Sunday, March 28, 2010

Alls well not necessarily ends well

Two more assignments to go. Two more presentations to make. Busy? Of course! What does it looks like? But still, I am typing this post when I can use this time finishing my power point presentation for land law. Cis!

Land law...yes...finally! Finally what? Finally! I was able to ask one question during class presentation. Hahahaha....

That's it? Just because of one question?

That's what people who never take this subject will never understand. In this class, one question is like a life saver. Well, more like pointer saver. This one question will determine whether or not you will receive participation marks in class. If no question, you'll have an 0 without number 1 in front of it. That my good people, makes a goddamn HUGE difference!!!!! Last semester, I got in the unlucky list. I got chicken egg for my participation! Zero people! Weh, what the heck???!!!! I answered the questions kot! And not just once, but a couple of times. Aku ingat lagi dengan berani dan gagahnya serta penuh tidak puas hatinya aku confront the lecturer and demand a really good, reasonable explanation from him. And his answer was simple:
" Awak jawab salah,"
And I got a zero for that???!!! Hey, at least I tried. Daripada budak ponteng lecture but dapat 10, sumpah 7 generasi memang tak adil! Huhuhuhu.....But what can I do? He has the veto power. Hahaha....poyo pakai term hiperbola.

So, this time, I don't want banana to fruit two times. Hell no! There's no way hosay I'm gonna let the same thing happen again. I just hope that this one question of mine will manage to give me at least a few marks if not the full one. Thanks to lord danie for giving me an idea or in this case a question for me to ask.. I owe you girl...hehe...

After the lecture, I thought that I was going to end this day with a good feeling, problem free and cheerful mood. Seriously. But that was before I decided to go to print something. And poof! All the good mood disappeared!
Pendrive hilang...
Ngok ngek!!!!! Apa la nyanyuk sangat aku ni. Boleh aku hilangkan pendrive. It could've still be here if it wasn't due to my carelessness for leaving it in the computer lab back at the faculty. Sial!!! I'm doomed! That pendrive have so many things inside. My assignments, my photos, my appendices for the assignments, some essential documents...all are in it. ALL ARE IN MY BLUE PENDRIVE THAT I LOST IT MYSELF!!!!!!!

Haih....just my luck! You know what they say, the sky isn't always bright and blue. Tu lah, seronok sangat. Kan dah sedih. And that pendrive have been with me eversince Asasi. Huhuhu... ='(... Anyway, tomorrow I'm going to try my luck to ask the lab assistant in case she found and keeps it safe. I'm praying hard she does! If not, pasrah je lah.... Orang dah nak ambik nak buat mcm mana...Bukan semua orang kat dunia ni jujur kan??

p/s: I have just finished watching Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief for the third time along with my friends, datin paduka miemi and toh puan zahid...hehe... And before I end...Happy Birthday Danie!!!!!!! I wish you all the happiness in the world. Love you girl!!! =)

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