Friday, April 2, 2010

Love is in the Air

This can be said as a continuance of my previous post...which one? sorry i've forgotten.. =p

Nowadays, I see many have been infected and bitten by this one deadly bug. Well..deadly is not the right's more like an infectious bug. This bug can make you go crazy, sleepless at night, restless at day and not to mention annoyingly distracting from doing anything.

THE LOVE BUG... flies around, around people who don't give a damn about its existence...and it bites...

And when it bites HARD!

Some friends of mine, whom I made a vow together with them to stay single (back in high school...heh) are now not single anymore...the vow has been broken. Cheers! Happy!! Seriously I am. That shows how hard the love bug bites, even a vow cannot stop it. Its not a bad thing. In fact, it's fun and wonderful to see people around you found their happiness...right? The feeling is like you received good news of your own. Even in blogs and facebook, many changed their status and wrote posts about love. Macam dah jadi trend pulak..couple ramai-ramai...hehe

With all the emotions and feelings around me, made me miss of having the feeling to be in love again. I have been a successful lone ranger for the past 2 years now. I'm loving it though..Haha..standard la to have this 'teringin nak couple balik' feeling. Because I've been there and I knew how sweet it was to be in love and be loved by a special person. The problem is now, I don't find myself eligible or in the capacity to have a new relationship. Ceh..cakap macam ada je orang nak suka kat kau kan..? Haha.. Now that I'm already 22, I think this couple thing is to be taken seriously. At my point of age, there's no more 'main-main cinta' or 'it's just a fling' stuff. Kalau baru 16, 17 tahun boleh la bercinta-cinta monyet. I think now is the time where when I want to be in a relationship, I want it to end, if God wills it, in marriage; something I have a serious issue about. Perhaps some people out there would think that 'ala...tak adventurous. kena la explore baru boleh tau yang mana yang terbaik untuk kita'.

Ok fine. Call me lame, poyo, old fashioned, conservative or whatever. I don't want to have a relationship and when I don't find that he is not for me, it's time to say goodbye. Plus I don't believe in love at first sight. To me, that is just ridiculous.

Looks like it's going to be long before I can feel how the love bug bites...

p/s: masih trauma dengan insiden hampir dikejar anjing. Note to self: Please ensure that the car key are at its tight place and not get tangled with other stuff inside the big bag of yours. It's a matter of life and death!!!

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