Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Show Me Your Bff Contest.

Hello there!!

Current location: Library. My college had no electricity so I decided to hang out here for a while. Sambil-sambil tu wanna try my luck in joining a contest. This would be my second attempt entering a contest, after one organized by blog Denaihati.

Anyways, this contest needs you to post a picture of you and your friends and say a few words about them/her/him. So here's the picture!
Tada!!! yes, I look tired in that picture. T____T
So, here's a few words about me and my lovely friends.

Dear Nurulbadiah Lai,
What can I say about friendship? For one thing it is based on trust, sincerity and memories! I chose this picture not because my other friends are not wonderful, but because these lovelies have been my friends for the longest time! Since high school! And everytime we meet, there's always excitement and stories to tell and shared! =D
Ok, let me introduce you to them. I refer to the biggest picture. From left, the one with glasses and long hair, that's Amy Ho! We have our own nickname! It all began with Cats and The Phantom of The Opera and the next thing you know, I find myself spending time laughing and talking non-stop about musicals with her! She's really a cheerful, bubbly and neat person! sekarang dah kerja dah pun. Lucky you now that you have your own money! >.<. Next to her, is Michelle Chew! Yes, as you can see her smile is what makes people love her! And her laugh! I swear you'll laugh along! And yes, her love for books! She's a sweet girl, what more can I say?? We hardly see each other as she is now studying far far away. The one next to her is Sarah Shireen! I've known her since primary school! And we share many things in common! She's an interesting and fun person to talk and to hang out with. It's a pity that she was misunderstood by some, because she's one of the most honest and sincere person I know! Once you get to know her, she is such a dear! (if you're reading this Sarah, I really mean what I said). I guess it's true; Tak kenal maka tak cinta. Now she's in Russia, doing medicine, a future doctor!!! And I'm sure you'll be a good surgeon! =D Lastly, next to me, is Pui Yee!! She's studying in USM, and if there's anything about downloading and internet stuff, she's the one you can rely on! Good with gadgets and technology! Cheerful and bubbly just like Amy! (they both look like sisters! lol!) We gatecrashed her house to make a surprise birthday party once, it was a success!! And she's responsible with my current obsession with Darren Criss! LOL!

We all have some things in common. Books, musicals, glee, darren criss, nice soothing songs, oldies songs, yum cha sessions. We hardly meet. We are separated miles away. But we still keep in touch and find ourselves still getting excited whenever one of us posted a Darren Criss video or a Musical show in facebook. (like that show in Istana Budaya. Amy Ho, I'm so jealous! >.<) And whenever we meet, it's like we have the place all for our own. Even if the meeting is just for an hour or so, we filled it with laughter and chatter, and sharing the latest news and gossip. Like there is no worries in the world. We made effort in making those small, random short meeting memorable. And it worked, because I really miss them. I miss seeing them and talking to them. I miss being all crazy with them. I miss that moment where we rekindled back our highschool memories; our classes, our teachers that we like and dislikes, our school trip, and the awkward moment we involuntarily made that made us all laughed. Those were precious moments. 
Kawan tak semestinya mesti ada bersama setiap masa. A friend is a best friend when you know they will always be there for you, even if we are separated miles away, when you can still smile excitedly whenever you see them coming, when you still have so many things to tell even when you hardly see each other, and when you still miss them so much and wanting to see them again. Everyday, if possible.

Contest ni is from the lovely sis Nurulbadiah Lai. Show me your BFF Contest. =)

Check out her contest entry here!!

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ive been tagged!!

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lol!! then you know what you should do! hahahaha!

Nurulbadiah Lai said...


baru check ur pic

wisg u all de best ya:))
nti jgn lupe tgok resultnyee

dr1/6 said...


love. love. love.

i miss you like crazy!