Friday, March 25, 2011

I should, but I didn't

what I should be doing.
-getting my resume done and email it to the respective firms as soon as possible.
-completing my criminal procedure assignment. Section 51 & 51A...consequences and effect of non-compliance.
-make a draft on my part for the evidence group assignment. On bad character.
-Settle my laundry.
-Pos barang.
-Start doing some brief notes and reading. The final exam draft is out and I still have not take a look at it.
-Keep searching for law firms to submit my resume for my 9 months pupillage. The more, the better. Considering that my results are 4.0 satisfactory, it is highly unlikely for me to be accepted right away in a legal firm. >.<

What I am doing instead.
-Tumblr-ing.Sumpah addictive!
-Blogging. Or else there won't be this post... =p
-Watching movies..the same ones that I've watched for the umpteenth time...
-sleep. Kalau nak mengantuk pun, paksa jugak mata tu suruh tido...wakakakaka!!
*and it goes back to the first one, and it continues on until the day ends.

If there is an award for best procrastinator, I should be given one! hahaha...Time macam ni semua benda rasa macam malasssss sangat nak buat. Bila dah nak dekat dateline tu, mulalah panik...cakap padan muka kat diri sendiri sape suruh tak upah orang buat assignment awal-awal....time tu mulalah salahkan internet yang secara magiknya lembab, masa yang secara tiba-tibanya jadi cepat, makan pun order nasi lemak bungkus dari budak yang jual blok ke blok tu. And the most thing that will definitely a last minute student will do when they have to finish the assignment a day before dateline....skip tido!!! Kalau sebelum ni takut tido lambat, kot-kot ada makcik jual karipap tetiber ketuk tingkap bilik tingkat 2/3/4, time buat assignment, kawan kat belakang masuk bilik pun tak sedar. Nasib baik kawan, kalau tak...... O____o!!!! hahaha...

bila dah siap, muka pun jadi camni. kawan nak say 'hi', lecturer nak suruh jawab soalan tutorial pun takut nak suruh. haha!

Only Robinson Crusoe had everything done by Friday. -anon.-

 Get it? ;)

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