Monday, April 11, 2011

thoughts from a bored mind

My cravings for durians is still not fully satisfied., albeit the fact that I've had 3 sessions of 'durian eating' with my friends here. Maybe I should buy one or two of the fruit and eat it all on my own. Lol!

Watched the Big Bang Theory yesterday. Can't stop laughing. Simply amusing. And genius! Lol! (the 'amy and sheldon had sexual intercourse' gossip is one awesome gossip! hahahaha.

Received another offer. But then comes the same problem; time. Should I do it after my Jurisprudence test or after the final exams? Mom preferred the latter, which is opposite of this 'you snooze you lose' principle I have. =[

Eat a lot these few days. Yesterday bought murtabak, nasi tomato, karipap and popiahs and I managed to finish them all! O__o!

Have piles of assignments waiting to be completed. Had my Professional Practice half done, and my Evidence, also halfway done, have not started doing Jurisprudence yet (please don't get the difficult topic), no news on Civil Procedure and Criminal Procedure.

Farewell party in a couple of weeks. Haven't bought any presents yet. Must be universal. Hmm...can I just get one and insert  a note 'if you're a guy and you received this, I'm sorry, I just picked what I thought was nice' together with it? Not good in choosing the best present.Am excited to vote for the classmate for the awards though. Heh. Wondered if I have any chances of winning??? -_-''

A month more and I'll be leaving this university. Leaving the college, my extra spacious room that brings jealousy to some of my friends, the lectures, the lecturers, the peaceful, green environment, the monkeys, the cats, and most of all my friends. Sad. SAd. SAD! SAD!! SAD!!!  okay okay...control...breath in...breath out...

well...I think that's all about it. Got nothing else to write about.

Ok, till we meet again. Nak tengok movie. (takde kerja)

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