Monday, December 7, 2009


Hmm...nothing much to say actually...

Was planning on uploading some pictures...before I realize that I didn't bring my USB cabel...haih...

Planning to make some cute bags, but can't seem to find the perfect and the suitable materials needed... It's just so hard to find some good left over kain...huhu

Was ready and prepared to go out and have a fun time venturing this cat city alone, before mum said no due to safety reasons...well...for those who haven't been to the cat city, be informed there are some parts of the city dangerous for young, sweet women like me (ceh!) and the people, although having really cute, friendly and welcoming faces...may not be so friendly as you wished they would be.


End up at home again...doing nothing again...except:

-being lil bro's fierce but comel teacher...heh..(once again, ignore the perasan comel statement)

-help here and there around the house..although actually I spent more time in front of the tele.. =p

-Help aunt rewrite her recipes into a proper exercise book, to prevent from any loss of those precious recipes...which will be something i really need later..(dun really know how to cook..huhu)

-Snap more pictures

-And have some fun learning one new thing...sewing least now I can have something to decorate my clothes if I find them not attractive enough..(kalo rajin la...)

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mieZa taiB said...

wah rajinnya awek prasan cute..hehehehehe