Saturday, March 26, 2011

in the darkness of night, we are to switch the light...

That title almost rhyme, isn't it?? say yes, say yes! hahaha....okayy childish...stop.

I went to a Professorial Talk this morning. Given by Prof.John Fairhurst, the head of law from the Birmingham City University. He flew all the way from the UK, and landed on this secluded university way up in the north just to give a talk, about EU Law on Taxation and Goods.'s not everyday you have a professor from the Big Ben country to come and give a talk, so it really is an honour to have him come here. The talk is really goooodddd. I don't know why I didn't feel sleepy listening to him. Cara dia bagi talk tu biasa je, macam lecturer aku mengajar...we got our own handouts and he explained based on the powerpoint presentation prepared. If in normal lectures I'll be focussed for 15-30 minutes, and then start chattering and text messaging with my friends. haha! I don't know which part that charmed me to stay awake for two hours; the fact that I was sitting on the second front row seats directly facing the Professor, or the fact that he has this awesome British accent that when I listened to it, I felt I'm in a lecture hall in some university in UK! lol! It truly is one good talk. And since it has something in connection with International Trade Law, which I am very interested in, it just gets more of my attention. Maybe I should start googling about Birmingham University to see their courses for Masters students. ;)

So after the talk, my friend and I went to Changlun ( a small city 15 minutes away from our uni) to take our passport pictures taken. Because we were applying for studying abroad (Prof.Fairhurst is willing to take application) and we need to have passports ready, you know, just in case. Muahahahaha! Too good to be true eh? applying for a place to sleep do our Pupillage after we complete our studies here. So, to apply, we need to send money (rasuah) resume, and for the resume we need to have a picture for the respective firm to recognise us as one of the wanted criminals applicants. Ingat senang nak dapat firm? Kalau yang dah ada orang tolong carikan and tolong 'cop'kan tempat takper gak. For those who have no contacts, it's hard. Anyway, our pictures turned out good. We looked like models corporate-ish with our blazers and confident smile yang dibuat secara tipu-tipu. Hahaha!

Now, I just woke up from my afternoon nap, or should I say evening nap? I plan to go and watch my friend today. He's a footballer, and they have a match against UTP tonight at 8.45 p.m. Which brings me to a dilemma. It's Earth Hour today, and lights are to be switched off for an hour, lagi lama lagi baik, tapi takut terjadinya accident pulak nanti. Tak kira la accident kereta ke, accident terbuat anak secara involuntary ke, we all must be prepared right? lol! I am supporting Earth Hour. I'm switching off lights at the exact hour. But it would be wrong for me to switch the lights in my room but go to the stadium, which clearly have bigger, brighter lights and cheering 'Syabooyah!!' at that friend of mine. Hahahaha! Takkan nak switch off lampu time main game. Kang tertendang benda yang tak sepatutnya ditendang. Bukak lampu je, semua terguling, tergolek-golek atas padang. Hahaha! 

So yeah, people please switch off the lights in supporting Earth Hour. As we speak, mother Earth is dying. We can see the effects; and we definitely want to stop this to have a better place to stay. Who doesn't right? Buat sapa-sapa yang percaya apocaplypse tu is on 2012, lagilah kena support Earth Hour ni. Mana tau, apocalypse tu ditunda ke tahun lain, boleh idup lagi setahun. huhuhu! Support Earth Hour! Switch off all lights, for an hour. Just an hour. 1 hour. That's all. It doesn't hurt anyone in doing it. Not much as we hurt mother Earth with all the pollution and the technology and the war and the scientific research. She needs her own time to rest too. So lets give her. Just one hour. 

Help save Earth. Just 1 hour.
Credits to yahoo! Images.

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