Tuesday, May 3, 2011

sigh sigh sigh.....more sighs

Ever had a lecture that started from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m? with only one break given? No? good, don't. never. ever. ask for that. Yes? that surely you'll know how it felt.

The silver lining of this is at least we've completed one assignment. The big one. I said it's a big one because I find that until and unless this big assignment is not finished, I can't proceed to the other assignments, all due before the final exam, which starts on the 8th May, which, as you are all very much aware of, will be next week. As I'm writing this, I have 4 days before the exam, 3 assignments yet to be completed, haven't started a thing yet for the finals (yeah, I even forgot to print the exam slip!), and...well....more sighs and more stress.

Well, at least the so called mock trial went out well. I managed to convince the judge to grant bail to my pregnant accused. Poor lady, a mistress, and pregnant with a baby in a breach situation. Pitiful, eh? hahaha...glad that I didn't stammer much too. To the rest of the group members, kudos to all of you! A job well done. Praise ourselves for being able to survive till the very last moment. (dah group last, sah-sah lah kena stay sampai abis kan? hahaha).

Another news came today. I've decided to erase the doubt and clarify the status once and for all. Better to know and be disappointed now than being kept wondering and having false hope right? So yeah, as predicted, it wasn't a good one. Frustrated? Disappointed? Hell yeah! I feel sorry for my parents, especially my father for all the troubles I've caused. Honestly speaking, the frustration and disappointment is mostly for letting down and disappointing him. I thought I can repay back by telling him a good news once in a while, unfortunately, I don't have any.

Think positive. That's what many said to me. Yeah, that's perhaps the only way to move on. And what is sadder, is I have to force myself to find at least one thing positive about it.

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