Saturday, March 6, 2010

sunday blues

hari ini ak bangun awal.


semalam dgn tiber2nye ak x sihat


mana la ak tau...dh sakit tu nk dtg..haha

seriously, and an unexpected one.

boleh ke org dpt migrain malam2?

x penah jd pn kt ak..

i have migrain attacks few times, but it never happened at night...

terkejut sorg2 gak la..huhu..tgh semangat sembang2 ngan member sambil transfer presentation slide, tetiber dh start dtg symptom2 migrain. In my situation, it always comes on one side of the head, around the forehead and the temple. Sometimes at the back of my head. Then i'll have nausea, cold hands and feet, or in previous situations, vomiting (cm pregnant plak..huhu).

I really hate it when migrain comes. That is one pain that I really want to avoid. And gastric. Ak pn ada gastrik gak. Mcm2 la..nk kata x mkn, mkn jer. But Alhamdulillah, sem ni lom lg kna gastrik. Kalo ikutkn, sejak Asasi, mesti once in a sem ak akn kena gastrik. Kinda wondered whether gastric is a sort of inheritance? coz my bonda and my sister has it too. Hell, the pain was terrible. Especially when it comes along with your menses. That is double triple pain. Rasa cm nk tercabut perut ooo...(guys won't understand..haa!) and my migrain started during my degree when i was in my 2nd semester. Ngah semangat tunggu bas, tetiber rasa sakit kepala yg pelik. Nak mkn pn xleh, hands and feet go cold, and I felt like banging my head on the wall. A brief description on how i handle my migrain. Sebab ak x suka mkn ubat. Haha! Sila jgn ikut kalo nk idup lama...hahaha!

So, yesterday, after swallowing 2 Panadol Actifast (dengan rela hati, surprisingly), ak pn tido la...wlaupn x ngantuk lg. One thing about migrain is that you'll have a fear to lights. Xleh tgk cahaya weh..kalo x lg teruk migrain tu. Jd ak pn cover la muka ngan selimut, mcm org kena smothered, but not to death. Haha!
Luckily, my migrain attacks lasted for a few hours (dlm 4-5 jam cmtu). The best way I think to get rid of the migrain is by having a good sleep in a dark, no-light room.

Motif? xde pape sebenarnyer. Saje je nk tulis. Xtau nk tulis pe. But one thing to bear in mind. For those who have a healthy body, be grateful. Be very grateful. Some healthy people want to be ill so that they can be attended to. But that is just one selfish act. Nobody wants to be sick, and some sick people would wished to switch places with the healthy ones so that they can feel the life not being dependent on medications and not having people around to worry about them all day long. Be grateful that the ill bug didn't come to you. Jgn memandai nk mintak sakit.

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