Monday, March 28, 2011

too much points, but where's the point?

Hello everyone! Assalamualaikum! Konnichiwa! Gutentag! Bonjour!

I just love languages. I can't really explain why but I find learning new languages is fun and somewhat cultural! It just makes you want to go see the world more.

Yesterday I submitted my Criminal Procedure assignment dengan jayanya. Phew! A relieve of submitting it, I should say, but at the same time I can't help feeling anxious because of the contents of my assignment is not as much as my classmates. They wrote until 20 pages long, 12 pages more than me! What did you guys put in that essay? huhu. I guess it is a psychological thing. It has been planted in our brains for a long time. The more pages the assignment is, the better. I'm not sure about other universities in other countries, but that is the case in where I'm studying, and I am not excluded from being influenced by this mindset.

I don't know whether it's a good thing, or a bad thing. For one thing it makes you want to do more, or work harder to gain more information. That's the good part. But what is the point if there's no point? hehehe! Even my jurisprudence lecturer said that it doesn't matter how many pages you write. What matters is the content. Kalau content penuh and in every page tu ada content yang memang relevant, then it's awesome! You'll definitely get good marks and ada chance nak rebut gelaran pelajar Senarai Dekan. It is only a waste if you write so much but produce so little. A waste of time, and a waste of energy, not to mention a waste of paper, thus contributing to more trees that have to be chopped down, resulting to hot weather that cause global warming, in which will soon affect the earth and strikes fear on those who believe the prophecy of the Mayans about the end of the world. Haha! That's too much, I think. =p

I'm not saying that I'm doing it the right way; putting only the necessary info, which is why I don't have much pages for my assignment. Nonononono! (russell peters style). I am guilty of writing too much for my finals. Hardly I submit my answers with only 5 pages of answer script. The minimum is perhaps 10. hehe! I just think that when it comes to situation like this, there is no final say. Which is why it is perhaps best to have a draft first before writing it all down. Sure, we can gather as much information as we want, but it doesn't mean that all of them must be stuffed in. Too much info might cause confusion and make the content to become irrelevant to the topic. I agree with my lecturer that what is important is the message, and how we want the reader to receive the message.

It is best to be precise and straight to the point. I mean, how many of us who like reading articles that is long and lengthy? Too many paragraphs but there's only one that gives us the answer. Just like most of my posts. Most of my posts are long. Plus with no pictures and all, it is not a surprise for me not to have many followers. hahaha!

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