Saturday, April 2, 2011

delay waves opportunity away

Done with my resume.

Had to go endorse my exam transcript because apparently no uni logo or authority whatsoever is written on the transcript in the portal and when you print it out. A silly thing if you ask me.

First went to the Law Department, then they said go to the Examination Unit, then they asked me to go to the Academic Affairs. Apparently, the Examination Unit has no authority to endorse it. Why?? I don't know. Hope it's a relevant reason.

So went to the Academic Affairs, handed my transcript, hoping to get in endorsed so I can send it to the firms by today. A simple request. Get it endorse. Just take the rubber stamp with the uni logo and the authority and that's it. Doesn't take more than 5 minutes.

They asked me to take the transcript tomorrow.

Good management much?

Should I be pissed?

Just hope they really mean it when they say tomorrow. Hello, this is somebody' future we're dealing with. And I want my transcript all endorsed by TOMORROW. Not the next day, or later, or next week. Hell to the no.

I'm being emotional. I know. So what? hahaha

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