Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Thought

It's been a while since i write any post. Well, I'm currently being very busy. You know, being a career woman, there's meetings, negotiations, clients, travelling here and there, attending dinners... my hands are tied. Plus, i have a wedding on the way...

Haha! In my dreams! But wouldn't that be nice? To have a successful life, and having to finally found the right person to share our joy and tears together. Fantasy certainly serves better than reality, which often bites. But then, it's those bites that teaches us the survival tips. You know what they say; experience is the best teacher.

well, last few days, before I went away for an important meeting (ceh!), I was watching a video in Youtube and that video just totally blew me away. It was a beautiful video. A wonderful moment to witness, and I could've shed buckets of tears if if my aunt wasn't sitting next to me watching Oprah. My image as a steel woman must be preserved at all times. (perasan).

Perhaps most have already watched the video. It earned more than 5000000 views! Impliedly, it can be said it is quite a famous video. The video is simple. Involving two men and a lion. But what it is about is the magic of it. They have such a bond, a bond so strong that despite years apart, the lion still recognised them. It is an animal, but there is still love in it and the lion cherished the moments and the love that the two men have given.

That just shows love is a very strong potion. If it can still make such magic between animal and human, imagine how much wonders can it do with humans, who have brains, who understand what love is more than a wild lion. A lion; , among the most dangerous and feared animal on the planet, that eats other animals, and it could have done the same to the two men, but it embraced them instead.

Imagine how beautiful the world will be if we all have such love with one another. Of course, we all have a bad side, but why choose vengeance and hatred when we can have friendship, care, and love? We claimed ourselves to be the smartest creature that roams the Earth, clearly we can see what is the best choice. Not just for us, but for everyone. It will definitely make the world a completely different place to live in.

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mieZa taiB said...

love is everywhere..
wah2 bjiwang pla gue kn..hehe