Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Temporary Freedom


Mission accomplished!

Assignment all done!

Only one presentation left.

Now that I'm free like a bird and has nothing to do...I should be enjoying every moment of it...

Ironically, I'm BORED!!!!!

Haha....tu la manusia.

Bila sibuk, nak harap masa lebih.

Bila dah tak sibuk pulak, rasa bosan bila takde kerja nak buat...

Nonetheless, the way and the situation that I am right now is better and more pleasant than what I had before. Stress much better...

The next mission is: FINALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aim: DEKAN!!!!! hahahaha

It doesn't hurt to hope right? hehe...

p/s: I just got punkd! To whom it may concerned (you know who you are)....ngok ngek la korang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So far, memang ini yang terbaik lah....muahahahahahahaha!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Of assignments and Adibah Noor & Bunkface concert

Today, I received a surprise.

Remember I said that I carelessly left my pendrive at the computer lab?
Well, today I asked help from my friends to ask the lab assistant if she found my pendrive (since they were already in campus while I was still snoring in bed..=p). Then after some quick lunch, I drove early to the faculty, hoping to hear some good news. My friend blurted me the news:
"kesian pendrive ko weh...akak lab tu tak jumpa,"
Duh..of course I was sad. Disappointed and frustrated. I lost something so important and valuable to me. Huhuhu...But who can I blame but myself?
"Takpe la weh...nak buat macam mana. But thanks for tolong aku tanya kat akak tu," I said back to my friends. At that time, I totally gave up on looking for that pendrive of mine. Pasrah la orang kata. So we went to lecture as usual. And as usual, the lecturer was late. And I was busy chatting and laughing away (totally forgot about my lost pendrive), when the lecturer came. As I was getting ready to jot down the notes ( ye je) I saw something very familiar on my classmate's bag who was sitting next to me.

My pendrive.

And I looked behind and I saw them giggling and trying not to burst out laughing.
Cis!!!!!!!! Korang kenakan aku!!!!!!!!!!
Damn I just got dhooped! Arghhhh!!!!! At that point I didn't know whether to be happy for having my pendrive back or to be geram at them for playing tricks on me. In the end, I just laughed along with them. Geram tu memang ada, tapi kalau diorang tak tolong, memang aku takkan dapat balik pendrive aku.... Huhuhu... Thanks y'all. I owe you guys a lot. Jom nanti aku belanja ice blended PMC eh...hehehe...

Now that I got my pendrive back, its easier for me to resume my assignments. Because in that pendrive is where i keep most of my assignments. I have another pendrive but I hardly use it except for transefring movies. Saja je nak buat kecoh kan. Boleh je pakai pendrive yang satu lagi tu. (sayang la nak guna, baru lagi...takut kena virus...heh heh). And I was proud of myself for managed to plan the day to use it to complete all my assignments. Tomorrow I'll be enjoying my freedom! yay!

That was before maestro shafiq called. He got me and few more of our friends tickets to Adibah Noor and Bunkface concert!!!!!!! Seriously, I TOTALLY forgotten about this event. And upon hearing him saying that, I remembered I once asked him to buy one for me in case he decided to go. So, yeah, he kept his word. But aisehman....wrong timing lah... Aku baru plan nak habiskan semua assignment hari ni... Nampaknya rancangan tinggal rancangan...huhuhu....

So, I went to the concert. Takkan tak pergi kot. Plus, it's Adibah Noor and Bunkface. I wasn't really excited about Bunkface though, despite that they are cute and make good music. It was Adibah Noor that I was more interested in. She has one of the best vocals!!!!! And seeing her and listening to her singing LIVE...was just amazing. She is one wonderful person; talented, humble, friendly and funny. Not to mention caring. Sempat bagi nasihat suruh belajar rajin-rajin kat kitorang masa tengah perform. And Bunkface was not disappointing either. Their performance was great! My friends went crazy and hysterical of them, particularly towards their vocalist. Yeah...I admit he is CUTE...but that's just it. Cute. No excitement. Hehe... And three of my friends got the chance to see face to face and sang along with them. Super lucky!!!!! Hehehe...Mesti diorang tido senyum je malam ni....hahahaha.... And a friend of mine was give a business card by Bunkface manager. Another super lucky!!! This time DOUBLE! Hahahahaha....dia nak suruh jadi model for video clip kot...hehehe

Later, we had supper...but I didn't stay long, because it is already almost to 2 a.m. Overall, I enjoyed the concert. Banyak jugak kenangan kat situ. Tiber! We snapped many photos. Jangan lupa tag kat facebook ye...haha...

Anyways, now that the fun has ended, it's time for Miss Serious to take over. Yes, cik faridza...tolong fokus ye. Kau ni macam tak sedar diri esok ada presentation. Sempat tengok konsert, lepas tu lepak kat mamak. Lepas tu sempat buat post baru pulak kat blog ni! Ish....memang nak kena hentam esok dengan lecturer and classmates. Macam mana nak dapat dekan ni??? Haih...

Ok lah...that is about it. Got loads more to tell. So much more. But...ASSIGNMENTS!!!!!!!!!!! Put you study face on and start typing those legal terms girl!!!!!!

p/s: I only have 1 more assignment to complete.. =)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Alls well not necessarily ends well

Two more assignments to go. Two more presentations to make. Busy? Of course! What does it looks like? But still, I am typing this post when I can use this time finishing my power point presentation for land law. Cis!

Land law...yes...finally! Finally what? Finally! I was able to ask one question during class presentation. Hahahaha....

That's it? Just because of one question?

That's what people who never take this subject will never understand. In this class, one question is like a life saver. Well, more like pointer saver. This one question will determine whether or not you will receive participation marks in class. If no question, you'll have an 0 without number 1 in front of it. That my good people, makes a goddamn HUGE difference!!!!! Last semester, I got in the unlucky list. I got chicken egg for my participation! Zero people! Weh, what the heck???!!!! I answered the questions kot! And not just once, but a couple of times. Aku ingat lagi dengan berani dan gagahnya serta penuh tidak puas hatinya aku confront the lecturer and demand a really good, reasonable explanation from him. And his answer was simple:
" Awak jawab salah,"
And I got a zero for that???!!! Hey, at least I tried. Daripada budak ponteng lecture but dapat 10, sumpah 7 generasi memang tak adil! Huhuhuhu.....But what can I do? He has the veto power. Hahaha....poyo pakai term hiperbola.

So, this time, I don't want banana to fruit two times. Hell no! There's no way hosay I'm gonna let the same thing happen again. I just hope that this one question of mine will manage to give me at least a few marks if not the full one. Thanks to lord danie for giving me an idea or in this case a question for me to ask.. I owe you girl...hehe...

After the lecture, I thought that I was going to end this day with a good feeling, problem free and cheerful mood. Seriously. But that was before I decided to go to print something. And poof! All the good mood disappeared!
Pendrive hilang...
Ngok ngek!!!!! Apa la nyanyuk sangat aku ni. Boleh aku hilangkan pendrive. It could've still be here if it wasn't due to my carelessness for leaving it in the computer lab back at the faculty. Sial!!! I'm doomed! That pendrive have so many things inside. My assignments, my photos, my appendices for the assignments, some essential documents...all are in it. ALL ARE IN MY BLUE PENDRIVE THAT I LOST IT MYSELF!!!!!!!

Haih....just my luck! You know what they say, the sky isn't always bright and blue. Tu lah, seronok sangat. Kan dah sedih. And that pendrive have been with me eversince Asasi. Huhuhu... ='(... Anyway, tomorrow I'm going to try my luck to ask the lab assistant in case she found and keeps it safe. I'm praying hard she does! If not, pasrah je lah.... Orang dah nak ambik nak buat mcm mana...Bukan semua orang kat dunia ni jujur kan??

p/s: I have just finished watching Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief for the third time along with my friends, datin paduka miemi and toh puan zahid...hehe... And before I end...Happy Birthday Danie!!!!!!! I wish you all the happiness in the world. Love you girl!!! =)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

bad romance

Baru jer habis bergelap. Memenuhi tuntutan kempen Earth Hour. It is seriously a good campaign in helping to reduce global warming. My friends and I switched off the lights in her room and it was surpsingly more fun than I expected...ala-ala romantik sikit....hahahaha. I called home during that one hour of darkness and my family too, is celebrating Earth Hour. Hehe...sejuk hati dengar... Hahahaha....Over!

But the sad part was that not many joined in supporting the campaign. Either they forgot that it was Earth Hour or they are just plain ignorant?? I am not sure of it. But nevermind, every one have their own opinion and their own way of helping to protect the environment. Mother nature is dying people! We must help!!! The climate is getting hotter as we speak and as I write. Everyday I listen to complains of people of the hot weather. I am also included in the clan. Aku puteri lilin, memang tak tahan panas...hehehe...poyo jer.

Ok...that's about it. A short update. Now, let's go to the cafe. In need of some refreshments. Ada orang nak belanja??? Hehe..

Cheers to you!

I am so excited!


It's a few minutes before Earth Hour!!!!!!!

I am welcoming it with open arms...hehe

Let us all help ease the pain of mother nature by switching off any sort of electricity for one hour...

Just one hour people...that's all...

Help reduce global warming....

Mother nature has done so much in giving us a healthy and beautiful life....

It's time to repay back all that's done...


Friday, March 26, 2010

I lost something. Have you seen my sanity anywhere??

I am officially lost!



There's too much to little time...




Can I scream for just one minute?????


Ok...done..let's start our story telling...

Last night, I went to uum's ekspo kono..along with bendahara miemi, laksamana dila, manager dayat, datin jeswin, lord danie and maestro shafiq..(over!) hahaha....semangat nak pergi memeriahkan pesta konvo sampai pakai 2 kereta. UUM patut bangga ada student macam kami ni yang sanggup datang dari jauh. haha...jauh ke?

Sebelum sampai sana, singgah la sekejap kat dewan mas...where the convocation ceremony is to be held for the next three days. For what? Nak singgah amik shafiq yang sejak dari pagi telah bertapa di situ along with his faithful flute and caklempong instruments. Bila masuk dalam, terkenang la pulak masa aku involved dengan persembahan konvo. Sedih ooo dah tak dapat nak perform... Cikgu gamelan dah lupakan kitorang...huhuhu...I really wished to perform again. One thing for sure, I NEVER get tired doing anything involving music. Kesian si shafiq..dah la penat, terpaksa ikut kitorang window shopping di ekspo. Tak beli apa-apa pun... Hahaha....Well, that's how it will be when girls went out shopping right? Tunggu harga jatuh gedebuk baru beli banyak-banyak. Itu pun kira nasib baik takde banyak booth and takde banyak barang yang best. Kalau tak, boleh lenguh kaki berjalan...hahaha... We didn't stay very long there. After walking around, we makan-makan, chat and laughed for a while, and drove back home..a.k.a college.

Then, midnight, I chat with my lil sis and lil bro. Huhu...lama tak sembang dengan diorg...RINDU!!!! ='(..It was fun! It happened coincidently actually. My sis posted something on my facebook wall and from there, the conversation started. First it was just me and little sister, then little brother showed up! It was wonderful to chat with them, considering that it has been ages and that they are thousand miles apart. We talked about anything we could think of. But mostly related to the post my sister wrote...Hehe... We were chatting until it was 3.30 a.m. (it was around 9 p.m. there..i think). And I seriously refused to go to sleep because I wanted to talk more with them... Huhuhu...memang sedih masa tu. Nak skype tak boleh...wireless kat sini tak betul skit.. But alas...I have to end around 3.45 a.m. Mata boleh tahan lagi sebenarnya, tapi hati pulak kecut sebab sorg-sorg tgh2 malam ni...Tee hee...

p/s: Today, the first and the second session of the convocation starts. Cik fenny and bendahara miemi will be attending the second session. Why? Sebab cik fenny rindu nak jumpa her other half, and bendahara miemi pulak nak temankan cik fenny plus nak jumpa what is hopefully to be bakal Mr.Right! hehehehe....

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Update baru

Baru je lepas habis discussion untuk assignment Equity. But that is just one. Semester ni sumpah banyak assignment. Submission date pulak semua dekat-dekat....Haiyo...ponin..ponin... Angol palak bila pikir gini mok abiskn semua tok...hahaha....harap maaf kalau tak faham.. tapi rasanya boleh agak-agak la kot kan?

Upcoming events: Land presentation, Cargo presentation, Trade submission, Equity submission, Family submission and last but not least security submission. Kalau ikutkan semua ni takkan memberi stress dan menaikkan blood pressure aku, but because that I am one accomplished world renowned procrastinator, semua benda la naik. Blood presseure, pimples here and the increase in stress leads to increase in my appetite. The appetite increasing is good, since I'm on a mission to gain at least 1 kilo. Haha...ingat senang ke aku nak naik berat? Being super skinny is NOT a desirable figure. I repeat...SUPER SKINNY is NOT DESIRABLE!

After discussing Equity assignment, it is in the nature of a girl to chit chat anything that we can possibly think of. Sembang punya lah lama...semua topik masuk. About love lah, friends la, ceramah agama pun ada sekali.. So it's not totally a waste of time..hehe...Cakap pun laju je..Kalau keluar exam confirm boleh jawab dengan senang dan tenang. Keluar dewan pun senyum je sampai melebihi telinga...haha

Tadi during the day, we all received a terrible and tragic news of a pilatus crashed in our very own uni. Really tragic. And totally unforeseeable. What started out to be a wonderful celebration turned out to be a tragic end for the pilot and his family. My condolences to the family. Semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat. Amin.

Later, during security, tiba.tiba je terasa macam budak sekolah berbaris ramai-ramai pergi ke makmal komputer. For what...kena jawab ecevas...this one lecturer evaluation stuff. Haha...we have to do this evaluation to tell the orang atas whether the lecturers are really doing their job and not just taking blind income (gaji buta). So, since the lecturer has brought the who class of 96 students we have to choice but to obey the instructions. Kami kan student baik. Bakal pemimpin negara di masa akan datang la katakan...hehe...Kena ikut cakap lecturer, kalau tak nanti ilmu tak berkat,,,tee hee..Haha...I finished mine in a couple of minutes(terror tak? hehe). Well, I can almost memorized the questions given. Jawapan pun lebih kurang je. Tapi tak tipu. Siap buat extra suggestion lagi...hehehe....Well, if the lecturer is doing their job, there's no reason to give credits to them. But if the lecturer does nothing but talks and talk and talk about their life instead of teaching, that calls for some criticisms from the heart of a student.

p/s: PNC cakap next semester our college will be organizing the convocation. Tak nak buat yang terbang-terbang ni. Bahaya.... Jom buat perarakan and perasmian using vespa and mini cooper nak? Smart tak? hehe...kalau tak cukup bajet kita tukar la...pakai beca hias-hias dengan basikal zaman P.Ramlee dulu. Nampak nostalgic sikit. Baru ada sentimental value... heh

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Tajuk di atas adalah gaya org gelak gedik...dgn tune yg kecik nyaring smbil cover2 mulut...hahaha...boleh bayang? on!

Baru je lepas tukar status kat my facebook account. From single to in a relationship. Haha...over tak? Well, considering that lots of love are blooming around me, they are blooming so much till I got kinda affected by it, I think it's not wrong to do what I planned. Alang2 org sekeliling ngah syok bercintan-cintun, apa salahnyer ak pn bercintan-cintun dgn gaya ak sendiri...

And kebetulan plak..a few minutes after I changed that status of mine, my dearest bonda called. Well, the primary purpose she called was to ask about the traditional costume that I wore during my student exchange programme to Japan in 2004. Masa tu kena buat Malay dance to promote Malaysian culture. Kitorg buat lagu Asmaradana uols! Memandangkn masa tu tengah Puteri Gunung Ledang fever. It seemed that dearest mom wants to use that attire for this one event happening in school. And seriously, I have no idea mana aku dah campak baju tu...tee hee...but after ransacking my things, she finally found it in a big box where I put all my old things. Mesti berhabuk...kesian bonda.

But that's not the issue. She asked about my studies, then suddenly asked about my friends.
Me: Kawan? Setakat ni Alhamdulillah. Ada sorg tu dah jumpa kawan baru
Bonda: Ye ke? Kawan mana?
Me: Ala...kawan baru..kawan special. (laughing)
Bonda: Oooo...sape kawan tu?
Me: Ada la...Mak tak kenal. Tak pernah jumpa.
Bonda: ok ok...Awak takde ke?
Me: Hahaha...(gelak poyo). Takde la...Takde sapa suka...huhu(ngada-ngada. saje nk manja-manja dgn bonda)
Bonda: Mana tau?
Me: Ala...tau la...ada la sukasorang ni, tapi dia tak suka kat org.
Bonda: Laa...cakap la kat dia
Me: Haaa???? Buat pe nk ckp? Eiii....malu la...nanti kalau ckp kt dia, kang dia terkejut terus taknak kawan ngan org. Baik kawan mcm biasa je.
Bonda: Ish...nanti susah la nak cari kalau malu-malu
Me: takpe...taknak cari pun. Bonda la tlg cari kan...
Bonda: ISHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No way....(haha...dgn pantas memprotes)
Me: hahahahaha....Ala...relaks la bonda. Org main2 je la. Takde sape pn. Takde suka sape-sape. Sape-sape pun takde yang suka...hahaha (faham ke?)
Bonda: (motherly laugh) takpe la. Yang penting, apa2 hal study dulu.

Ish2...tiba2 sebak plak mendengar harapan bonda. She's talking on behalf of my dearest dad and the whole family as well. Insya Allah I'll try my best...=)

It's fun to talk about this relationship stuff with dearest mother. Because it makes a whole lot of difference compared to sharing it with your friends. With dearest mother, I can be as honest and as true as I can ever be. That doesn't mean that I'm not honest and true with my friends. It's just that the level is different. The standard of trust is different when talking to parents and to friends. With friends, we can talk about it and make it into something funny to laugh about. With parents, it makes it into something to ponder about. Whether or not this person whom I have a heart to will win my parents' heart just as he won mine? And through the conversation, with all the advice and all, it makes us think whether the person that we like is really the one who is suitable for us? Secara tak langsung, it makes me think more of myself and how I can improve it to be a better person.

p/s: This is unrelated, but I don't mind. Siapa yg faham, that's wonderful Siapa yang tak, it's okay. We're not all the same, we all have different views

something to ponder

Watch your thoughts; they become words.

Watch your words; they become actions.

Watch your actions; they become habits.

Watch your habits; they become character;

Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.

Got it from a friend of mine...

Monday, March 22, 2010


ngok ngek!

malas nak cakap

just this:



Sunday, March 21, 2010

Homage To Endless Classics

I've decided...

Putting some classical music details in this blog can be nice. At least it's not about me all the time.

I admit I'm a classical music fan freak! Those music are what music really is. They're lush, soothing, and absolutely stupendously amazing!

There's just so many of classical musics that I wish to play. And since I can't play all, at least I can listen to most of them. hehe...

Saturday, March 20, 2010

kenap bah kau berubah????

Nothing much to say actually...

do you know the situation when you are so pissed off and feel like breaking things down but in fact all you're able to do is be quiet and become a total ignorant?

that's what i'm feeling right now..

i'm having this whirlpool of mixed feelings...(betul ke ayat ni?)
negative feelings specifically.

don't blame the fellow's just frustrating to see how easily we are being forgotten when something new and special arrives. What is more frustrating, annoyed and sickening thing is when there's nobody around, that is where we come in. And we come in not by choice, not totally by sincerity of our hearts. We come in just for the sake of not wanting the fellow to be alone, or hurt, or feel neglected. Because I've been there, and believe me, it is one situation I don't want anyone else to be in. Boy, you've changed.

CHANGE...there's nothing wrong with change. I mean, everyone change, every minute every second. Go ahead with your life. Rejoice! You're free to do whatever you want and be with whoever you wish to be. We respect the decision that you've made. Just one thing. Don't forget history. And don't forget those who have been there with you through thick or thin. They may look like they understand, but deep down, it is hurtful. because they care for you and they don't want history repeats itself. Maybe they are wrong. But don't pretend they are not around. And don't wonder why all of a sudden they are acting different. Don't blame others before looking into yourself. Muhasabah diri sebelum meletakkan kesalahan pada org lain. They won't be acting like that for no reason.

And if by any twist of fate somebody read this and show or tell it to the parties involved..I'd say "whatever! good now that you already know, we won't have any difficulty to lay down the sticks straight for you,"

That is all.

Friday, March 19, 2010

saya di kedah land...

went for outing just now. As an escape for successfully surviving one hell of a week full with assignments and tests. Damn yeah i really need a break! hahaha...

so td pegi la ke alor star mall bersama-sama ngan datin miemi, lord danie dan justice zahidah...hehe...tujuan utama: nk menonton cite alice in wonderland. memandangkn kt tmpt wayang terdekat x tyg lg...jd kita g la wyg yg terjauh skit...hehehe

semangat bg msg bertolak pkul 8.30 pg..haha....well, it could've happened if it's not because of monkey attack! speaking of monkey, ak secara x sengajanya telah memalukan diri sendiri..hehe...(wat sape2 yg phm tu, memang sumpah malu dowh...)

before that, we stopped by zahid's house, since she's gonna give us a ride there and most importantly to witness her newly-born child! eh, silap. bkn her newly-born, but her rabbit candy's! hehe....bru melahirkn dgn selamatnye tnpa sebarang pembedahan dan komplikasi. Hehe...semua org menyambut baik kedatgn mereka. Those two bunnies are sooooooooo adorableeeeee!!!!!!! and it doubles the adorableness when they start growing their soft. fluffy fur..huhu...can't decide the name of them zahid dh ada nama2 yg seswai...hehe...

sesampainye di sana..(betul ke tatabahasa ak ni?) kami pn terus membeli tiket. as expected, it was a full house! nseb bek gak x dpt seat plg dpn...kalo x balik nnti sume mendongak je...and while waiting, we went for lunch and walking around just to kill the time. And since one of my friend is an avid lover of donat...we stopped by the famous kedai epal besar. I bought some for myself too, (kongsi ngan rumate and bg sebijik kt datin dila...haha)

the movie was good. An entertaining one, and a very creative one. Berbaloi la rm10 ak tu. drp tgk samseng jlnan...huh! hahahaa....sentap ke? kesah pe ak...hahaha...but somehow it lacks a little bit of something that i cannot figure out what, Tim Burton has always succeeded in making great movies, and Alice is also included in the list, but among all his movies, I know he can make this movie better. Mgkn plot klimaks tu x berapa nk klimaks kot. Senang je bunuh naga tu...x cukup babak2 suspense...ceh..demand lebih...kang byk sgt ak tjut plak nk tido mlm...huhu...

But the x best part is there's this jiran sebelah ak yg x reti nk diam. ckp pn kalo leh nk satu panggung tu dgr. mgkn dia excited giler babai kot first time masuk panggung pastu bergelap ramai2..nervous ke hape ke..ak xtau.. i don't know what the effing crap he's talking to his friends, but're in a panggung la weh...xleh ke duk diam2 jd good boy, keep that mouth tightly zipped until the end of the show? it kills the mood damn it! nk ckp sgt wat la pas abis movie tu.. ko nk melalak pn xde sape kesah. ko nk speaker nk gitau sume org pn ak leh tlg volunteer provide kn. ckp la ko sorg2 kt tgh2 mall tu smpai mlm. but during the movies...just one word..HUSH! RESPECT OTHERS!!!!! rasa mcm nk bg dia rasa gam gajah je td...haha

overall, we had fun. We talked, we laughed, we snapped photos, we ate (duh!) and we did enjoyable things together. Sblm smpai kolej tu singgah la jap kt Jaguh..beli mkn bungkus...biler bungkus cpt plak siap. kalo x mau sejam tunggu mkn...huhu...thanks korg sume!!! *hugs and kisses* <3

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

saya mengidam sebab anak

:: Tajuk xde kaitan ngan entry

Its been a while since my last post. Nak wat busy...(when in fact i don't know what to write about.. =p). Had a mid sem test yesterday. Didn't go really well as i expected but, what can we do? pdn muka kt diri sendiri je la for being such an accomplished procrastinator! hahaha

td went outing wif some friends. Had a great time with them. =) despite that the movie we chose was not as great as its poster. Indah khabar dr rupa...ak rasa tertipu! haha...over! and today is the day where out of the blue, i craved for chocolate! mcm org mengidam plak. yup, that's me. when i suddenly crave for something, regardless of whether i like it or not, i will take a big amount of it and sumbat it inside my small belly. baru rasa hidup ni lengkap weh... hahaha...over lagi! so this morning my breakfast started with koko krunch. later when we went out, i had a glass of milo and i bought ferrero rondnoir (sebab aritu xsmpat nk mkn sbb dh diabiskn oleh kwn2 yg memang gila chocolate...hehe). and when we had dinner, somebody bought me a slice of chocolate indulgence cake! wah...just what i need to satisfy my craving! thank you....(wat muka terharu). and i shared it with my friends the moment returning back to college. Tp last2 ak yg abiskn sume. Skrg rasa cm seronok gile. hahaha...just because i get the taste of chocolate as many as i want and as i possibly can.

Maybe that is one thing about me that i cannot explain. Sudden craving for something. Mengidam chocolate xpe lg. Dulu ak penah teringin gila nk makan tauge. padahal ak bukan suka mkn tauge on. Xtau nape. And coincidently when that craving came, i was in klcc with a pal of mine and tnpa byk soal terus serbu restoran teppanyaki. Kt ctu kn diorg suka letak tauge byk2. Pe lg? Bedal la sume! Yg kwn ak nye pn ak smbar skali...hehe..seb bek dia x kisah sbb dia x mkn sayur. Hahaha! And there's this one other time i want nothing else but plain white rice. Just that. White rice. No lauk. Kicap pn xnk. Garam pn x pandang. Rasa sedap sgt mkn nasik putih tawar tu. Haha...Just nasik putih. And I ate just that throughout the whole day smpai perut pn jd sebu. hahaha....takut gak kalo terlebih carbohidrate, tp pkir balik, that's exactly what i need! but then, ak masih sekeping gak...x besar2...huhuhu....sedih...

Eh...nape tetiber ckp pasal makan ni? nk kata lapar, x lapar pn. hahaha...maybe because i just watched julia & julie...or is it julie & julia?? oh well...same difference! 2x5 jah!

Whoops, i think my brain is shirinking again. susah kalo ada sakit cmni...huhu...gotta go. nk mimpi mkn donat plak mlm ni...haha

p/s: kalo skrg ni ak dh mengidam mcm2...ntah cmne la bler ak nk jd mom-to-be nnti? mengidam selipar jepun plak kot? coz seriously...i've heard expecting moms craved for selipar. Betul weh! ak x tipu! tp makcik tu xde la mkn betul2 slipar tu...dia beli slipar baru n gigit2 slipar tu...huhu...


Saturday, March 13, 2010


1.- Adakah anda rasa HOT???
Hot jah! hhahaha....

2.- Upload wallpaper pc/laptop yang anda guna sekarang!

3 - cerita pasal gambar?
certainly...i lurve this picture!!!!!!

4 - bila kali terakhir anda makan pizza?
smlm....ditemani oleh miemi, thevan n shafiq

5 - lagu terakhir anda dengar?
Beethoven 5th Symphony

6- selain nama sendiri, anda di panggil nama apa?
kwn-faridza, faridz..haha

7 - tag lagi 8 org

a) dila..
b) cik farah
c) en sopi
d) cik zai
e) cik raihan
f) en.syuk
g) cik amal
h) cik fari

8 - siapakah org no.1 kepada anda?
one of my friends..n duk satu level ngan ak..hehe

9- katakan sesuatu mengenai org no.5
sgt seronok berkwn ngan dia

10 - no.3 ada hubungan dengan siapa?
ntah la...dia ni perahsia skit..

11- bagaimana pula dengan no.4
ni pn sama...biarla rahsia...hehe

12 - pesanan kepada orang no.6
jgn tensen2 ye...

14 - kata2 cinta untuk orang no.2
love you dear...hehe

15 - adakah no.7 dan no.8 mempunyai persamaan?
clasmate..dua2 ada blog..emmm..tu ja la aq taw..he3

16 - berikan 5 perkara yg anda tau tentang org yg mengtag anda

- one of my friends gak
-anti pink, blue lover
-suka pakai lens kaler2...
-really one good goalkeeper...hehe
-such a sweetheart!

17 - persamaan antara KAMBING dan LEMBU?
ada jantan n betina
beranak bukan bertelur
satu suka air satu takut air..haha

18 - perasaan anda wat tag ni?

Sunday, March 7, 2010

the ouch and the yeay!

Td before going to lecture, i went surfing on the net to find some useful stuff i can use.

The wireless were not so bad in the first few minutes. Then when i finally wanted to post something on my blog, at that very moment, wireless stopped. Kaput! Hilang ditelan angin...

Memang sengaja tau! Penat ak tulis dgn penuh semangat. Huh!

Anyways, after pasrah on th wireless, i decided to check on the hard disk i borrowed from a friend of mine. Movie dia...huyo...byk dowh! X muat laptop ak...haha...pendrive pn dh penuh dh...I watched Gossip Girl season 2... like it! I don't know why but i find Chuck Bass is an interesting guy..haha!weird that i like a character of a guy who often wears pink bowtie..hehe

Pas tgk tu, bru la teringat nk gosok baju...memandangkn ada lg 10 minit, gosok pn ala kadar je. Nasib bek x hangus baju..(hangus? cm x seswai je word application tu..haha). Dh semangat pkai baju sume, jalan keluar plak di blok oleh Cik Nyet sedara Pak Gorila. Masa cmni la ko nk halang ak kn...apsal la xwat pagi2 skit time ak ngah tido? Cmne nk kuar bilik ni? Bukak pintu je dh face to face ngan Cik Nyet yg memandang ak ngan pandangan yg suci @ innocent smbil mengunyah roti yg sape pnye ntah...ala..lambat suda ak.. Ak pn mundar-mandir jp dlm bilik pikir strategi nk boloskn diri..(poyo jer). Bila bukak pintu lg skali..cik nyet dh nek tingkat atas...Ak pn apa lagi..ngan kasut wedges pemberian bonda ak jalan cpt2 ketak ketuk ketak ketuk smpai ke keta...Fuh! Selamat...hahaha...sempat smpai class sblm lect masuk..

Then, after a few hours, I started to have headache again. Dh mula ilang mood, sbb mcm ada tnda2 migrain. Baru smlm kna migrain, xkn nk dtg lg? syg sgt migrain kt ak...haiyo..i hate it when this comes. It kills the mood. The headache started during cargo lecture, and ak pn cm dh xde mood sgt nk join sesi bergelak ketawa ngan prof. Masa cm lambat je nk abis. Pasni ada satu lg lecture. Nk g ke x?
I don't want to take any risk, considering that i'm driving to and fro. Kang migrain masa tgh driving x ke naya ak.. so i decided to skip the last lecture. Masa tu sakit dh smpai kt dahi, tunggu masa je rasa mual cm pmpuan kna morning sickness...huhu...smpai je bilik..terjun ke katil..(haha! ayat hiperbola sungguh!)

Sblm tu col bonda, nk gtau kna migrain (bek x ak? haha). Ingtkn bonda akn menunjukkn simpati n concern. Advice bonda sgt best:
"Kitak tido byk gilak ndak nya.."
Waa...mana de ak byk tido! Ak bgn awal everyday kot..sentap gak ngan jawapan yg x xpe la..maybe becoz it's the hot weather that effects my head. As i said earlier, my brain is shrinking...hehe...

Now, the pain is less, although i still feel a twinge of pain.. I just hope it is due to hot weather and not amount to any other things.
Btw..i've finished watching Glee and am officially declaring it as the best muscial drama yet! Glee rules!!!! love Mercedes and Kurt's voice..and of Course Mr. Schuester!

p/s: Congrats to my friend for winning Second place in the IHL Mooting Competition in Hong Kong! You guys Rock! We're finally on the map! Yeah!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

sunday blues

hari ini ak bangun awal.


semalam dgn tiber2nye ak x sihat


mana la ak tau...dh sakit tu nk dtg..haha

seriously, and an unexpected one.

boleh ke org dpt migrain malam2?

x penah jd pn kt ak..

i have migrain attacks few times, but it never happened at night...

terkejut sorg2 gak la..huhu..tgh semangat sembang2 ngan member sambil transfer presentation slide, tetiber dh start dtg symptom2 migrain. In my situation, it always comes on one side of the head, around the forehead and the temple. Sometimes at the back of my head. Then i'll have nausea, cold hands and feet, or in previous situations, vomiting (cm pregnant plak..huhu).

I really hate it when migrain comes. That is one pain that I really want to avoid. And gastric. Ak pn ada gastrik gak. Mcm2 la..nk kata x mkn, mkn jer. But Alhamdulillah, sem ni lom lg kna gastrik. Kalo ikutkn, sejak Asasi, mesti once in a sem ak akn kena gastrik. Kinda wondered whether gastric is a sort of inheritance? coz my bonda and my sister has it too. Hell, the pain was terrible. Especially when it comes along with your menses. That is double triple pain. Rasa cm nk tercabut perut ooo...(guys won't understand..haa!) and my migrain started during my degree when i was in my 2nd semester. Ngah semangat tunggu bas, tetiber rasa sakit kepala yg pelik. Nak mkn pn xleh, hands and feet go cold, and I felt like banging my head on the wall. A brief description on how i handle my migrain. Sebab ak x suka mkn ubat. Haha! Sila jgn ikut kalo nk idup lama...hahaha!

So, yesterday, after swallowing 2 Panadol Actifast (dengan rela hati, surprisingly), ak pn tido la...wlaupn x ngantuk lg. One thing about migrain is that you'll have a fear to lights. Xleh tgk cahaya weh..kalo x lg teruk migrain tu. Jd ak pn cover la muka ngan selimut, mcm org kena smothered, but not to death. Haha!
Luckily, my migrain attacks lasted for a few hours (dlm 4-5 jam cmtu). The best way I think to get rid of the migrain is by having a good sleep in a dark, no-light room.

Motif? xde pape sebenarnyer. Saje je nk tulis. Xtau nk tulis pe. But one thing to bear in mind. For those who have a healthy body, be grateful. Be very grateful. Some healthy people want to be ill so that they can be attended to. But that is just one selfish act. Nobody wants to be sick, and some sick people would wished to switch places with the healthy ones so that they can feel the life not being dependent on medications and not having people around to worry about them all day long. Be grateful that the ill bug didn't come to you. Jgn memandai nk mintak sakit.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Tricky Thursday

Cute lil shin chan yg sentiasa jd peneman ak biler driving... Comel! (gmbr tiada kaitan ngan entry. Sila abaikan)


Nak tau ape itu bengang?

Bengang ialah satu perasaan yg kurang sikit drpd marah, tp sekeluarga ngan geram. Dlm bahasa omputihnyer ialah annoyed or pissed off. Hell yeah, I'm pissed.

Sebab pe org bengang? Sbb jadi benda yg bengong yg menimbulkn perasaan bengang di hati.


Its a beautiful morning, and i decided to skip tutorial due to lack of preparation. (lack mendenyer, memang xwat pape pn..haha...sesape yg xnk dlm senarai anugerah dekan, sila ikut tabiat ini..haha).
Then its time to go to lecture. Semangat la kn iron baju, iron tudung, sume bnda yg patutla. Pastu dengan dedikasinyer memecut laju dr kolej ke kelas. Dh smpai 5 minit kemudian (laju x ak drive?? ahahaha!) dan sebagai rakyat prihatin n mempraktikkn apa yg diajar di driving school, ak parking dgn kemas in the parking box. Jalan laju2, semangat nk masuk kelas. Tetiber, ada org col, ak jwb n dia bgtau sesuatu yg menusuk kalbu


Weh, tu la berita yg baik untuk ak. Dh la bru smpai. kelas plak cncel kn. Memang suka wat cmtu. Haha...tu la contoh perasaan bengang yg ak rasa in thursday morning. Memang suka wat surprise ngan kitorg. Ak dh semangat pkai lawa2, saje je xnk bg ak tayang bju...hahaha....

My first bought boots! Dibeli n dihadiahkn oleh ayahanda terchenta. Semangat pkai gi kelas yg dibatalkan..huhu..

Anyways, i wish that our lecture will get well soon. Jgn lupa mkn ubt naa...

Then, after some branch (breakfast + lunch) and some internet surfing, ada plak kwn ajak gi kota changlun. Sebab pe? Sje je. Nk celebrate bday ak. Belated bday actually. Ak pn terharu smpai my eyes glistened with tears. Ala2 terharu skit. Ak on jah. Alang2 leh bg minum keta ak yg tgh kehausan tu.

So, kitorg pn gi la kota chngln yg ala2 kota Texas kt US (pekan koboi la in other words). Singgah kt restoran Shell, tmpt keta n motor mkn2 n minum2. Ak semangat gi byr, nk bg minuman tenaga berkualiti kt keta kesayangan. tetiber...


Wah...memang best la. Shell byk sgt customer smpai abis bekalan minyak diorg. Ak memang respek kt Shell ni. Len kali wat lg ye. Huhu...ini contoh bengang nombor 2. Seb bek keta leh tahan haus dia, kitorg pn gi makan kt marrybrown (kawen perang dlm bm). ahahaha...Best2..diorg belanja. Hehehe... Then gi singgah farmasi jap, ada org kirim ubt.

ubat yg dikirim oleh en.sapik. Kesian dia domam.. hehe..

Pastu gi cmart(adik beradik wall mart kt US..haha). kami pn berbelanja kurang sakan. Sempat la beli baju n shawl. Then, ngah nk balik tu, ada org bg a box of chocolate, present for me birthday. Wah! Terharunyer ak!! 1st time org bg hadiah chocolate tau. Hehe...syg korg sume!

The box of chocolate given by Thevan n da girls. So sweet...Thanks!! Lots of thanks to to cik miemi, cik fenny and cik jes for willing to celebrate my bday. Sayang korg!