Saturday, March 27, 2010

bad romance

Baru jer habis bergelap. Memenuhi tuntutan kempen Earth Hour. It is seriously a good campaign in helping to reduce global warming. My friends and I switched off the lights in her room and it was surpsingly more fun than I expected...ala-ala romantik sikit....hahahaha. I called home during that one hour of darkness and my family too, is celebrating Earth Hour. Hehe...sejuk hati dengar... Hahahaha....Over!

But the sad part was that not many joined in supporting the campaign. Either they forgot that it was Earth Hour or they are just plain ignorant?? I am not sure of it. But nevermind, every one have their own opinion and their own way of helping to protect the environment. Mother nature is dying people! We must help!!! The climate is getting hotter as we speak and as I write. Everyday I listen to complains of people of the hot weather. I am also included in the clan. Aku puteri lilin, memang tak tahan panas...hehehe...poyo jer.

Ok...that's about it. A short update. Now, let's go to the cafe. In need of some refreshments. Ada orang nak belanja??? Hehe..

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