Monday, December 28, 2009


choice...Lady's Choice (sedap!)

Tetiber je!

haha...we all have choices. In everything that we do everyday and everywhere with everybody. And it differs too. Some choose black, but we choose white. Some choose left but we choose right. All is up to us and no one else.

Like attitude or character of a person. Sure, we can say he or she is from a good family, who goes to a good school, and will soon end up being a good person. But that is all we can do...just SAY. We cannot determine that it will turn out to be exactly what we want. Because everything is on the person.

Of course, there will be some influences that will affect the choice we made, but nothing beats the choice of the heart. What the heart really wants, and agreed by mind and body that it is what suits them best. People often see or judge a person through the person's environment.

Schools for example. When a person goes to a village school, the hopes of him or her becoming successful is less than those who goes to an urban, city school. That's the way some people see things. Of course, not everyone. Like when a girl went to say, a convent school, there is a good impression there already because of the school's reputation. People will see her as being fluent in English, very feminine and girly, or to some, may see the girl as a show off. People have different sorts of colours. But not all convent girls end up like that. Take yours truly. I've been a convent girl since standard one, but i don't find make-up is a necessity, i don't see fashion as exciting, and i'm not fond of the idea of cheerleading. But I do admit Convent school helped me improve my English. Thanks to my beloved, dedicated teachers.(love them all!). A student from a religious school too may decide to take a different lane from other students. People's impression is a religious school student will always be religious, wearing 'tudung labuh' and 'kopiah' every single day. But do all of them end up like that?

I may sound too much on those statements, but that is how I feel. That is just the bubble we live in. The public, the society will always be critical. That is the way they try to create a world that they like, that they feel comfortable with. That thy feel safe living in. I am not excluded. I criticise about almost everything, because I want to feel safe, and comfortable in going through life. And I receive critics everyday too. They asked me to do this, to do that, to wear this, to walk like that, to behave like such and such...and it ends there. It only starts again when I made a choice to do one of the things that I received from the critics. One that I know and hopeful that it can lead to an improvement in myself. The critics never sleeps, but despite that, they cannot change anything unless i choose to follow. Like I said, we have choices that is up to us to decide which suits us the most. How we feel comfortable and safe in. What makes us, us. What suits US, not THEM. Love ourselves first, be satisfied with what and how we are, before we want to help and satisfy others.

Even when it comes to voice of the heart; love. Love cannot be forced, but there is always choices. And choices differs in everyone. We can choose to love and wait for a person who doesn't notice us, or we can accept a love from a person who we have no feelings for but who saw you when you were invinsible.

We are what we choose to be...

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