Friday, April 29, 2011

Agent Smith wannabe

while others wish they have powers like those in Heroes (flying, reading minds, healing powers, freeze the time and all), I on the other hand wish I have the ability to multiply myself like Agent Smith from The Matrix, or at least have multiple hands.

I'm having tons of assignments need to be completed within this week, and I find that it would be more advantageous to be able to multiply myself instead of asking for the day to be more than 24 hours. Serves me right for procrastinating? This time, I don't think I'm to blame completely, because we received the assignments late too. Hahaha...blame it on the alcohol lecturer! ( tak baik. Tak berkat!)

Mock trial for criminal procedure, jurisprudence, professional practice (housing loan and establishing legal firm), civil procedure (4 take home test and group assignment). Adding it is the final exam is next week. First paper is on the 8th; civil procedure. Hope we are able to know the topics coming out for finals as soon as possible.

Working cap on! lol!

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