Sunday, November 22, 2009


Seriously, I felt really bad for withdrawing from Baksis on a very last minute... I was really looking forward to it, since this is my first time entering...but the sudden fever has caused me to cancel the intention...

To all... I am dreadfully sorry for this incident. I know this act of mine may and has caused some to be angry and disappointed and dissatisfied, but honestly offending everyone is the last thing that I want to do. I felt very guilty doing this..but I also know that if I don't I will cause trouble and bother too if I decided to go along. I was in a dilemma having to decide which, because I know it's my responsibility to give commitment till the very end of the project but at the same time, I didn't have the strength and my parents insisted me to go home, fearing that if I go, I will be a burden to the family.

I am not as strong or as courageous as other people. And perhaps some will see this as a selfish act or as an act to escape. Al I can say is that I never see this coming and I'm very sorry for not being strong enough to follow everyone and disappointing everyone.

That is all I can say


Cik Dila said...

u dnt need to say sorry la..bukan salah ko pon..diorang pun paham jugak..ko kan sakit..ish2 faridza,asal la ko ni baik sangat..hehe!!

adiaz said...

haha...nk wat cmne..ak mmg cpt rasa berslh kt org...huhu...thanks for concerning weh....huhu