Friday, December 25, 2009


OMG! why does things always go awry at the time we thought things are going to get smooth??
Just when I decided to be friendly and caring, one stupid unsupposedly to happen thing occurred. And hell yeah I am angry and frustrated of myself. Thinking how stupid could I be?!! It is not even supposed to happen!

If only you know that it was a miscommunication. I was thinking of one thing and you were thinking of another one. I am dreadfully sorry if I offended you. Well, actually, I did offend you, inadvertantly. And God I am feeling so guilty right now. Looks like our minds don't think alike; and that is the root to the problem.

Why? Just when I thought of being friendly, caring and helpful, something happened that made my intention looked ugly...Why?!! Do I not deserve to be blissful for that few minutes??

I feel like knocking my head on the wall and scream my head of right now!!! God, I really want to tell you that it is all a stupid mistake.

I'm feeling so stupid and so angry at myself right now. Darn it!

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