Wednesday, June 30, 2010

the end of a short memorable month feels like such a short while staying here in Tawau. The first time arrived here, I thought,"It's going to be a long month". But then, now that it already come to an end, it was like only a few days staying here.

Many things I went through and experience here. And it was all fun, memorable, and exciting ones. I got to attend weddings, I got to eat food that are not found in Peninsular, and I got to meet many friendly, welcoming people, and I got to go to places I never dream to set foot on.

And tomorrow marks the end of my stay here in Tawau. I will be returning back to peninsular the first thing in the morning. Sedihnya...just as I was about to get closer to them, it was time to go home. But at the same time, I am very excited to return home, because my sister and brother studying in Egypt have arrived home safely. Alhamdulillah. Can't wait to meet them. Macam mana la rupa diorang kan? It has been a long time since I skype with them. The last time we talked, dearest sister looks chubbier while dearest brother seems to be skipping meals! Apa-apa pun, lega hati bila call rumah tadi si adik mengangkat. Lama tak dengar suara diorang. Hehe...

Insya Allah my trio back home runs smooth and reach home safely. Wait for my return and for my souvenirs ya! =)

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Damn! There's 3 more days before the end of my practical and I'm yet to finish my practical report!

Argh!! How am I ever going to finish doing a case analysis that requires minimun 40 maximum 50 pages within 3 days?

And I still haven't packed my things!

And my flight is 1st July...and it's at 8.25 a.m!

And my log book is still empty!



Procrastination not only kills time, it can almost kill me too!!!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

pee wee in a bottle

Lama dah tak update blog. Nak buat mcm mana...busy lady...(padahal sebenarnya tak ada ilham & mood nak tulis. Idea berlambak, asyik ada je benda nak luahkan tapi malas sangat nak exercise jari-jari yg runcing ni...ahaks!

Life at the firm now has become busier. The boss has been giving us assignments and cases to be read, understood and presented in front of him. Cuak oo...dah la bos strict...nak memahami kes tu memang pecah kepala ibarat gelas jatuh ke batu...haha...over! But still have the time to type this post kan...hmm...padahal boleh je guna freetime ni untuk buat report. Macam tak sedar diri plak yg aku ni ada seminggu je lagi nak stay di bumi Tawau, sabah ni. Kalau tak sempat siap, matai la aku!

Last weekend, we went to watch Karate Kid. The movie was awesome! It's complete. Simple story line, yet adventurous and full, easily be understood, and the actions in the movie is just great, added with some humour which made the movie not a bore to watch. First time tengok wayang kat Sabah. Hehe...And an embarrassing thing happened when we were buying the ticket. Tengah nak masuk tu, tak perasan la pintu masuk tu tak tutup lagi. Aku dengan confident berdiri je kat situ...then pang! Pintu dari belakang pukul kepala aku...adoi!!! Aku jerit and in less than a second all eyes fixed on me... Argh! But honestly, I was laughing along with those people instead of covering malu. Hahaha...memang kelakar...

Yang paling tak boleh blah is during the movie. It was almost halfway to the end of the movie. And as I watched with full concentration, I heard the sound as if water is poured into a bottle. Aku pikir, sape la yang tengah tuang air nak minum ni? I looked on my left side and I saw a boy standing, with his pants down. And the bapak pulak tengah tlg pegang an empty bottle as the little boy answered nature's call. Dalam kata lain budak tu lepas hajat kecilnya dalam botol! WHAA!!! Aku terkejut gilak! I was like...dumbfounded. Can't believe what I have witnessed! Aku cuit kawan sebelah aku...dia pun terbeliak. Kami sama-sama terbeliak dalam kegelapan panggung wayang tu. Selepas bisik-bisik skit...kitorg pun decide to ignore it and concentrate on the movie. Budak tu pun dah lega dah aku tengok. Heh...

Seriously, I cannpt believe such act can possibly be done. Where's the morality? Manners? And most of all...tak malu ke buat camtu? Maybe in other countries people don't really give a damn. But here is Malaysia, where people often try to poke their nose whenever possible. Aside from being a total annoyance to people, it is what make this country still cautious and concern about what happen around them. Kalau takde makcik jiran sebelah dok bertanya je...nobody will know the house will be empty. Kalau takde jiran sebelah asyik dok cuba curi-curi dengar, nobody will know if there is anyone else trying to break into the house. Of course, sometimes panas hati jugak bila asyik kena investigate dgn org sebelah, tapi last2...diorang la yang diminta tolong tengokkan rumah. Kalau takde orang yang nak ambik tahu, susah jugak. Sifat malu and manners tu tak lama akan hilang. Tu la orang cakap. Dalam seburuk-buruk benda tu, akan ada jugak kebaikannya. So regarding that pee in a bottle case, kalau orang buat tak kisah, benda macam ni mesti akan ada lagi. Diorang tak teragak-agak & tak rasa salah & malu untuk buat benda-benda macam tu. Not just pee, semua act la yang tak sesuai ditunjuk kat sini that still holds on and appreciate the value of their customs and traditions. Don't compare with other countries, sebab tak semua yang rasa custom and manners is what important in shaping a praised individual.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

sambal sambalewa...I need help!

Sekarang semua orang tgh gila bola... It's the World Cup Season people! And I, though not a footballer, a kaki bangku and not really obsessed with also not excluded to join in the excitement! Best ooo tgk bola, and lagi best bila main bola. Tapi futsal je la...and slalunya jadi reserve...hehe...

Wat country I support? Hmm...tak perlu cakap kot. You guys can make your own random guess. Mana tau, kalau ada yang betul...aku bagi hadiah! Sebijik bola tak? haha... Tapi yang tak bestnya bila selalu miss watching the game. One reason beacuse I have to go to work...cewah...padahal practical je pun. Second is that I don't have the eyes of an owl to stay awake the whole night to watch the game... Hmm...kena pakai sabun tahan mengantuk ni, baru boleh berjaga sampai ke pagi... Pergi ofis plak dengan mata lebam macam panda...biler org tanya cakap la tu smokey eyes... Erk! Banyak la ko merepek!

picture credits to google.
bagi korang chocolate football! nak? sedap ni...hehe...

Speaking of's been already 2 weeks. And it feels like it's going to end so fast! So far, I like it here. Banyak benda jugak yang boleh belajar. Hehe... There's just one thing that bothers me though...

People say that if you have passion and love and enjoy every moment the task you are doing, then that is the one that suits you. Despite that I like it here, the passion is not there. Even if it is there, it is not as shining as I hope it would be... Ntah la...nak kata tak minat, maybe i do, maybe i don't. Even that I'm not so sure myself. Kalau ini pun aku dah dilema, macam mana nanti bila dah graduate and start working?

Should I force myself to do the things that I am supposed to do thinking that it is the right thing to do?


Should I search withing myself deeper to find the innermost passion that has been asleep for so long and follow it regardless of me wasting my 4 years in law school???

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I am currently doing my law practical in a legal firm in Tawau, Sabah. This is the second day I'm undergoing this assignment. And I hope to do it will full commitment and dedication!!! yeah! (over!)

Truthfully, I still cannot believe that I am in Tawau Sabah. I mean, it's Sabah! This is the first time I am in a place where there's no relatives, or a group of friends coming along. This is a whole new version of experiences, totally different from going to National Service or Student Exchange Programme to Fukuoka. I am staying with my friend, Datin Miemi and her family for a month. So far, I enjoyed it here. It's a small town and yet a friendly one and there's many new things that I find every day. I hope to bring home some pearls for my family! hehe...

Of course, the first time or first day of my arrival to the firm, I feel a bit of an outsider. One thing is because I don't know any of them, while my friend knew them already, so there is already a bond existed. The second is because maybe I personally find myself awkward because despite speaking the same native tongue language, I am the only one who don't speak 'Baku'. Hehe... After all, it was my first day. That's just my personal problem to adaptation. Mind that I am a very difficult person to adapt into a new situation/environment and a difficult person when it comes to socializing. But it gets less awkward, thanks to the friendliness of the boss and the other workers.

At first, I don't know what have I got myself into by putting a legal firm in Sabah into my practical application, and to think that it got chosen, was completely bizarre and surprising! But then, every cloud has a silver lining right? Maybe I'll find something here. Something hidden, something memorable, something worth learning and remembering for the rest of my life, and like my acceptance here; something bizarre and truly unexpected...

p/s: just witnessed how small this world is....