

Life as a single is when you don't have to buy phone credits more than you spend money on food. Its the other way round. (xde org tlg byrkn..haha) and you don't have to be curteous while eating (nganga ja mulut luas2 kasi masuk sume skali...hahah)

Life as a single is when you don't get many cute messages or gifts from your dearest (beli sendiri je..kang org len belikn x seswai ngan taste plak..hahaha)

Life of a single is when there is someone who is willing to listen to the most nonsense or the most trivial matter that happen (kang x dgr majuk plak, susah nk pujuk..hahaha). Matters that fail to impress your friends attention and lecture is what you get if telling it to your parents.

Conclusion: Both single and couple life isn't a bad thing. As long as we know how to manage and control it. kalo xsuke komitmen, xyah kapel, kwn je. But if you want a special person to be by ur side, then couple jah. Nothing wrong with that. Doesn't make you look weak. In fact, you are lucky!

p/s: This post isn't binding to anyone. Written wholly based on uberrimae fidei..tiber!

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