Friday, March 26, 2010

I lost something. Have you seen my sanity anywhere??

I am officially lost!



There's too much to little time...




Can I scream for just one minute?????


Ok...done..let's start our story telling...

Last night, I went to uum's ekspo kono..along with bendahara miemi, laksamana dila, manager dayat, datin jeswin, lord danie and maestro shafiq..(over!) hahaha....semangat nak pergi memeriahkan pesta konvo sampai pakai 2 kereta. UUM patut bangga ada student macam kami ni yang sanggup datang dari jauh. haha...jauh ke?

Sebelum sampai sana, singgah la sekejap kat dewan mas...where the convocation ceremony is to be held for the next three days. For what? Nak singgah amik shafiq yang sejak dari pagi telah bertapa di situ along with his faithful flute and caklempong instruments. Bila masuk dalam, terkenang la pulak masa aku involved dengan persembahan konvo. Sedih ooo dah tak dapat nak perform... Cikgu gamelan dah lupakan kitorang...huhuhu...I really wished to perform again. One thing for sure, I NEVER get tired doing anything involving music. Kesian si shafiq..dah la penat, terpaksa ikut kitorang window shopping di ekspo. Tak beli apa-apa pun... Hahaha....Well, that's how it will be when girls went out shopping right? Tunggu harga jatuh gedebuk baru beli banyak-banyak. Itu pun kira nasib baik takde banyak booth and takde banyak barang yang best. Kalau tak, boleh lenguh kaki berjalan...hahaha... We didn't stay very long there. After walking around, we makan-makan, chat and laughed for a while, and drove back home..a.k.a college.

Then, midnight, I chat with my lil sis and lil bro. Huhu...lama tak sembang dengan diorg...RINDU!!!! ='(..It was fun! It happened coincidently actually. My sis posted something on my facebook wall and from there, the conversation started. First it was just me and little sister, then little brother showed up! It was wonderful to chat with them, considering that it has been ages and that they are thousand miles apart. We talked about anything we could think of. But mostly related to the post my sister wrote...Hehe... We were chatting until it was 3.30 a.m. (it was around 9 p.m. there..i think). And I seriously refused to go to sleep because I wanted to talk more with them... Huhuhu...memang sedih masa tu. Nak skype tak boleh...wireless kat sini tak betul skit.. But alas...I have to end around 3.45 a.m. Mata boleh tahan lagi sebenarnya, tapi hati pulak kecut sebab sorg-sorg tgh2 malam ni...Tee hee...

p/s: Today, the first and the second session of the convocation starts. Cik fenny and bendahara miemi will be attending the second session. Why? Sebab cik fenny rindu nak jumpa her other half, and bendahara miemi pulak nak temankan cik fenny plus nak jumpa what is hopefully to be bakal Mr.Right! hehehehe....

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mieZa taiB said...

oit..perlukah ckp nk jmp mr.right..ha3

xla weh aq juz nk teman kn feni sian dia sorg2 pla..

tp bez dgr lgu nobody..aucch ada sp jeles sni.hehehe