Monday, March 29, 2010

Of assignments and Adibah Noor & Bunkface concert

Today, I received a surprise.

Remember I said that I carelessly left my pendrive at the computer lab?
Well, today I asked help from my friends to ask the lab assistant if she found my pendrive (since they were already in campus while I was still snoring in bed..=p). Then after some quick lunch, I drove early to the faculty, hoping to hear some good news. My friend blurted me the news:
"kesian pendrive ko weh...akak lab tu tak jumpa,"
Duh..of course I was sad. Disappointed and frustrated. I lost something so important and valuable to me. Huhuhu...But who can I blame but myself?
"Takpe la weh...nak buat macam mana. But thanks for tolong aku tanya kat akak tu," I said back to my friends. At that time, I totally gave up on looking for that pendrive of mine. Pasrah la orang kata. So we went to lecture as usual. And as usual, the lecturer was late. And I was busy chatting and laughing away (totally forgot about my lost pendrive), when the lecturer came. As I was getting ready to jot down the notes ( ye je) I saw something very familiar on my classmate's bag who was sitting next to me.

My pendrive.

And I looked behind and I saw them giggling and trying not to burst out laughing.
Cis!!!!!!!! Korang kenakan aku!!!!!!!!!!
Damn I just got dhooped! Arghhhh!!!!! At that point I didn't know whether to be happy for having my pendrive back or to be geram at them for playing tricks on me. In the end, I just laughed along with them. Geram tu memang ada, tapi kalau diorang tak tolong, memang aku takkan dapat balik pendrive aku.... Huhuhu... Thanks y'all. I owe you guys a lot. Jom nanti aku belanja ice blended PMC eh...hehehe...

Now that I got my pendrive back, its easier for me to resume my assignments. Because in that pendrive is where i keep most of my assignments. I have another pendrive but I hardly use it except for transefring movies. Saja je nak buat kecoh kan. Boleh je pakai pendrive yang satu lagi tu. (sayang la nak guna, baru lagi...takut kena virus...heh heh). And I was proud of myself for managed to plan the day to use it to complete all my assignments. Tomorrow I'll be enjoying my freedom! yay!

That was before maestro shafiq called. He got me and few more of our friends tickets to Adibah Noor and Bunkface concert!!!!!!! Seriously, I TOTALLY forgotten about this event. And upon hearing him saying that, I remembered I once asked him to buy one for me in case he decided to go. So, yeah, he kept his word. But aisehman....wrong timing lah... Aku baru plan nak habiskan semua assignment hari ni... Nampaknya rancangan tinggal rancangan...huhuhu....

So, I went to the concert. Takkan tak pergi kot. Plus, it's Adibah Noor and Bunkface. I wasn't really excited about Bunkface though, despite that they are cute and make good music. It was Adibah Noor that I was more interested in. She has one of the best vocals!!!!! And seeing her and listening to her singing LIVE...was just amazing. She is one wonderful person; talented, humble, friendly and funny. Not to mention caring. Sempat bagi nasihat suruh belajar rajin-rajin kat kitorang masa tengah perform. And Bunkface was not disappointing either. Their performance was great! My friends went crazy and hysterical of them, particularly towards their vocalist. Yeah...I admit he is CUTE...but that's just it. Cute. No excitement. Hehe... And three of my friends got the chance to see face to face and sang along with them. Super lucky!!!!! Hehehe...Mesti diorang tido senyum je malam ni....hahahaha.... And a friend of mine was give a business card by Bunkface manager. Another super lucky!!! This time DOUBLE! Hahahahaha....dia nak suruh jadi model for video clip kot...hehehe

Later, we had supper...but I didn't stay long, because it is already almost to 2 a.m. Overall, I enjoyed the concert. Banyak jugak kenangan kat situ. Tiber! We snapped many photos. Jangan lupa tag kat facebook ye...haha...

Anyways, now that the fun has ended, it's time for Miss Serious to take over. Yes, cik faridza...tolong fokus ye. Kau ni macam tak sedar diri esok ada presentation. Sempat tengok konsert, lepas tu lepak kat mamak. Lepas tu sempat buat post baru pulak kat blog ni! Ish....memang nak kena hentam esok dengan lecturer and classmates. Macam mana nak dapat dekan ni??? Haih...

Ok lah...that is about it. Got loads more to tell. So much more. But...ASSIGNMENTS!!!!!!!!!!! Put you study face on and start typing those legal terms girl!!!!!!

p/s: I only have 1 more assignment to complete.. =)

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