Tuesday, March 16, 2010

saya mengidam sebab anak

:: Tajuk xde kaitan ngan entry

Its been a while since my last post. Nak wat cmne...org busy...(when in fact i don't know what to write about.. =p). Had a mid sem test yesterday. Didn't go really well as i expected but, what can we do? pdn muka kt diri sendiri je la for being such an accomplished procrastinator! hahaha

td went outing wif some friends. Had a great time with them. =) despite that the movie we chose was not as great as its poster. Indah khabar dr rupa...ak rasa tertipu! haha...over! and today is the day where out of the blue, i craved for chocolate! mcm org mengidam plak. yup, that's me. when i suddenly crave for something, regardless of whether i like it or not, i will take a big amount of it and sumbat it inside my small belly. baru rasa hidup ni lengkap weh... hahaha...over lagi! so this morning my breakfast started with koko krunch. later when we went out, i had a glass of milo and i bought ferrero rondnoir (sebab aritu xsmpat nk mkn sbb dh diabiskn oleh kwn2 yg memang gila chocolate...hehe). and when we had dinner, somebody bought me a slice of chocolate indulgence cake! wah...just what i need to satisfy my craving! thank you....(wat muka terharu). and i shared it with my friends the moment returning back to college. Tp last2 ak yg abiskn sume. Skrg rasa cm seronok gile. hahaha...just because i get the taste of chocolate as many as i want and as i possibly can.

Maybe that is one thing about me that i cannot explain. Sudden craving for something. Mengidam chocolate xpe lg. Dulu ak penah teringin gila nk makan tauge. padahal ak bukan suka mkn tauge on. Xtau nape. And coincidently when that craving came, i was in klcc with a pal of mine and tnpa byk soal terus serbu restoran teppanyaki. Kt ctu kn diorg suka letak tauge byk2. Pe lg? Bedal la sume! Yg kwn ak nye pn ak smbar skali...hehe..seb bek dia x kisah sbb dia x mkn sayur. Hahaha! And there's this one other time i want nothing else but plain white rice. Just that. White rice. No lauk. Kicap pn xnk. Garam pn x pandang. Rasa sedap sgt mkn nasik putih tawar tu. Haha...Just nasik putih. And I ate just that throughout the whole day smpai perut pn jd sebu. hahaha....takut gak kalo terlebih carbohidrate, tp pkir balik, that's exactly what i need! but then, ak masih sekeping gak...x besar2...huhuhu....sedih...

Eh...nape tetiber ckp pasal makan ni? nk kata lapar, x lapar pn. hahaha...maybe because i just watched julia & julie...or is it julie & julia?? oh well...same difference! 2x5 jah!

Whoops, i think my brain is shirinking again. susah kalo ada sakit cmni...huhu...gotta go. nk mimpi mkn donat plak mlm ni...haha

p/s: kalo skrg ni ak dh mengidam mcm2...ntah cmne la bler ak nk jd mom-to-be nnti? mengidam selipar jepun plak kot? coz seriously...i've heard expecting moms craved for selipar. Betul weh! ak x tipu! tp makcik tu xde la mkn betul2 slipar tu...dia beli slipar baru n gigit2 slipar tu...huhu...


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