Wednesday, December 9, 2009

a thought for the day

"A picture holds a thousand words..."

I'm sure many are familiar with this phrase. The definition..well, I think I don't have to elaborate it here. Hehe..(padahal mls sbnrnyer..=p). That is what we say about pictures. A picture can give out many interpretations to many. Some may see it as beautiful, some may see it as nothing but nonsense, some see it as a picture not worth anything. Bottom line, it's all the matter of seeing it from either the positive or the negative angle.

But what about human expressions? Gestures? Facial expressions? Is it right to interpret it similar to interpreting pictures?

One thing that differenciate a picture and human: Human have a heart and a mind. We have the power to decide and to control what we want and how the world see us. We can put up a happy face all the time, but deep down, we don't feel the exact way. Our face acts as a mask, like that of the masquerade mask, that serves the purpose to hide our true colour. A painter can describe his or her feelings through their pictures, but not all can be transferred into pictures. The pictures are only the ones that the painter wants to share it with others. An individual will want their very own secret to keep too. Of course, not all people hides their true feelings. Some prefer to show what exactly they felt rather than keeping it to themselves, for it can be detrimental.

I don't really sure what I am trying to say here. I just can't seem to find the right words to explain. But what I can say is that keeping feelings to ourselves is good at certain times, but if we become too secretive and prefer to keep it all to ourselves and refuse to share it to people, it can cause us to be a sad person. We will always be conscious about what people think. We will have less confident and a low self esteem. It can hurt us. There is a time where we need to share it with other people, like our friends and our family members, because it will help to heal the injured heart. It can be as a sort of therapy, and we will feel less burdened than keeping it to ourselves. Of course, everyone wants to be strong and courageous, but we have our limits and it does not mean that when we talk to someone or share the problems to someone, we are not strong. We are strong for having the courage to share it with people whom we trust. Not only that, it can be an eye opener to see whether we have friends who are with us through thick and thin or just a friend who are only there during fair weather. Perhaps by talking to people, they can help to solve the problem and give good advice that can lead and motivate us for improvement to be a better person. We will learn to love ourself more.

Another way I want to portray life:

"Life is like a Kaleidoscope"

*open for interpretation...=)


i'msosupernotcool said...

wat is kaleidoscope actually?

malas betol nk google..

nurulfari8zahamdan said...

kaleidoscope tu bnda bntuk silinder yg di dlm ada coloured beads, pebbles, and mcm2 lg...bler kta tgk smbil turning the silinder we cn see the corak yg ada kt dlm tu...ayt x brapa nk btul..hrp leh phm..hehe.. =p