Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Its the holiday season people! there is so much time to be wasted...so many places to be explored...so many people to meet...so many movies to catch on...and lots of other things that can be done...

As usual, I spent the holidays with my family in my hometown in Sarawak...at the island of Borneo..(ceh..poyo jer ckp cmtu). To tell the truth...I don't really looking forward to the holidays spent in Kuching. For one reason it is not entirely the whole family gathering. My father is still at the Peninsular and my sister and my brother are so far away in Egypt. Normally, we will be hving a long line of mattresses that we arranged it at the open space of the house. And we will be sleeping together there...me, my siblings, my granny, my aunts, my parents too sometimes, despite that they already have a room of their own. But this time, it is different. There is a slight loneliness in the house.

Also, I don't get to go around places. One thing is the transport problem. Another is I am not fully familiar to the place. Well, you would be if you only spent the early six years of your life in Sarawak and the rest 15 years is spent in Ipoh. Kuching definitely have developed. Still, there are places that I remembered seeing it as a kid that is still intact. And that is one heritage.

Perhaps the next coming holidays I will try to spend my holidays at other places. Places that I can go around. I love sightseeing. And I think it is an awesome and adventurous thing to do to just pick a spot and paint your own journey. It's like being a traveller. You'll never know what's waiting in front of you. Just like I always say to myself. "Take life as it comes".

But of course, this idea of mine will be an absolute no way josey for my parents. But...maybe if I can convince some beautiful friends of mine would like to join the quest it'll decrease the doubts of my parents.

So...anyone interested???

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