Saturday, January 23, 2010

From The Lab: Here They Come!!!

Sunday morning. If at home, I'll still be sleeping, dreaming being rescued by a Prince Charming and live happily ever after in a beautiful palace. But here in uni....Sunday is the starting day of the week. Which means no more weekend holidays, no more sleeping till noon, but lectures, lectures and more lectures....

In my life, its not Monday blues, but Sunday blues...

The alarm clock showed 8.30 a.m. Why the heck my eyes opened at this early time of the day? I slept late yesterday and deserve more sleep! Rajin pulak mata ni nk bgn awal...when you are already awake its very hard to fall back asleep. But I forced myself back to sleep anyway. And it worked for 30 minutes.

When I really felt ready to wake up, I remembered something. The parcels have arrived! Yup, the things that I've been waiting for is waiting for me to pick them up at the college office. So, instead of dawdling, I went straight to shower and dressed up in formal attire and walked quickly to the office.(saje pkai formal nk create good impression..ceh!). I checked at the list and there they were!!!!! Yay!!! Hooray! They're here! Finally!

My online clothes that I ordered have arrived! Hahahaha.... I am so thrilled to rip off the package and see those online dresses. They are first time online shopping items. So, of course there is excite,ent and nervousness because the risk of those clothes not being in good quality are high.

I opened one by one and tried them on. The good news is, they are all in very good condition! Seriously, considering they are vintage dresses, I thought they will be some minor damage. But no, they turned out perfectly fine! Kudos to those sellers. They really meant business, and they did it really well.

The not so good news is, the size. Two of them are too big for me. The dress that I bought, instead of looking like a dress, turned out looking like a kaftan. (mcm baju tido kelawar pn ada gak. haha..). Well, that's he risk of online shopping, no try outs. Plus due to my skinny figure, the dress doesn't fit my body like it should be on a normal sized person. Nothing to be blamed for. They wll turn out good when I wear them with belts or clinchers or better yet, when I did some alterations on the dress. They still look gorgeous.

All in all, I'm satisfied with the service. I think I'm almost addicted to this online shopping. Haha...The net is where we can get things that we cannot get in stores. Now, I'm hunting for some vintage belts. But still, no luck. Huhu...

p/s: thank you for the dresses cupclothes and kittyowl. They were gorgeous. =)

goodbye to you my trusted friend...

Entry: Skema mode

This evening, I went to Changlun, along with cik miemi and her cousin cik diang. The purpose of the trip is to give an advanced treatment for cik miemi's newly bought lappy. (mentioned in previous post). Apparently, despite the fanciness of the new laptop, there are some shortcomings in it that were not supposed to be there in the first place. Cik Miemi was not satisfied with the service given by the laptop seller, for working inefficiently.

Another purpose is for me to buy some contact lens solution for my newly bought a new pair of contact lens. Guess what's the colour! hahaha.... And that is just it. I aim to but lens solution. But again...the temptation is everywhere, even in this small town of changlun.

While walking around the supermarket that I have set foot in hundreds of time, my eyes were fixed t this one particular item. One item, with a really nice colour of my favourite purple. And it has simple yet cute design at its body, something that I find really suits my ordinary self.

A wallet, a simple one, designed by no one, not even reached RM30, but captured my attention. I have been thinking of buying a new wallet to replace my faithful 6 years wallet, bought by my mum at the airport but I haven't found one that is suitable. Believe me, it is difficult to find one that really suits my fancy. Until now. Still, instead of paying straight away for the wallet, I had a 10 minutes dilemma. Dearest mum said that she is going to buy me a new wallet when we go to KL during the Chinese New Year holidays. And I can bet the place she will get me the wallet is Sogo, where discounts are at every floor, if not anywhere else. I was happy when she told me that, because that will mean that I don't have to give out any cash. (haha....teruk kan me?) But I already found one that I really really like and it is hard for me to forget the items if I decided not to buy them. In the end, I bought the simple purple wallet.

It's an expected decision right? I felt kinda embarrassed and guilty to have dearest mum buy for me things that I can buy for myself. I mean, come on, I'm already qualified to vote but I still let dearest mum to buy a wallet for me? Despite that she wants to buy it, it should be otherwise, since I am capable enough to buy things for my own useful purposes. It was an immature and selfish act for me if I let her. She has other responsibilities and commitments too. A wallet shouldn't be on her buying list.

Still, it is sad to be parted from faithful black wallet. We have endured pain and happiness together. Faithful black wallet has seen me through school, accompanied me to Japan, to National Service, be with me to my first enrolment as a university student, kept my pictures intact and my ex's picture well hidden, my money and my ID safe and didn't mind when I stuffed her tummy with receipts. It is hard to be parted with something that has been with us for a long time, right? I'm sure most people has at least one item with a sentimental value. I won't throw faithful black wallet away, but I will keep it safe, just in case I miss seeing it. (ignore the unnecessary emotional words). I will miss faithful black wallet dearly.

Goodbye faithful black wallet, my trusted friend...

Friday, January 22, 2010

journey of temptation

went to penang yesterday...on a mission of accompanying cik miemi to buy a new lappy..=) duty as a driver started in the wee hours of morning...7.30 am, in which in other days, i'm still sound asleep. Anyway, we left our beloved third home to alor star, after stopping by for a roti canai & teh tarik breakfast. After reaching alor star, my driver duty stops and the passenger duty started. Haha! We had an exchange of cars and another friend took over the driver role, since she knew the road to penang much better than me. Haha... So, in that Perdana car, there were 6 of us; 3 singles, 2 taken and 1 little cute talkative boy. =)

Penang greeted us around 10 something and we waited for two other companions to show and lead cik miemi and her cousin to see the lappy stores with reasonable prices. When they arrived, we parted. (sedih...huhu...) After saying goodbyes and sayonaras...the 4 of us circled the Queensbay Mall. Now, the mission is to find a suitable dinner dress for cik fenny to wear, or she will not attend the dinner.. (TAK BOLEH!). So, driven with determination to see her at the dinner, we entered most of the stores selling cute and decent dresses. (the decent is stronger due to the presence of lecturers attending the dinner). During the first few stores, we were of no luck. Kesian adik zahid. So, we parted again. (sedih lagi...huhu...). They went to see their things and I stayed faithful to cik fenny...(cewah!). Finally, after searching and searching and searching...cik fenny found her little black dress. (yay!!!! woot!! woot!!!!). We cheered so loud till everyone looked and security came, ready to halau us all.. Then, we reunited with zahid and her lil bro, who had a new lego set with him and we went to grab some food. At the restaurant, we made a toast to cik fenny for berjaya menjumpai baju dinner yg lawa..and cik fenny sebab jpa dh masuk, decided to belanja semua org dlm restaurant tu. Baik kn dia...hehe...

Going to Penang, I had ONE mission: DO NOT BUY ANYTHING! Queesbay is irresistably tempting! But I managed to hold firm to my mission. Hahahahah...!!!! (puji diri sendiri). I didin't spend any money on anything except for food. least not for the first four hours we were there.....

Then along came cik miemi and her troops, carrying her newly bought lappy and other free computer gadgets and accessories. Then, we walked around for a while more. Kesian cik miemi x sempat window shopping..=( . At that time, I thought of being proud of myself for abling to resist the temptation.


We entered Borders bookstore...and there goes the money...I bought a new novel. Warghh! Actually...I didin't feel bad..coz its a book...something useful...

But later we stopped by an Optical Store and again.....WARGHHHHH!!!!!! THERE GOES THE MONEY!!!!!!!
I cannot believe this, but I bought myself a pair of black coloured contact lenses!!!! arghhh!!!!!!!
I don't really need it....But....


Man...I was partly frustrated. but not too much. At least it was spent on things that I can use. Nobody to blame but myself. Lain kali jgn ckp besar. Kan dh kena. Padan muka! wuahahahaha!

The conclusion: Mission 75% accomplished.

Ok ler tu kn? kn??? kn????

p/s: not all stories told here really happened. It was merely written as an additional recipe to add spices to our little adventure. Hehe...


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

From the Lab.

it's been quite a while since I posted anything on this blog. Nk wat cmne....busy as a career woman (ceh!). The hands are starting to get tied. Assignments comes whooshing altogether. Mcm dh pakat ramai2 nk dtg kt kitorg. This semester, although it is still early, I would to label it as a strenuous one, or in a rather rude, poyo word; hell.

I'm writing this from the computer lab at my faculty...well...department actually. My assignment group went to see the professor to submit our outlines and to receive positive and negative feedbacks. During that 45 minutes 'meeting', I can say that our outline is satisfactory; in pari materia of 'fine' said by the professor. (semangat nk pkai legal jargon..). The Professor added more into out outline for she thought our outline is too general. And she wants it more thoroughly discussed, which means some more extra works and researches for us. But hey, that's what students do right? In order to receive a praiseworthy marks, we have to sacrifce our comfort and other luxuries such as sleep, eat, tv (ada ke?) and facebook (erkk....this sounds impossible.. =p).

All in all, I can say that I kinda like the way the Professor organized her method of teaching. It's different from other lecturers that I encountered before. This Professor, prefers to have the non-talkative, the one who sits quietly and hardly active in lectures to be the presenter during the class presentation. Why? To give opportunity to speak in public and for the students to gain confidence speaking in public, which is one thing that a lawyer will do all day for the rest of their career. The good thing is, this shy but brave presenter will not have to be answering questions during the Q & A sessions. It's a fair deal. The presenter will have their nerve wrecking moment for 10-13 minutes and the rest of the members will have their nerve-wrecking moment at the similar duration as the presenter, depending on how much questions the students and the Professor has.

I think the Professor establishes the mission and vision of the department, in her own way. Indeed, it is quite a challenge being in the Socratic method lecture, but the silver lining is it makes the students more alert and sleeper free, especially with her clear, loud voice!

p/s: I did my first online shopping last week! (yay!) now I know why my online shopper lover friend is getting addicted with it! I can't wait to receive the things that I bought. =)

Sunday, January 17, 2010








Friday, January 15, 2010

One Evening

I've changed my layout for the fourth time. I guess I'm a person who cannot stick to one thing for too long or I'll get bored. This is bad news for me to start a relationship...hah!

Well...I'm writing this post from my home's PC. Yes, despite that it is not the mid semester holidays yet, I made a decision to go home for a few days. Thanks to Sultan Kedah for having his birthday this coming Sunday and extra gratitude to the lecturers who postponed Monday's lecture. Which means I have an extra day at home before going back to Sintok.

My lil brother grew so fast! He's getting larger too. That chubby boy excitedly told me his story being a newly standard four student, particularly about ko-k...Ah yes...'kokurikulum' brought back those reminiscence I had during my primary school times...about 11 years the age of 10, I was just like him. Very enthusiastic being part of a uniform body and a school club. I enjoyed my girl scouts experience the most. And I dearly missed my scouts teachers (Pn.Paziah, Pn.Jamaliah, Pn.Hazlah). Each teacher with different characters. One is caring and sweet, one is stern and funny and one is just plain fierce!

Unfortunately, lil brother couldn't follow my footsteps being a boy scout. His teacher made the choice..(xaci!). So, he is officially a member of Cadet, Ping Pong and Kompang club. Haha! Boleh masuk iklan 'potong' P1 Wimax! Good for him. At least those activities will make him lose some weight and be a healthy, slim, handsome boy!(x payah masuk biggest loser! haha...)

The main purpose of coming home...besides to see my to practise for my performance. Which, I hope, is confirmed. I don't have a keyboard I can bring along and the uni charged the students if they want to use it. So I thought since I have a piano at home, might as well I just go back and try to play the song and see how far can I do it. And trust me, it is NOT EASY. I totally respect those who can compose songs. Those people have a beautiful and precious talent gifted to them.

Anyway, I've done a few practices and I think the playing is improving(hopefully!). I just hope that when the day comes, I don't tumble or my fingers will not freeze out of stage fright! I have to say I am very excited about this. A performance. I'm not a good player, but I will try my best to help make that night the night of serendipity.

p/s: the singer wanted to dedicate a song to someone...but now he decided to cancel the song and sing this one song instead. Either way, I can't help but wondering who is the lucky girl that captures his heart???

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

ntah la good thing has come. And I am very grateful to God for making it a smooth one unlike the previous visit.

But then again...I have to say I'm disappointed with the system. Come on la wei...those docs aren't gonna be used for research or whatever. It's just going to be left on a storage until it turned yellow and dusty!

Furthermore, do consider the condition and situations that evolve around the residents here. We are far away from families, and having to do an extra job for wanting to satisfy the not so necessary evidence is...well...not necessary.

But I don't blame them completely. I myself, am guilty too. For being ignorant about this matter. Well, guess I am not completely a grown up girl as I thought I am. Still don't know much about this all thing. I didin't know that it has to be updated every year! But now I know...haha!

Damn...this car matters really ticks you off sometimes...

p/s: to my friend...I am so sorry for what happened to you. You may be at fault, but to punish you for the second time...for a small thing that you have to pay big money for...that... I just plain MEAN!!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Unnecessary Love...

This post is unnecessary to be written down. So, please ignore it the soon you read the title.
But if you still insist on reading it...well...just get ready a pillow next to you, coz it is going to be a long and boring journey reading it. Or, standby your mouse at the 'x' button, so you can just delete the page when you don't want to continue reading.
Nowadays...dearest mom often ask me a jackpot question. (soklan cepu emas la ckp melayu).
"Ada kwn baru ke?"
I thought she meant new friend as in new friend I met somewhere. But nope. The new friend referes to the other category of new friend. (kalo xphm..xpe..heh).
And I firmly said "nope, no new ones. Just old, annoying ones. Haha!"
I thought that'll be the end, but dearest mom continued asking "why? it's fine if you have one now. It's normal at your age"
Hmm...I just replied that I don't intend to find one at this stage of age. Plus learning from the past, I think I'm not suitable to be involved in this issue. And for many reasons too. Here are a couple of them:
1. P.A.R.A.N.O.I.D.
Yup, that's the word. I get paranoid easily. Cepat serik la sng ckp. Past experience didn't end well, so I'm afraid that if I start a new one, it'll end the same.
2. C.O.M.M.I.T.M.E.N.T.
The one that I find i very hard to make friends with. I know it is just a mere couple thing, but still, it involves people and their feelings. I don't like hurting and disappointing people as much as I don't like people to disappoint and hurting me. When relationship starts, the commitment is there, regardless of how serious it is. And I'm sure every couple who starts a relationship will want it as much as possible to end up getting married, right? If not, then too bad, that is an inconsiderate way to treat people, for giving them hopes and destrying them. Of course, it's not wrong to try, but as for me, I think I prefer to stay solo and only decide to commit until I'm sure I can give my best commitment to him.
3. L.O.V.I.N.G Y.O.U.R.S T.R.U.L.Y.
How can I expect a person to love and value me wholeheartedly if I don't do the same to myself first and foremost? Truth to be told, I don't fully love myself. I still sighed of the shortcomings that I have and always feel that my specialties are not special enough. I don't see myse;f as special. I don't value myself enough. Most of the times I dream of being someone else not knowing what is still hidden inside of me. I see myself as an earthworm and not a butterfly. It is only by loving yourself fully that will make the difference. People will see, if we cannot. And perhaps among those people, one will see us as the brightest star that sparkles the most.
4. S.I.N.C.E.R.I.T.Y
To know a person is loving us sincerely is very difficult. How will we know that every single words uttered are from the very bottom of their hearts? Everyone wants a sincere person to be by their side. That includes me. A person who accepts us as who we are, who sees our invisible us among the outstanding ones, are what everyone wish for. Nobody wants a person who only see us when there's no one else around, who only calls when they are bored, who only finds us when nobody else are willing to listen or to help. Nobody...NOBODY... wants to be treated as a doormat, as a thing to be filled in the blanks when needed, as a replacement for something they cannot get. We have our pride. We are worth more, so much more than that.
I know I sound ambitious, too ambitious in fact. The world is so not like what I want it to be. And to have a partner like listed above, can only be found in fantasyland. And I know I act like an escapist, a coward for not being brave enough to explore and take the risk and learn from mistakes. Believe me, I had. And I'd rather take risks on things much more valuable and priceless and learn the bittersweet of the world from the journey with myself instead of taking it from a person who barely teach me anything aside from fooling with love and feelings without appreciating and respecting me as a human with a clear mind, and a heart chock full of emotions.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

21 or 12?

I just found dear friend...whom I known since primary school...whom we always laughed crazily together...whom we made a pact that single is the best damn finally..out of my wildest MARRIED!!!!!

And I found out rather completely shocked me...astonished me...and managed to make me dumbfounded with my eyes and mouth wide open. I was like...WHA???!!!! Is this for real? Hell yeah! My dear friend is legally belongs to someone, a person's wife and loved very much by him.

I can only say...CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! It was one of the happiest news that I received in this early beginning of the year. Shocked, of course, but I am far from disappointed or frustrated by her from breaking the pact. I mean, come's just a silly pact we made during high school, right?

The thing is, I still cannot believe it. Not just her, it includes all my friends who are already married. They're the same age as I am. 21 years old and they are already a devoted wife and loving mother. Compared to me, I'm still learning how to be a lawyer, still watch cartoons, doesn't know much about cooking and sewing...and I acted as though that is the biggest news ever upon finding out they are married.

Sometimes...well..most of the times, I thought to myself. Am I the one who is 21 but still trapped in the mind and body of a 12 year old, or they are the ones who are moving too fast? Am I the one who is still immature or are they the ones who have grown up faster?

Mind that it is not a bad thing getting married at an early age. Even if it is, probably it is just me who finds it too soon.

Whatever it is...I am very happy for my married friends. They have found the person that they love dearly and can make them feel blissful. I wish them all the happiness and joy in the world. =)