Sunday, March 27, 2011

short update


I am writing this while waiting for Maghrib and while searching for a few oversea universities that I can apply to hopefully in pursuing my Masters...really want to further overseas. More experience, plus I love travelling, get to meet handsome people, get to live in a different place with different cultures, doesn't that sound just exciting!? =D

Skipped lecture today. Oopss! Sis, jangan report kat mummy ye! heh heh! need to really complete my Criminal Procedure assignment which is due today. Tonight to be exact, during class. Yes, we have night class. And it's fun because you don't have to wear formal attires and...well, that's just it. That's the only fun part. =p
As usual, I am prone to do last minute assignments, and this assignments is not excluded. We were to write an essay about our opinion on Section 51A of the Criminal Procedure Code, and all that I can give and all that I have in my mind to write it down is only for 5 pages long. Eeekk! Cuak jugak weh, since most of my friends said theirs is 12-20 pages long, sure as hell you are going to panic. 5 pages?!! biar betul, biar betul betul! hahaha...mesti lagu tu lekat dalam kepala nanti. LOL! But it's too late to redo everything now, so I just have to submit this assignment and pray that I don't get the worst mark ever. >.<

By the way, yesterday was Earth Hour! yay! I managed to join in with the campaign. hehehe! Unfortunately, didn't really get to have it with my friends here because everyone is busy with their assignments. And after that, I went to watch the football match along with another friend of mine, Azlan. It was fun! It has been so long since I watched a live football match at the stadium, and as for Azlan, it was his very first time! yay to u! haha! And what made it become more exciting was when my classmate scored the first goal for our uni!!! Woot! woot!! nasib baik kitorg tak ikut cheerleading sekali. hahahaha! Good job bro! That was a nice shot too!!! ada peluang menang anugerah MVP ni. ;)

Ok lah, that is all that I want to write about. Need to get ready for tonight's class. Toodles!

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