Thursday, March 17, 2011

just this

It is cold tonight...

I just had a plate of spicy Thai fried rice at this one stall, and luckily it didn't effect my digestive system...lepas ni tak nak dah aku order nasi goreng kat situ...tak kisah la nasi goreng Thai ke, China ke, Nigeria ke, Somalia ke, pedas gilerrrr.....makan pulak sambil tgk wrestling...elok la sangat...macam takde channel lain nk tengok...tak educational langsung...hahaha

Anyways, hajat nak menonton dan khatamkan cerita Glee season 2 epi 16 tidak kesampaian disebabkan arus internet yang sememangnya tidak sehebat arus ombak di lautan..very the lambat okay...! aku rasa kalau ada lumba lari ngan siput pig ni, siput tu, now I'm trying to watch it again, trying for the third time, and I hope PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! let me from the beginning to the complete's the Regionals episode! Come on, have some pity on me...huhu

As I was waiting for the streaming to be completed, I watched 'The King's Speech' movie...and damn, that is one hell of a movie! My dear King, you deserve the Oscar! You truly deserve them! A beautiful, inspiring movie, and wonderful performances from all casts! I can watch it over and over again and never get tired of it. A must watch!! tapi kalau untuk orang yang minat movie menari-nari, cite ganas-ganas, yang fast paced genre type of movie, then here's an early warning; the movie will make you go to sleep, because there won't be any sort of excitement or element of surprise in The King's Speech. But still, I can give a 5 star for this movie. I just love it!!! =)

Now, as I'm writing this, I've finished watching the movie, and still the streaming is not complete. I'm writing this post while listening to Flying Picket's 'Only You'. Hehe...such a nice, relaxing song...I love acapellas! They're amazingly talented! =)

So, tengah-tengah malam macam ni, dengan rasa bosan, of course our mind will go wandering around jugak. And out of nowhere, for no reason, my mind came across this statement made by this one classmate of mine. This classmate of mine said to me, and I suspected there is a tiny bit of arrogance in the way the statement was delivered to me. Wanna know the statement? lets just say that this classmate of mine was dissatisfied with someone, and this classmate of mine said 'I will not and will never be good to that person'.

Okayyy....there was a tiny bit amount of arrogance and boastful in the tone. Will not and never will? If there's anything I learnt from my past experiences is that you don't ever said things like that as it will definitely backfire. Dalam bahasa kebangsaannya, jangan lah kita terlalu membenci sesuatu, sebab takut nanti terkena batang hidung sendiri. Kalau tak kena batang hidung mungkin kena kat buku lali, tulang kering ke, kat tangan kaki ke...haha...(sila abaikan statement tak lawak ni).

It's almost the same principle as when we see someone who is being overconfident with something. And in the end, it turned out bad. Similarly, it is best not to abhor a person so much, as in most cases, the emotion will play its trick on you and instead of abhoring and hating and staying away from the hated person, it turned out otherwise. What otherwise means, I leave it to your own interpretation. Sure, you can say that it is your own personal problem and your own right whether to hate or like a person, but what does that make you? Certainly not a better person than the one you're hating. Ok lah, maybe that person you hate is memang buruk tahap volcano Krakatoa la dia punya perangai, tak sebijak stephen hawking and complexion pun tahap cukup-cukup makan je. Sure, you have all the reason in the world to hate, but trust me, that will not make you feel any better. Been there, done that. hahaha...and what's funny is that you'll never be satisfied until you see this person suffer. Because all this while you have it in your head that he or she is such a wicked person, and you want other people to see him or her the way you do, and when they don't, it just dissatisfies you more. Makin geram pulak tgk orang tu gelak, senyum, acting like he or she is the one of the likeable person, when in reality, they hardly don't.

That's the difference. They hold on to this one principle: ignorance is bliss. Kadang-kadang buat bodoh ni is the best way. People will keep on talking all day every second , even until you die pun, people will still talk. There's no way the mouth can be shut. So, instead of going around telling people about yourself and what kind of person you actually are, might as well, you sit down quietly, have a nice up of tea while reading a good book, enjoying the calming surrounding. That's a better way of living instead of kept thinking of what people think and say about you.

Aku sebenarnya dah beratus kilometer lari topik...tapi takpelah...related jugak ni...hehe...
So, to this dear friend of mine...ok la...since you've said that, there's no way you can take it back. Will not and will never be eh? be it. I'd like to see how it goes. Not that I'm praying the worst of you, but sometimes, such arrogance must be put to a stop, and really, you should taste your own medicine...and when you do, I can assure you that it will be one of the most bitter thing that you'll ever force yourself to swallow. Nevertheless, if it all turns out good to you, then congratulations and are one of the fortunate people granted with a fortunate and blissful life...and instead of jinxing, I'm just gonna be happy for you, just for a while, and then...moving on.

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