Thursday, April 7, 2011

bad or good habit?

I have this one habit. I'm not sure whether it is a good one or a bad one. For those who was once hit my this habit of mine, perhaps they will think that it is a bad one. But everything has two sides of the story. Some people didn't mind, in fact they thanked me for it.

What habit? well, I tend to correct people's grammar. Yes. Doesn't that sound annoying? You'd think; 'who are you to tell me about grammar? You don't even speak English at home!' or 'kau siapa nak betul-betulkan grammar aku? macam la kau tu betul sangat English.' Ouch! Yes, I know, I am completely aware that my English is not the very best one. It's not my mother tongue, and yes, I too, still do grammatical errors. But there's one thing. I am aware of the mistake, and I improved. Improve in a way that in other future conversations, I remind myself of the right way of saying, whether I have to use has or have, is or was, I keep that in mind. I train my brain to construct the word before I say it out. And I'm keen in looking for new vocabs. I read the dictionary sometimes. Yes, the dictionary! And when I watch a movie, I don't just watch, I listened to them. How they pronounce the word, whether they use the right grammar in addressing a certain plot or scene. And trust me, not all movie used right grammar all the way throughout the movie. I managed to spot a few mistakes. And I'm proud for being able to detect it, because I know I'm improving. No longer have to rely on subtitles. And it just adds more interest in learning new languages.

 see what happens when you use the wrong grammar???

That is  my intention. To help a person improve. Also because it doesn't sound right to the ear when you pronounce wrongly, but that's besides the point. I know, I'm not a master in grammar, but at least I can help with the knowledge that I have, even if it is just the slightest error of using 'is' and 'was'. Sharing knowledge is encouraged, even if it is only at a small portion. It's better than being a selfish know-it-all. Mostly, people misunderstood. They think I'm bragging. A sad reality. I know, you will feel embarrassed. I felt the same way too when my friend did it to me. Better to get embarrassed now in front of your friends. But that embarrassment is just for a second. The mistake though, you'll remember for a long time, and you'll be aware not to repeat the same mistake in future.

I think if such authority exists, I don't know how many 'saman' tickets I'm gonna get! lol!


che'ila said... audasiti..haha.tak perlulah nak rasa macam tu,aku OK je kalau ada orang betulkan aku..kalau takde orang betulkan aku mungkin sekarang aku sebut "tongguwe" untuk tongue...haha

p/s:audacity.correct me if i'm wrong.

lily said...

lol! tak rasa apa2 pn cik dila oi...hehe...sbb aku tau niat ak nak buat tu untuk apa...kalau ada yang tak boleh terima tu nasiblah, maybe diorg antara orang yang tak boleh terima teguran...huhu