Thursday, July 22, 2010

Everything New=Broke! blog is full of cobwebs! How long has it been empty and unattended??? hehe

Now, I'm in my final year in law. Apart from being happy for almost finishing up my studies, I'm actually worried. One main reason is because I still have no final say on what I decided to do with my life after studies. I don't know whether I should be a practising lawyer, or working at the AG Office or a legal advisor or a lecturer. Well, for one thing Chambering for 9 months is compulsory and is a no no for escape. And I have in my mind to do Syariah but that idea is still pending.

This new semester means there's new students coming in. And yeah, my college received new attendants. And I mean NEW a form of a human being known as Male. Yup, this once all girls students resident is now sharing with boys coming up and down the stairs and strolling along the hallway and walking nearby the girls block hoping to sneak a peek into their rooms....ahaks...that last one was totally made up. But anything can happen right? Haha... It feels SO weird! Less freedom to walk around with pyjamas to go to your friend's room at the block next door for fear of accidentally bumped into a boy classmate of yours...haih... There's this one dude, a junior I guess suddenly came up to me and nonchalantly said to me:


Oi! Selamba badak sumbu je dia cakap macam tu...That was totally unexpected!!! I don't even know him and he suddenly said like that. If that's the way of wanting to know people or to break the ice, then saying that I walk like a dude was the wrong way mister...WRONGGGGG WAYYYY....

And new semester means new books! I have to say this semester is perhaps the quickest semester for me to go broke! The books are just sooooo expensive!!!!!! In line with the subjects that are mostly dry and heavy...

The late Augustine Paul wrote this! Worth buying!

Professional Practice...Ravi Nekoo...hope this book can help me solve my dilemma...

Civil comment on this...yet.

Sempat lagi beli novel ni... The Portrait of A Lady...nice!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Had a bad cold last night...and thought of going to bed early...(sedih tak dapat tgk Germany v. Spain....huhu...But Spain won! Yeay!!)

Tengah kemas-kemas apa yg patut and had some chat with mother...tiba2 mother asked:

"Takde kawan luar biasa ke?"

Erk??? Apakah?? Kenapa tiba-tiba je tnya pasal kawan luar biasa ni???

Those who read this, I hope you know what my mom's term of "kawan luar biasa" means...hehe...

bukan yang macam ni ye....hehehe
Picture credits to Google

kitty meow

Little brother brought back home a kitty back home in a box...didn't expect that would happen...Ingatkan dia pergi main basikal je....skali balik rumah bawak balik ank kucing...

Well...with reference to previous history of having cats and rabbits and fishes as pets...I have to say that having one is not practicable...Why? not because we are animal haters but because we are always not at home...and nobody is available to take care of those pets...We go back to Sarawak every year for months, and we couldn't possibly left those pets unfed right?

So we gave our rabbits to mother's colleague, the fishes left us under natural causes, and our cat, Simba decided it was time to leave house and become a stray cat instead...

Now that little brother brought home a kitten, and he has no clue of the family history on pets...(well, he has a pair of tortoises now, but they are going to be given away to the school..) he is so eager of making this kitten a permanent member of the family. Of course, dearest parents disapprove...and we agreed with them...but then mother decided to let little kitten stay for a few days before handing it over to someone else...No one in particular actually, mother's idea was the surau...

Still, I couldn't help but love this little furball already...She is so cute! And her fur remind me of chocolate chip cookies!

susu dutch lady uolss...full cream lagi...haha!

are you my momma??

trying to get out of the box...kesian kaki pendek..

p/s: little brother bagi nama kucing ni 'Meow'...hehe

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Ni yang aku tak suka ni...

There's always....ALWAYS a reason to why people would prefer using Pos Ekspres instead of regular posting.

One 'duh'/obvious reason using Pos Ekspres is so that we can receive the parcel expressly or in an easier understandable!
Fast/quick as in withing 1-2 days there will be a postman will be standing in front of your gate waiting for you to sign the parcel...


The week is almost over and I STILL....have yet to receive the parcel I am anxiously waiting for...
Adoi...kenapalah jadi macam ni pulak???? Kata pos ekspres...tapi tak sampai-sampai lagi barang aku tu..
And hell, I need that thing to bring to Uni...Sabtu ni aku dah nak balik Uni dah...barang tak sampai lagi ni....Adoi....bengang!! Don't ever expect me to make a 4 hour drive back to Ipoh just for the sake of taking that thing once I'm back in Uni....I have lots of other things to do than to waste my time on that...

Can somebody please give me a valid, concrete, acceptable explanation to why Pos Ekspress service is lambat macam siput????

Sunday, July 4, 2010


Love is a battlefield...dengar macam ganas je kan?

But that is the fact...

Even without machine guns, or bombs or rifles or kereta kebal, it is one challenging thing, body, mind and soul. Kadang-kadang kalau fizikal kuat tapi hati and mental lembut pun tak guna jugak. Akan kalah, mcm brasil n argentina!

Uiks...apsal tiba2 masuk bab bola ni? rewind2! is a battlefield. Against what? Well, main thing is against yourself and the environment around. Sekarang ni temptations memang byk. Bukak tv tgk love story berlambak. Tgk wayang pun berbaris love story movies, naik LRT tgk merpati tak sejoli tgh main2 buih cinta...huih....memang banyak...kalau ikutkn hati, memang akan tewas.

Tapi tu la...ikut hati mati...ikut rasa binasa... Indeed, being in lovey dovey world is like being in heaven...that is in utter bliss...Everything seems so perfect and kata kentut petai pun bau strawberi...haha! Semua benda kalau boleh nak buat sama-sama. Makan sekali, phone number pun kalau boleh nk nombor lebih kurang sama, gayut every night, say good morning everyday, skype everyday, semua la nak sekali...takkan rasa jemu menatap wajahnya yang handsome/beautiful tu. There are even those who doesn't mind, even willing to spend big amount of money just to impress and make their partner happy. Ala-ala berkorban apa sahaja asalkan dia happy la ni...But when the bliss comes to an end, that's when those lovers feels as if living in hell. Time tu mula lah nak mengungkit kisah lama, sapa yang paling banyak 'berbakti', banyak keluar duit, banyak call, banyak top up, semua tu la diungkit semula. Ada yang tak dapat terima kenyataan mengalami syndrome frust menonggeng berbulan-bulan or even bertahun-tahun...sampai diri sendiri pun dah tak terurus; belajar tak masuk, kerja tak fokus, makan pun takde selera....last2 bila jumpa kawan semua terkejut tgk dirinya yang dulu sihat bahagia jadi kurus menderita...

Baru-baru ni, ada sorang member aku dah dikecewakan dalam percintaan. Memang frust sangat dia...because it's first love...which last people often say...hmm....and I feel so sorry for that bloke seeing him like a zombie with nowhere else to go. Yup, he smiles and laughs and jokes around, but I know he misses that lady of his, because everytime we talk, there's always a topic about her that would be brought up. He blames himself not being good enough, not being attentive enough, which caused her to leave. But that to me is just bull...i know that bloke and i can say that he really cared, and still does, about that lady. He kept thinking of her, and despite various attempt he made to forget her, it all fails.

See the effect? That is why it is called a battlefield. Because just like a real battlefield, only the strong one survives. So you fail in what? It's not the end of the world. Of course, it hurts so much, but not too much to kill you. I don't find killing yourself after heartbreak of love is considered as romantic...cinta mati la konon...that act only gives you a place in hell. Memang mula-mula tu rasa frust sangat, akan ambil masa yang lama jugak untuk recover. Ada yang terus serik to have another yours truly. Until now, I'm kinda paranoid of having relationships, and I don't know why.

Perhaps it is because of the lackness of positivity inside me. Like that friend of mine, I blame myself not being good enough. And that is the most important thing. POSITIVE. Every cloud has a silver lining. Everything happens for a reason. No use of blaming fate, because it already happened. What we can do is bounce back and look at the past no more. Remind ourselves there's someone better. Of course, we always think that he/she is the one created or meant for us. But who are we to know? Kalau betul dia orangnya, then we don't have to worry, because he/she will go nowhere. Kalau jodoh takkan ke mana kan? And if they're not, just be patient. God will never give the worst, God knows best, right?

p/s: aku pun tak tahu kenapa aku post title ni....maybe sbb dah takde idea tapi tangan gatal nk menulis...or maybe i've been bitten by the love bug...who knows!!?? ahaks!! =P

p/s: this post is based solely on my personal opinion. Anyone offended by this post, I sincerely apologise...