Monday, December 28, 2009

I Wish...

For this year to be a different year than other years. Better or worse, I refuse to have any anticipation. Let the fate decide. Whatever it is, I hope that my mind, body, soul, and emotion can handle it the way I want them to. We can never see the future, but we definitely see the changes in ourselves as the future approaches. Time changes everything regardless if it is just by a millisecond.

Okay, I'm crapping again. As usual. Well, the real purpose of writing this is to list down some resolutions, of which I so hopefully be able to fulfill. People make resolutions, but only some able to fulfill them all. As for others, those resolutions they so enthusiastically made turned out to be like old newspaper. We noticed it, but ignore it. Anywho, these are my resolutions for the new year. (semangat lebih!)

-please please please be more industrious! get those lazy bones going!
-continue my violin class. (hope to play better)
-please please please be tidier!!! (erk! mcm susah jer...)
-hope i can grasp more confidence than before. (i'm actually, seriously very coy and pessimistic)
-try not to get involve in any form of silly crushes and puppy love or monkey love (cinta nyet)
-reduce, or better erase that blur attitude of yours. Be more alert!
-be matured! (parents always say this)
-hope to be healthier
-try not disappoint parents and family. (I've been a disappointment for some time actually)
-Be closer to God
-Love myself

There's so much I would like to make amends. The last three is actually the ones that I want to accomplish the most. I know I'm never going to accomplish all. The hardest thing to do is to improve. But perhaps by writing them down, it can be made as a reminder...

I hope it will.

footnote: tergerak nk tulis post ni lepas tgk post cik miemi...tetibe je jeles..hehe...

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-Armadash- said...

nothing is impossible laa.. u can do it!!..

p/s:aku dah kantoi dgn ko!!..muhahaha