Wednesday, March 30, 2011

after two days...


 please don't hide beneath the clouds again.

at least not until my clothes are all dry. ;p

'awak rindu saya? terharunye!'
Yes. Although we complaint, saying we hate the blazing hot glaring sun, but we miss it terribly when it's gone.

It's such cold rainy day, we're looking for something dumb to do, hey buddy, I see that you are freezing too!

The weather is cold. Damp. The sky is gloomy and dark. The corridor of my block on my level is quiet, and wet by the traces of rain.

It has been raining non-stop. Since the early morning. The rain keeps pouring and pouring, fortunately in small doses. As I am writing this, most of us here in this college is either sleeping soundly under the blanket or watching movies transferred from friends, or for those who are really industrious and dedicated, completing the assignments given. Yes, rain is a bless (Hujan itu Rahmat), but it also hinders us from doing activities that we can do freely.

So what did a boring, lazy law student do in a weather like this? Nothing is probably the right answer, but for this girl, when the cold weather comes, that's where she gets hungry really fast. So this morning, she woke up early and along with her 3 friends, drove to Changlun and had a warm breakfast of nasi lemak in a new place. And how she adore this new place!! The stall is currently her new stop for having nasi lemak. Cheap and delicious!!

And then later in the afternoon, we went to KFC pulak. I ordered myself Cheezy Wedges and hot milo, since I was already full thanks to the nasi lemak.hehehe! Had fun eating in the cold weather. Bajet macam kat oversea la konon! Ceh!

The next day, today that is, we went, quite randomly to Alor Star to enjoy 2 free breakfast meal at McDonalds! Weeeee!!! It has been so long since I last ate McD breakfast! I love their hotcakes and hashbrowns! Yummehhh!! There were 5 of us, and we got to enjoy the early morning scenery that we hardly had the chance to see due to sleeping and busy life. LOL! Then we went to accompany Atiah to buy a new cellphoone ( her old one has been officially declared dead. causation: UNKNOWN). It's a pretty red Hazel Sony Ericsson cellphone, and I think I am starting to love the phone, because of the lovely red colour!

Thanks to our little breakfast trip, we were 30 minutes late to Jurisprudence class! Erk! But better late than never, kan? kan? kan? haha!

*photos will be added later. If the internet is being super kind and super fast. Insya Allah. =p

Monday, March 28, 2011

too much points, but where's the point?

Hello everyone! Assalamualaikum! Konnichiwa! Gutentag! Bonjour!

I just love languages. I can't really explain why but I find learning new languages is fun and somewhat cultural! It just makes you want to go see the world more.

Yesterday I submitted my Criminal Procedure assignment dengan jayanya. Phew! A relieve of submitting it, I should say, but at the same time I can't help feeling anxious because of the contents of my assignment is not as much as my classmates. They wrote until 20 pages long, 12 pages more than me! What did you guys put in that essay? huhu. I guess it is a psychological thing. It has been planted in our brains for a long time. The more pages the assignment is, the better. I'm not sure about other universities in other countries, but that is the case in where I'm studying, and I am not excluded from being influenced by this mindset.

I don't know whether it's a good thing, or a bad thing. For one thing it makes you want to do more, or work harder to gain more information. That's the good part. But what is the point if there's no point? hehehe! Even my jurisprudence lecturer said that it doesn't matter how many pages you write. What matters is the content. Kalau content penuh and in every page tu ada content yang memang relevant, then it's awesome! You'll definitely get good marks and ada chance nak rebut gelaran pelajar Senarai Dekan. It is only a waste if you write so much but produce so little. A waste of time, and a waste of energy, not to mention a waste of paper, thus contributing to more trees that have to be chopped down, resulting to hot weather that cause global warming, in which will soon affect the earth and strikes fear on those who believe the prophecy of the Mayans about the end of the world. Haha! That's too much, I think. =p

I'm not saying that I'm doing it the right way; putting only the necessary info, which is why I don't have much pages for my assignment. Nonononono! (russell peters style). I am guilty of writing too much for my finals. Hardly I submit my answers with only 5 pages of answer script. The minimum is perhaps 10. hehe! I just think that when it comes to situation like this, there is no final say. Which is why it is perhaps best to have a draft first before writing it all down. Sure, we can gather as much information as we want, but it doesn't mean that all of them must be stuffed in. Too much info might cause confusion and make the content to become irrelevant to the topic. I agree with my lecturer that what is important is the message, and how we want the reader to receive the message.

It is best to be precise and straight to the point. I mean, how many of us who like reading articles that is long and lengthy? Too many paragraphs but there's only one that gives us the answer. Just like most of my posts. Most of my posts are long. Plus with no pictures and all, it is not a surprise for me not to have many followers. hahaha!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

short update


I am writing this while waiting for Maghrib and while searching for a few oversea universities that I can apply to hopefully in pursuing my Masters...really want to further overseas. More experience, plus I love travelling, get to meet handsome people, get to live in a different place with different cultures, doesn't that sound just exciting!? =D

Skipped lecture today. Oopss! Sis, jangan report kat mummy ye! heh heh! need to really complete my Criminal Procedure assignment which is due today. Tonight to be exact, during class. Yes, we have night class. And it's fun because you don't have to wear formal attires and...well, that's just it. That's the only fun part. =p
As usual, I am prone to do last minute assignments, and this assignments is not excluded. We were to write an essay about our opinion on Section 51A of the Criminal Procedure Code, and all that I can give and all that I have in my mind to write it down is only for 5 pages long. Eeekk! Cuak jugak weh, since most of my friends said theirs is 12-20 pages long, sure as hell you are going to panic. 5 pages?!! biar betul, biar betul betul! hahaha...mesti lagu tu lekat dalam kepala nanti. LOL! But it's too late to redo everything now, so I just have to submit this assignment and pray that I don't get the worst mark ever. >.<

By the way, yesterday was Earth Hour! yay! I managed to join in with the campaign. hehehe! Unfortunately, didn't really get to have it with my friends here because everyone is busy with their assignments. And after that, I went to watch the football match along with another friend of mine, Azlan. It was fun! It has been so long since I watched a live football match at the stadium, and as for Azlan, it was his very first time! yay to u! haha! And what made it become more exciting was when my classmate scored the first goal for our uni!!! Woot! woot!! nasib baik kitorg tak ikut cheerleading sekali. hahahaha! Good job bro! That was a nice shot too!!! ada peluang menang anugerah MVP ni. ;)

Ok lah, that is all that I want to write about. Need to get ready for tonight's class. Toodles!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

in the darkness of night, we are to switch the light...

That title almost rhyme, isn't it?? say yes, say yes! hahaha....okayy childish...stop.

I went to a Professorial Talk this morning. Given by Prof.John Fairhurst, the head of law from the Birmingham City University. He flew all the way from the UK, and landed on this secluded university way up in the north just to give a talk, about EU Law on Taxation and Goods.'s not everyday you have a professor from the Big Ben country to come and give a talk, so it really is an honour to have him come here. The talk is really goooodddd. I don't know why I didn't feel sleepy listening to him. Cara dia bagi talk tu biasa je, macam lecturer aku mengajar...we got our own handouts and he explained based on the powerpoint presentation prepared. If in normal lectures I'll be focussed for 15-30 minutes, and then start chattering and text messaging with my friends. haha! I don't know which part that charmed me to stay awake for two hours; the fact that I was sitting on the second front row seats directly facing the Professor, or the fact that he has this awesome British accent that when I listened to it, I felt I'm in a lecture hall in some university in UK! lol! It truly is one good talk. And since it has something in connection with International Trade Law, which I am very interested in, it just gets more of my attention. Maybe I should start googling about Birmingham University to see their courses for Masters students. ;)

So after the talk, my friend and I went to Changlun ( a small city 15 minutes away from our uni) to take our passport pictures taken. Because we were applying for studying abroad (Prof.Fairhurst is willing to take application) and we need to have passports ready, you know, just in case. Muahahahaha! Too good to be true eh? applying for a place to sleep do our Pupillage after we complete our studies here. So, to apply, we need to send money (rasuah) resume, and for the resume we need to have a picture for the respective firm to recognise us as one of the wanted criminals applicants. Ingat senang nak dapat firm? Kalau yang dah ada orang tolong carikan and tolong 'cop'kan tempat takper gak. For those who have no contacts, it's hard. Anyway, our pictures turned out good. We looked like models corporate-ish with our blazers and confident smile yang dibuat secara tipu-tipu. Hahaha!

Now, I just woke up from my afternoon nap, or should I say evening nap? I plan to go and watch my friend today. He's a footballer, and they have a match against UTP tonight at 8.45 p.m. Which brings me to a dilemma. It's Earth Hour today, and lights are to be switched off for an hour, lagi lama lagi baik, tapi takut terjadinya accident pulak nanti. Tak kira la accident kereta ke, accident terbuat anak secara involuntary ke, we all must be prepared right? lol! I am supporting Earth Hour. I'm switching off lights at the exact hour. But it would be wrong for me to switch the lights in my room but go to the stadium, which clearly have bigger, brighter lights and cheering 'Syabooyah!!' at that friend of mine. Hahahaha! Takkan nak switch off lampu time main game. Kang tertendang benda yang tak sepatutnya ditendang. Bukak lampu je, semua terguling, tergolek-golek atas padang. Hahaha! 

So yeah, people please switch off the lights in supporting Earth Hour. As we speak, mother Earth is dying. We can see the effects; and we definitely want to stop this to have a better place to stay. Who doesn't right? Buat sapa-sapa yang percaya apocaplypse tu is on 2012, lagilah kena support Earth Hour ni. Mana tau, apocalypse tu ditunda ke tahun lain, boleh idup lagi setahun. huhuhu! Support Earth Hour! Switch off all lights, for an hour. Just an hour. 1 hour. That's all. It doesn't hurt anyone in doing it. Not much as we hurt mother Earth with all the pollution and the technology and the war and the scientific research. She needs her own time to rest too. So lets give her. Just one hour. 

Help save Earth. Just 1 hour.
Credits to yahoo! Images.

Friday, March 25, 2011

I should, but I didn't

what I should be doing.
-getting my resume done and email it to the respective firms as soon as possible.
-completing my criminal procedure assignment. Section 51 & 51A...consequences and effect of non-compliance.
-make a draft on my part for the evidence group assignment. On bad character.
-Settle my laundry.
-Pos barang.
-Start doing some brief notes and reading. The final exam draft is out and I still have not take a look at it.
-Keep searching for law firms to submit my resume for my 9 months pupillage. The more, the better. Considering that my results are 4.0 satisfactory, it is highly unlikely for me to be accepted right away in a legal firm. >.<

What I am doing instead.
-Tumblr-ing.Sumpah addictive!
-Blogging. Or else there won't be this post... =p
-Watching movies..the same ones that I've watched for the umpteenth time...
-sleep. Kalau nak mengantuk pun, paksa jugak mata tu suruh tido...wakakakaka!!
*and it goes back to the first one, and it continues on until the day ends.

If there is an award for best procrastinator, I should be given one! hahaha...Time macam ni semua benda rasa macam malasssss sangat nak buat. Bila dah nak dekat dateline tu, mulalah panik...cakap padan muka kat diri sendiri sape suruh tak upah orang buat assignment awal-awal....time tu mulalah salahkan internet yang secara magiknya lembab, masa yang secara tiba-tibanya jadi cepat, makan pun order nasi lemak bungkus dari budak yang jual blok ke blok tu. And the most thing that will definitely a last minute student will do when they have to finish the assignment a day before dateline....skip tido!!! Kalau sebelum ni takut tido lambat, kot-kot ada makcik jual karipap tetiber ketuk tingkap bilik tingkat 2/3/4, time buat assignment, kawan kat belakang masuk bilik pun tak sedar. Nasib baik kawan, kalau tak...... O____o!!!! hahaha...

bila dah siap, muka pun jadi camni. kawan nak say 'hi', lecturer nak suruh jawab soalan tutorial pun takut nak suruh. haha!

Only Robinson Crusoe had everything done by Friday. -anon.-

 Get it? ;)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I'm gonna get married in 2015 it me you're looking for???

Haha....I can't help but picturing a scene from Sacry Movie 4 everytime I listened to this Lionel Richie's song...dah elok dah lagu ni mood jiwang, dirosakkan oleh movie tu yang sememangnya tak ada kerja lain selain memerli & mempersendakan movie-movie yang diorang tak suka...

Sekarang ni, kebanyakan kawan-kawan saya dah terkena ilmu Tok Moh...hehe...Tok Moh ni ada buat jampi yang memang akan berjangkit dari satu individu ke individu yang lain. Sapa-sapa yang lemah semangat and tak sanggup nak terima kenyataan, memang akan asyik terbayanggg jer benda ni. Side effect boleh berlanjutan sampai berhari-hari atau at least sebulan.

Ok lah...lets just go straight to the point yeah? recently, a classmate of mine bought this book. The title is if I'm not mistaken 'Cinta, Jodoh & Perkahwinan' written by Eddy Rosyadi Mohd Samsury. It tells about our own potential & our compatibility particularly on love life. The way of determining it is kinda unique, which is by using our birthday...and there's methods and guidelines for us to make the calculations. And the fun or the perhaps the creepy part is, most details and explanations about our personality are true. There's also method of calculating our compatibility with our couple, by combining the birthdays together... It's a really good book, if you're looking for guidelines untuk sesiapa yang sedang mencari identiti atau personaliti diri, and also for those yang boring and tak tahu nak buat apa-apa...this book might come in! But one thing should be noted though, it acts merely as a guideline and nothing more...maybe from this book we know our advantages and shortcomings and how we can deal with our problems to become a better person. It should not be taken seriously. Ye la...benda pasal jodoh and rezeki ni semua ketentuan Ilahi, so kalau nak percaya sebijik seketul benda dalam buku ni, takut mendekati syirik pulak...

Anyways, this friend of mine, got the gelaran Tok Moh because of this book. Mula-mula tu dia start saja-saja je dengan aku & sorang lagi kawan aku, sebab time tu Civil Procedure presentation and kitorg tengah boring tahap nazak (told you this book can come in handy when you're bored) so, dia pun keluarkanlah buku ni and start buat seperti yang ditunjukkan...we were entertained for a while, because of how accurate it explains about the personality...and it started to go viral in the class...lepas sorang, sorang yang mintak tolong kirakan birthday dia...ada yang mintak tolong kira bila dia akan kahwin...mine is on 2015...erk! semua ada dalam buku bertambah excited la sapa yang kiraannya tunjuk semua yang baik...ada gak yang frust sebab maybe the calulation showed that she and the boyfriend are not that compatible... It is a fun thing to do...ntah berapa kali dah buku tu bertukar-tukar tangan...aku rasa kalau Tok Moh caj orang yang pinjam buku tu, cukup duit beli novel, takpun beli handset biasa.. IPhone mungkin tak mampu kot...hahaha

As for me, I didn't ask for any couple compatibility counting. Because at the moment, I'm a lone wolf...ala-ala masih mencari la ni...hehe...
But it made me think about this matter. Sebelum ni ada jugak terpikir, tapi kadang-kadang je. Plus with my friends around me who mostly have found their soulmate (Insya Allah), and plus I'm getting older...(i'm gonna be 20...(ngade!)) and this is one thing that I ought to think & be sure about.

One thing I'm certain is that I'm really fussy! yes, if I have a bf, I tend to try to make him the way I want him to be, which is not a good thing. Of course, it's good to tell him to change things for him to improve, but to make him change to be the guy that YOU want, is definitely not a long-lasting relationship. I have a hard time trusting him too...because I have bad experience with guys...experiences that definitely took away my trust from them almost completely. So I think, due to this, it's gonna be a long time for my parents to have a visitor coming to the house with the 'hajat untuk memetik bunga di laman'...kalau ada pun untuk adik aku kot..hahahaha....I tak kisah you nak langkah bendul, langkahlah...tapi pastikan jangan tersembam or terpleot sudah...nanti merah muka tahan malu...wakakaka...

I have some criterias that I really want my future soulmate to have...(nak jugak tulis ni...hoho).
Of course, yang general tu wajiblah kena ada...tau agama, ada akhlak, ada kerja & cukup income nak support family...handsome?? naaa...that's a bonus...hehe..
One thing I'm hoping he will have is the love of reading....
yessssss....I find guys who reads are sweet and somehow hot....(muntah cendol!) even I berangan nak jumpa my future hubby kat bookstore....I just find that really sweet. Because I just love being surrounded by books...I can spend hours just walking around in bookstore, just like a shopaholic can spend hours of her time in shopping malls. I love the smell of books...especially old books, even if they made me! yesterday, we went to Popular Bookstore in Gurney Plaza, Penang, and I was like...stunned by how big it is...tapi takleh lawan Kinokuniya la, duh...because most of the bookstore I went to are not exciting enough...I felt like staying there...haha...So with a good, charming hubby who reads, it just adds the colour of imagination in the house. At least we have other things to talk about apart from work and daily activities...and what's best than reading a classic book or a poem together in the evening, and telling stories to each other?? (ye, saya sangat 'literature'

And don't forget music and adventurous! Especially classical music...which I adore the most. One thing I have in my wishlist is to watch an opera...I almost had the chance, but unfortunately, I have to let it was harddd...I was feeling down for a week! T____T
He doesn't need to have the skills to play an instrument, as long as he has the musical passion in him. At least I can share my excitement at watching an orchestra or a musical show with him. And I'll pay him back by being a good company & supporter when he watches his favourite football team..but if he supports MU, we'll be foes throughout the!

I know, I know, too good to be true aight? Which is why I don't intend to put any hopes in it. Reality is no better than fantasy. To some maybe it is, and it is such a blessing and fortunate that they have found their perfect match. But for me, there is no perfect match. There never is. It's just how well we support each other in overcoming the weakness and shortcomings. It's by being imperfect that makes the journey adventurous and interesting. Like reading a good book...full with twist and turns, conflicts and unexpected hidden plots that makes you keep turning the pages till the end...if throughout the whole story, there's no conflict; just all good things, where everything is made perfect and safe, then where's the excitement??

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Antara 2 buku di tepi bantalku

At this time, I am supposed to read my evidence notes for tomorrow's LPQB interview. They are coming to evaluate us in order to determine whether we should be exempted from taking ILKAP and whether we are still eligible to be recognized. The effect is huge; if we succeed in convincing them, we are therefore a recognized college of law and we don't have to sit for CLP (certificate for Legal Practice), which clearly a difficult task for all law students, locally and oversea.

Nevertheless, I am tempted to write about this. Lets just say I have a slight moment of conscience. And I hope that this helps me and can act as a reminder for future days. I think I'll continue in Malay…bahasa jiwa bangsa….muahaha

kat katil aku, di sebelah bantal ada dua buku; satu buku tu novel tajuk 'the swan thieves', which is a really good novel. Satu lagi buku yang sememangnya menjadi pegangan mereka yang menganut agama yang sama dengan aku…ya…korang mesti leh agak kan…Al Quran…yang aku punya sekali dengan tafsir…

Aku mesti kena ada buku novel untuk dibaca. Regardless of what genre, romance ke, science fiction ke, humour ke, anything, as long as it's a novel…an English novel. Saya tak minat sangat baca novel Melayu, sebab saya rasa novel Melayu sangat jiwang & tak kena dengan jiwa. Buat pembaca-pembaca tegar novel melayu, mintak maaf byk2 kalau korang terasa dengan statement ni ye…

Anyways, between the novels and the Al-Quran, yang paling setia dengan aku ialah Al-Quran tafsir tu. Sebabnya, aku beli tafsir tu time aku semester 3/4, and it has been accompanying me ever since. Dia lah peneman time aku tido, time aku online kat atas katil, time aku nangis sorang-sorang for no reason, dia lah yang ada & menyaksikannya.

Tapi, I take the existence for granted. I didn't treat Tafsir tu dengan cara yang sepatutnya. Aku jarang sangat luangkan masa aku dengan dia. Aku perasan adanya dia kat situ, tapi aku memilih novel mat salleh instead untuk dibaca sebelum aku tidur. Time lepas solat pun, aku jarang sangat bukak and baca, even if it is only for one page. Tak banyak mana pun. Tapi bila novel pulak, aku sanggup baca sampai habis satu chapter, regardless of how sleepy I have been.

Tadi, time lepas solat Maghrib, tiba-tiba pulak aku teringin nak baca & nak pegang tafsir tu. Bentuk dia comel, macam diary, and the cover is in purple, which is my favourite colour. Aku beli pun sebab aku suka dengan colour dia. Tiba-tiba pulak rasa rindu nak baca, nak tengok tulisan dia, nak tengok maksud ayat-ayat yang ada dalam Tafsir tu. So aku pun ambik and bukak. I realised the pages that I read is not as much as the novel. Baru beberapa muka surat je yang aku baru baca. Penanda dia masih lagi di surah yang pertama. And before I'm about to read it, aku perasan bahagian tepi dia berhabuk, ada debu2 berkumpul di tepi dan di atas permukaan, sebab lama sangat tak baca. Biar je kat sebelah bantal tu. Rasa sebak, sedih & malu, sebab aku banyak meminta tapi sangat sikit aku memberi, untuk menunjukkan rasa sayang & penghargaan aku pada Tuhan. Tuhan tak mintak banyak, Dia hanya meminta kita untuk mengingatiNya, memuji-muji kebesaranNya, dan menghayati ayat-ayat yang diturunkanNya untuk dijadikan panduan & peringatan. It is a small, simple request, yet aku rasa berat sangat nak buat. Kalau benda lain semua cepat je aku buat, nak karok laju je, walaupun kaki seluar tersangkut kat escalator pun aku sanggup tebal muka semata-mata nak melalak nyanyi lagu Nur Nilam Sari. Tapi aku malu pulak nak baca Al-Quran tu dengan suara yang jelas dan terang. Bukannya baca depan ramai orang, dalam bilik je pun. Roomate pulak sorang je.

I feel really guilty…sangat bersalah dan malu sebab mengabaikan apa yang sepatutnya menjadi keutamaan. Tak tau kenapa malam ni rasa rindu sangat nak baca Al-Quran. Alhamdulillah, aku baca 2 pages, and baca sekali tafsir dia.Yes, aku tau 2 mukasurat tu tak banyak pun. Tapi bagi aku, itu satu progres. Bukan senang untuk hati aku terbuka nak baca. Most of the time aku sibuk nak menghadap facebook, nak tengok movie, nak download Glee…sampai 3 kali attempt semata-mata nak tengok latest episode dia. Tapi aku takde pun semangat yang macam tu when it comes tu Al-Quran. Tak pernah aku bersemangat nak membaca, nak fahamkan maksud, nak habiskan satu surah, or satu juzuk. Iman aku memang masih lemah, nipis sangat…kulit bawang pun tebal lagi.

I just hope that after writing this, I can gradually improve. Aku harap apa yang aku tulis ni bukan tamat kat sini je. Bukan untuk bacaan saja-saja. I want to improve. I want to have a better life. I want a blessed blissful life. Tapi semua tu takkan dapat jadi kenyataan kalau aku tak berusaha sebanyak yang aku minta. Like a phrase; you reap what you sow. Sebanyak mana yang kau kerjakan atau usahakan, sebanyak itu lah hasilnya.

All I'm asking and hoping now is a stronger heart, a stronger spirit and a clearer thought.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

just this

It is cold tonight...

I just had a plate of spicy Thai fried rice at this one stall, and luckily it didn't effect my digestive system...lepas ni tak nak dah aku order nasi goreng kat situ...tak kisah la nasi goreng Thai ke, China ke, Nigeria ke, Somalia ke, pedas gilerrrr.....makan pulak sambil tgk wrestling...elok la sangat...macam takde channel lain nk tengok...tak educational langsung...hahaha

Anyways, hajat nak menonton dan khatamkan cerita Glee season 2 epi 16 tidak kesampaian disebabkan arus internet yang sememangnya tidak sehebat arus ombak di lautan..very the lambat okay...! aku rasa kalau ada lumba lari ngan siput pig ni, siput tu, now I'm trying to watch it again, trying for the third time, and I hope PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! let me from the beginning to the complete's the Regionals episode! Come on, have some pity on me...huhu

As I was waiting for the streaming to be completed, I watched 'The King's Speech' movie...and damn, that is one hell of a movie! My dear King, you deserve the Oscar! You truly deserve them! A beautiful, inspiring movie, and wonderful performances from all casts! I can watch it over and over again and never get tired of it. A must watch!! tapi kalau untuk orang yang minat movie menari-nari, cite ganas-ganas, yang fast paced genre type of movie, then here's an early warning; the movie will make you go to sleep, because there won't be any sort of excitement or element of surprise in The King's Speech. But still, I can give a 5 star for this movie. I just love it!!! =)

Now, as I'm writing this, I've finished watching the movie, and still the streaming is not complete. I'm writing this post while listening to Flying Picket's 'Only You'. Hehe...such a nice, relaxing song...I love acapellas! They're amazingly talented! =)

So, tengah-tengah malam macam ni, dengan rasa bosan, of course our mind will go wandering around jugak. And out of nowhere, for no reason, my mind came across this statement made by this one classmate of mine. This classmate of mine said to me, and I suspected there is a tiny bit of arrogance in the way the statement was delivered to me. Wanna know the statement? lets just say that this classmate of mine was dissatisfied with someone, and this classmate of mine said 'I will not and will never be good to that person'.

Okayyy....there was a tiny bit amount of arrogance and boastful in the tone. Will not and never will? If there's anything I learnt from my past experiences is that you don't ever said things like that as it will definitely backfire. Dalam bahasa kebangsaannya, jangan lah kita terlalu membenci sesuatu, sebab takut nanti terkena batang hidung sendiri. Kalau tak kena batang hidung mungkin kena kat buku lali, tulang kering ke, kat tangan kaki ke...haha...(sila abaikan statement tak lawak ni).

It's almost the same principle as when we see someone who is being overconfident with something. And in the end, it turned out bad. Similarly, it is best not to abhor a person so much, as in most cases, the emotion will play its trick on you and instead of abhoring and hating and staying away from the hated person, it turned out otherwise. What otherwise means, I leave it to your own interpretation. Sure, you can say that it is your own personal problem and your own right whether to hate or like a person, but what does that make you? Certainly not a better person than the one you're hating. Ok lah, maybe that person you hate is memang buruk tahap volcano Krakatoa la dia punya perangai, tak sebijak stephen hawking and complexion pun tahap cukup-cukup makan je. Sure, you have all the reason in the world to hate, but trust me, that will not make you feel any better. Been there, done that. hahaha...and what's funny is that you'll never be satisfied until you see this person suffer. Because all this while you have it in your head that he or she is such a wicked person, and you want other people to see him or her the way you do, and when they don't, it just dissatisfies you more. Makin geram pulak tgk orang tu gelak, senyum, acting like he or she is the one of the likeable person, when in reality, they hardly don't.

That's the difference. They hold on to this one principle: ignorance is bliss. Kadang-kadang buat bodoh ni is the best way. People will keep on talking all day every second , even until you die pun, people will still talk. There's no way the mouth can be shut. So, instead of going around telling people about yourself and what kind of person you actually are, might as well, you sit down quietly, have a nice up of tea while reading a good book, enjoying the calming surrounding. That's a better way of living instead of kept thinking of what people think and say about you.

Aku sebenarnya dah beratus kilometer lari topik...tapi takpelah...related jugak ni...hehe...
So, to this dear friend of mine...ok la...since you've said that, there's no way you can take it back. Will not and will never be eh? be it. I'd like to see how it goes. Not that I'm praying the worst of you, but sometimes, such arrogance must be put to a stop, and really, you should taste your own medicine...and when you do, I can assure you that it will be one of the most bitter thing that you'll ever force yourself to swallow. Nevertheless, if it all turns out good to you, then congratulations and are one of the fortunate people granted with a fortunate and blissful life...and instead of jinxing, I'm just gonna be happy for you, just for a while, and then...moving on.

Friday, March 11, 2011

I want to see you sooooo damn badly!!


Something exciting is going to happen!!!!

I was on my way back from watching Merong Mahawangsa (that is one hell of a movie! must watch...worth the money...=D)
Anyways...I was listening to on the radio when I heard this advertisement with Stephen Rahman Hughes's voice...'calling all music lovers...'
At first I thought...naah...maybe he's just gonna promote that Merong Mahawangsa movie that he starred in...
And then I heard him say 'West End!'
My eyes went wide...then I listened to it again...he said 'Broadway...'
and another one... 'At Istana Budaya this 15th & 16th April...
and the one that made my eyes open really wide and me screaming excitedly in the car that startled my friend was...

OMG!!! He's coming here!!! to Malaysia!!!! This coming April!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hell, I wanna go!!!!!!!!! so so so so want to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As soon as I reached my college, I immediately went to the Istana Budaya website and voila! there he was...his show that is...along with Stephen Rahman-Hughes and Simon Bailey, another actor who once played the role of Phantom in the famous Phantom of The Opera...
I checked the tickets...and no surprise they are pricey...but right now, I don't really mind spending some money in this...because I have some personal savings from my online business...
Oh my God...I can't tell and describe how excited and how determined I am to want to go there and watch them perform...

hello...It's West End!! all performers are like supertalented and oh so gorgeous!!! Going to a Broadway and West End performance have been one of my wishes! And to have a chance to watch them here, that is certainly one thing I won't miss it for the world...

Only...the problem is now...I can't.
Why? well...let's just say there are no semester breaks anymore...the tickets are pricey, and surely these reasons will not let my parents to allow me to go to KL and watch the show...but I can only e excited myself...
My friend Amy Ho is going, and she invites me to join her...Trust me dear, I so want to go with you...we can squeal and squeeze each other's hand excitedly whenever Ramin starts singing! LOL!...but current situation now deprives me from going...
It's unfortunate...but nahhh...what can I do??? Macam orang cakap...takde rezeki...

maybe that's just my luck...

p/s: to sis...yeah I know you will read this...and yeah...that pretty much shows how much i wanna go...and no, I don't blame anyone or being negative...I'm being realistic...

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

tips for doing last minute assignments with less amount of stress.

'Lawyer is not my thang!!'
TIBER!!!!! (ignore this so called commercial break...=p)


That is all I can say right now. Relieved!

As of today, I'm no longer having a relationship with M...

Sape M??? M.Nasir ke?? M.Daud Kilau??? hahahaha
No lah....M stands for 'MOOTING!'...
This assignment carries the most carry marks among all law subjects I took. 40 percent! so if you want to excel in this paper, Mooting is one assignment you MUST give attention and commitment to.

While other people started to do their moots; preparing memorials, skeletal submissions, and bundle of authority weeks before the date of presentation, my partner and I found ourselves to have more time watching movies and facebooking!

Yes, I am an excellent procrastinator!! Always I said to more procrastinating! Stop doing last minute work, this reminder only stays for a few days, or a week at best. Then it's back to square one...LOL!

So anyway, we only started our submission on Monday, which is 2 days before mooting presentation. I'd like to stress out here that doing mooting submissions is not like the normal assignement where you can just write out or for some people 'copy paste a.k.a plagiarising' from any books and internet articles that you found, have it binded and submit to the lecturer, either by hand or by slipping it inside their office from under the door...NOOOOO!!! It requires more work than that. And not to mention more money! hahaha... And when I told some friends we haven't started writing down our submissions, they have this '=O' look on their face. I was surprised myself because I didn't freak out when I should be...

I managed to complete my part around 3.30 a.m., and later in the morning around 10.30 a.m., I went to see the lecturer for some enquiries...Luckily for me, he was available...and despite there are some disturbances, (his cellphone kept ringing and there was one foreign student stopped by to give him questionnaires to fill in...=p) I managed to gather useful, very useful information from him. Indeed, he is one great, helpful lecturer... =) I rushed back to add those info into my memorial. And by the time it was 5 p.m. we were done! weeeee~~~ hehehe...1 day...quite impressive eh? LOL! Okay lah...not gonna blow my own horn further...hehe

Then, the presentation day. As expected in every situation where the preparation was done at the eleventh hour, it will never turn out perfect. Never. Not even near to good. Maybe just satisfactory. That is just what happened during presentation. I presented my submission well, as best as I can...though I know I can do better. Well, you deserve based on the effort right? So, no it turned out better than I expected...hehe

If there's one thing I learn about this is that...don't be stressful in doing something. If you keep in your mind and keep saying that this is difficult, this is stressful, this is impossible, then it will turn out that way. Stay focused, relax, and be smart in organizing your time. Sacrifice some enjoyment like sleep, eat or the internet. It'll give you more time, it'll surprise you. Also, if you know that you are procrastinating and find yourself in a hard, tensed situation, don't blame others. Accept your fault, I find this to be less stressed out than putting the blame to others. There's no point in doing that anyway. be understanding, especially when you are not working alone. Your partners will be having either same or different character than you. If he/she is different, don't push them to become or work according to your way. Understand them respect them, communicate and most of all, trust them. If you don't, the work will never be done, and you'll find yourself annoyed...for no reason...adding more stress and tension, which you certainly don't need it.

It doesn't mean that you have to be nonchalant, and doing the work without caring about the marks. Nope...that is wrong. What I mean that, when you know that you are running out of time, be determined and focussed in getting the work done. In other words, organize your time right. Of course you have to sacrifice some things, but that doesn't mean you don't eat, sleep, pray or even bathe. That would be unreasonable. Gather all the information needed, make a draft on how you want your work to be, consult a person who have knowledge on the matter, and all you have to do is to type them inside your laptop. It's easier than writing and searching for materials at the same time, because you'll tend to be distracted. I mean, the internet is very tempting right? haha...

Starting the first sentence is always the hard one. When you have writer's block, you don't know where and how to start, keep calm first. Go through the materials, you might find some ideas from there on how to start. The rest will just go with the flow. What's important is be confident of your work. Don't be afraid of writing what you think. It's YOUR assignment, YOUR submission, and don't mind about the language barrier, not everyone is perfect. People do grammatical mistakes all the time, even the decisions in the Journal have wrong long as you can send the message and people understand the message, that is good enough. The language will improve itself slowly. There's no need to rush...

Emotional control is what's important. As well as understanding and respecting the partner. If you can cope with the stress, you'll do just fine. Maintaining good communication and relationship with the work partner is also important. Don't snap or blame the partner, they have as much stress as you do, so it is best not to add more to them just to make you feel better. And another thing, you reap what you sow. If you know you cannot handle stress for doing last minute work, DON'T DO IT. Do the assignments earlier...and you will have more time to improvise and to prepare yourself for the presentation. =)

p/s: these tips are only based on my personal experience. If it suits you, then good for you. But if it doesn't, there are many other ways that can be used...what's important is to maintain a positive attitude and thinking... =D

Saturday, March 5, 2011

terkejut nak mati!

saya ada kawan-kawan yang SS...
Sengal tapi Sporting! hahaha...

Ok, remember the post that I wrote about having a silent birthday?
well, I almost forgot about the post until this current event that took place this evening. And seriously, this event was nerve-wrecking, since it's involving someone's life...

There we were, cik didi lala, cik miemi, and cik dayat, shopping around Cmart, looking for things we wished to buy...I planned to buy some food to reload my stock, but I cancelled it because I've forgotten what I wanted to buy... T___T
Then, suddenly, Dayat's phone rang. Fenny called. Please be informed that throughout the week, she had been very moody and silent, which is unusual and unordinary of her, since she is all hyped and crazy and lively...(puji ni Fenn, sila kembang...hahhaha).
I heard the conversation, somewhat. And it turned out she was in Jitra, Tasik DarulAman to be exact, all alone and crying. Broken hearted, nervous breakdown??? I'm not sure...but it sounded serious and I was worried...'worried sick! =p

So we rushed to her, and in my head, I was thinkng; pls don't do anything stupid. (did I mention I was a worried sick kind of person...=p). And I had to drive rather slow, because the car didn't have much gas...
When we arrived there, we saw her sitting under a tree, termenung jauh macam orang putus cinta. Dah la pakai baju ada corak 'heart'...angin pulak sepoi-sepoi bahasa...mmg dalam set drama orang putus cinta...hehehe...
So I went to her, and she asked me to sit facing here. I was like, 'dia nak mengamuk ngan aku ke? terbayang sekejap aku kena jerit..' hahahaha...that was so paranoid wasn't it? So she looked and said sad words like 'kenapa la hidup aku macam ni?' ala-ala orang nak bunuh diri la ni...tasik dah ada depan mata, tunggu nak terjun je...hehehehe...
Of course I was sad...and I tried consoling her...tak pasal-pasal pulak habuk masuk mata, sampai buat mata aku berair...(poyo!)
Then, for some reason, I turned around. Aura sixth sense aku mengatakan ada orang di belakang...haha.

You know what I saw???
Zahid, Atiah and Thevan!! tetiber je datang mcm nak culik aku sambil nyanyi lagu 'Happy Birthday'
Dengan serta-mertanya, secara spontan and involuntarily, aku menyebut ba alip ba ya dengan kuat sampai orang dating bwh pokok sambil cuddling usap2 bagai pun tengok kitorg dengan muka hairan..opsss...ganggu mood korang ke?? sorry, at least aku halang korang buat dosa sekejap...muahahahaha!!!

Surpriseeeeee!!!!! Okay....not cool people!!! I got phunked!!! Or pranked to be exact!
Aku punyalah percaya si Fenny ni ada masalah, dengan muka pasrah bagai...datang bawak keta macam jalan tu bapak aku punya...hahaha...lekuk sana sini aku pakai redah je...nasib baik tayar tak banyak problem...huhu...demimu Fenny!! huarghhhh!!! Last-last aku yang kena.... was all just an act...hahahahaha....
Blur jugak aku ni, sampai tak perasan diorg punya hints...hehe...pandai korang rancang eh...leh jadi event manager...banyak untung dapat...LOL!!
Apparently, they've been planning this for a week, and I didn't have a clue!! Nasib baik jugak aku ni blur, kalau tak, tak menjadi plan kome...hahaha...

So, after cursing and shouting (segala macam kata semua keluar...perkataan yang tak diajar di sekolah mahupun di rumah....), we sat down under the tree...who witnessed the surprise party successfully planned by my lovely friends.. (agak-agak kalau pokok boleh bercakap, ntah-ntah dia pun tengah tahan gelak: mendelah minah ni blur tahap gaban..orang buat surprise dia tak tahu pun...LOL!) with Strawberry Chocolate cake, KFC, mountain dew (thevan punya! haha) and Mirinda Ice Cream Soda (fenny punya! haha). And we ate, laughed, joked, choked..LOL! and snap pictures of the historic day...hehehe!

Seriously, I didn't expect they would come out with a surprise like this. It was by far, the best surprise party ever! Come to think of it, I only had two surprise parties, and this one's a winner! I was touched, happy, grateful and not to mention GERAM gilerrrr to them for doing this...
You guys tricked me hard!!! and yet I love each and everyone of you! You guys cheer my days and lighten me up when I'm down, and being such good, supporting friends, that, I am very grateful of!
Of course, after today, they will still be 'tormenting' and 'reminding' me of how I reacted...which was really embarrassing! takpe! aku sanggup! hahahaha....
Thanks soooooo muchhhhh!!!!! Sayangggggg korangggggg!!!

But still....GERAMNYA AKU!!!!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

So what? It's just a Birthday

As of today, I have been living and breathing the air a.k.a oxygen and has become a permanent resident of a place called Earth for 23 years...

Alhamdulillah, I received the chance to live this long. In some parts of the world, some don't even make it to 20 years, 10 years or even a day. Thank you to Allah S.W.T for giving me this opportunity.

While some celebrates and having a blast on their birthday, it is a total opposite when it comes to my situation. This year, it's a quiet birthday. yes, quiet as in no birthday cake, no blowing candles and making wishes, no fancy presents (except for the camera, which I take it as an early advanced birthday gift), no surprise parties, or even picture taking moments.

Funnily enough, I don't mind. Well, in the beginning of course I have a little sadness. I mean who doesn't, right? It's your birthday. But then again,'s just a Birthday. Nothing more than that. A birthday is just a tiny bit compared to all that is going on in this world. I celebrated my 23 years of living, but in other countries, they don't even remember when they were born, as their life is constantly in chaos and war, not to mention poverty. Moping and complaining that you don't have a blast on your birthday just shows immaturity and selfishness, when the people around you are suffering and need help.

Also, even if there are celebrations for me, I don't think I'll be enjoying it that much. For one thing, my siblings are not here to celebrate along, to laugh with, to joke around and to hug. They flew back to Egypt a day before my birthday. I felt very sad they had to leave early, not because I can't celebrate with them, but because I don't have enough time to enjoy to the fullest the moments that we had together. Plus, with all the issues happening around me, it kills the mood. Sometimes in the middle of the night I found myself unconsciously thinking what's the purpose of me here? I've caused nothing but trouble and annoyance. But then, I realized that it won't be too troubling if I don't let it get to me. I'm done being all good and kind. Sometimes a little evil is needed to avoid becoming the victim.

So, here's to myself. Happy Birthday. Always keep your parents' words at heart and in your mind.