Monday, December 14, 2009


Actually, i don't know what to write. Just want to exercise my fingers. Haha!

My aunt has been claiming her recipe book since last two days, and I haven't finished copying it all down. There's quite a lot or writings and my hands doesn't seem to enjoy to do any writing work. Mentang2 la dh lama x pegang pen. Ceh!

This Thursday my we are going to my uncle's house to help him preparing majlis aqiqah for his daughter. We'll be doing lots of work, i can assure that. Well, at least I can have some time playing with my little cousin. And my very first niece will be there too. So that means it's twice the fun! (hopefully..) hehe...

Lastly...I would like to ask...

sape nak ikut pergi Langkawi cuti mid sem nanti????

That is all.

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Cik Dila said...

sem baru tak start lagi dah sibuk nak melancong..hebat2..eheh