Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I'm gonna get married in 2015

Hello...is it me you're looking for???

Haha....I can't help but picturing a scene from Sacry Movie 4 everytime I listened to this Lionel Richie's song...dah elok dah lagu ni mood jiwang, dirosakkan oleh movie tu yang sememangnya tak ada kerja lain selain memerli & mempersendakan movie-movie yang diorang tak suka...

Sekarang ni, kebanyakan kawan-kawan saya dah terkena ilmu Tok Moh...hehe...Tok Moh ni ada buat jampi yang memang akan berjangkit dari satu individu ke individu yang lain. Sapa-sapa yang lemah semangat and tak sanggup nak terima kenyataan, memang akan asyik terbayanggg jer benda ni. Side effect boleh berlanjutan sampai berhari-hari atau at least sebulan.

Ok lah...lets just go straight to the point yeah? recently, a classmate of mine bought this book. The title is if I'm not mistaken 'Cinta, Jodoh & Perkahwinan' written by Eddy Rosyadi Mohd Samsury. It tells about our own potential & our compatibility particularly on love life. The way of determining it is kinda unique, which is by using our birthday...and there's methods and guidelines for us to make the calculations. And the fun or the perhaps the creepy part is, most details and explanations about our personality are true. There's also method of calculating our compatibility with our couple, by combining the birthdays together... It's a really good book, if you're looking for guidelines untuk sesiapa yang sedang mencari identiti atau personaliti diri, and also for those yang boring and tak tahu nak buat apa-apa...this book might come in handy...lol! But one thing should be noted though, it acts merely as a guideline and nothing more...maybe from this book we know our advantages and shortcomings and how we can deal with our problems to become a better person. It should not be taken seriously. Ye la...benda pasal jodoh and rezeki ni semua ketentuan Ilahi, so kalau nak percaya sebijik seketul benda dalam buku ni, takut mendekati syirik pulak...

Anyways, this friend of mine, got the gelaran Tok Moh because of this book. Mula-mula tu dia start saja-saja je dengan aku & sorang lagi kawan aku, sebab time tu Civil Procedure presentation and kitorg tengah boring tahap nazak (told you this book can come in handy when you're bored) so, dia pun keluarkanlah buku ni and start buat seperti yang ditunjukkan...we were entertained for a while, because of how accurate it explains about the personality...and it started to go viral in the class...lepas sorang, sorang yang mintak tolong kirakan birthday dia...ada yang mintak tolong kira bila dia akan kahwin...mine is on 2015...erk! semua ada dalam buku tu...so bertambah excited la sapa yang kiraannya tunjuk semua yang baik...ada gak yang frust sebab maybe the calulation showed that she and the boyfriend are not that compatible... It is a fun thing to do...ntah berapa kali dah buku tu bertukar-tukar tangan...aku rasa kalau Tok Moh caj orang yang pinjam buku tu, cukup duit beli novel, takpun beli handset biasa.. IPhone mungkin tak mampu kot...hahaha

As for me, I didn't ask for any couple compatibility counting. Because at the moment, I'm a lone wolf...ala-ala masih mencari la ni...hehe...
But it made me think about this matter. Sebelum ni ada jugak terpikir, tapi kadang-kadang je. Plus with my friends around me who mostly have found their soulmate (Insya Allah), and plus I'm getting older...(i'm gonna be 20...(ngade!)) and this is one thing that I ought to think & be sure about.

One thing I'm certain is that I'm really fussy! yes, if I have a bf, I tend to try to make him the way I want him to be, which is not a good thing. Of course, it's good to tell him to change things for him to improve, but to make him change to be the guy that YOU want, is definitely not a long-lasting relationship. I have a hard time trusting him too...because I have bad experience with guys...experiences that definitely took away my trust from them almost completely. So I think, due to this, it's gonna be a long time for my parents to have a visitor coming to the house with the 'hajat untuk memetik bunga di laman'...kalau ada pun untuk adik aku kot..hahahaha....I tak kisah you nak langkah bendul, langkahlah...tapi pastikan jangan tersembam or terpleot sudah...nanti merah muka tahan malu...wakakaka...

I have some criterias that I really want my future soulmate to have...(nak jugak tulis ni...hoho).
Of course, yang general tu wajiblah kena ada...tau agama, ada akhlak, ada kerja & cukup income nak support family...handsome?? naaa...that's a bonus...hehe..
One thing I'm hoping he will have is the love of reading....
yessssss....I find guys who reads are sweet and somehow hot....(muntah cendol!) even I berangan nak jumpa my future hubby kat bookstore....I just find that really sweet. Because I just love being surrounded by books...I can spend hours just walking around in bookstore, just like a shopaholic can spend hours of her time in shopping malls. I love the smell of books...especially old books, even if they made me sneeze...lol! yesterday, we went to Popular Bookstore in Gurney Plaza, Penang, and I was like...stunned by how big it is...tapi takleh lawan Kinokuniya la, duh...because most of the bookstore I went to are not exciting enough...I felt like staying there...haha...So with a good, charming hubby who reads, it just adds the colour of imagination in the house. At least we have other things to talk about apart from work and daily activities...and what's best than reading a classic book or a poem together in the evening, and telling stories to each other?? (ye, saya sangat 'literature'...lol)

And don't forget music and adventurous! Especially classical music...which I adore the most. One thing I have in my wishlist is to watch an opera...I almost had the chance, but unfortunately, I have to let it go...it was harddd...I was feeling down for a week! T____T
He doesn't need to have the skills to play an instrument, as long as he has the musical passion in him. At least I can share my excitement at watching an orchestra or a musical show with him. And I'll pay him back by being a good company & supporter when he watches his favourite football team..but if he supports MU, we'll be foes throughout the game...lol!

I know, I know, too good to be true aight? Which is why I don't intend to put any hopes in it. Reality is no better than fantasy. To some maybe it is, and it is such a blessing and fortunate that they have found their perfect match. But for me, there is no perfect match. There never is. It's just how well we support each other in overcoming the weakness and shortcomings. It's by being imperfect that makes the journey adventurous and interesting. Like reading a good book...full with twist and turns, conflicts and unexpected hidden plots that makes you keep turning the pages till the end...if throughout the whole story, there's no conflict; just all good things, where everything is made perfect and safe, then where's the excitement??

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