Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It's such cold rainy day, we're looking for something dumb to do, hey buddy, I see that you are freezing too!

The weather is cold. Damp. The sky is gloomy and dark. The corridor of my block on my level is quiet, and wet by the traces of rain.

It has been raining non-stop. Since the early morning. The rain keeps pouring and pouring, fortunately in small doses. As I am writing this, most of us here in this college is either sleeping soundly under the blanket or watching movies transferred from friends, or for those who are really industrious and dedicated, completing the assignments given. Yes, rain is a bless (Hujan itu Rahmat), but it also hinders us from doing activities that we can do freely.

So what did a boring, lazy law student do in a weather like this? Nothing is probably the right answer, but for this girl, when the cold weather comes, that's where she gets hungry really fast. So this morning, she woke up early and along with her 3 friends, drove to Changlun and had a warm breakfast of nasi lemak in a new place. And how she adore this new place!! The stall is currently her new stop for having nasi lemak. Cheap and delicious!!

And then later in the afternoon, we went to KFC pulak. I ordered myself Cheezy Wedges and hot milo, since I was already full thanks to the nasi lemak.hehehe! Had fun eating in the cold weather. Bajet macam kat oversea la konon! Ceh!

The next day, today that is, we went, quite randomly to Alor Star to enjoy 2 free breakfast meal at McDonalds! Weeeee!!! It has been so long since I last ate McD breakfast! I love their hotcakes and hashbrowns! Yummehhh!! There were 5 of us, and we got to enjoy the early morning scenery that we hardly had the chance to see due to sleeping and busy life. LOL! Then we went to accompany Atiah to buy a new cellphoone ( her old one has been officially declared dead. causation: UNKNOWN). It's a pretty red Hazel Sony Ericsson cellphone, and I think I am starting to love the phone, because of the lovely red colour!

Thanks to our little breakfast trip, we were 30 minutes late to Jurisprudence class! Erk! But better late than never, kan? kan? kan? haha!

*photos will be added later. If the internet is being super kind and super fast. Insya Allah. =p

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