Friday, April 22, 2011

so that's that

I am writing this from my mom's laptop.

As mentioned before, I received an offer to attend an interview to some firms. So, I went back on Wednesday, after the Jurisprudence test, and went to KL that very evening with my father. There were three interviews that I was supposed to attend. The first was at Mont Kiara, the second at Megan Avenue and the third is at Jalan Sultan Ismail. Nevertheless, due to unforeseen conditions and after much consideration, I've decided to let go of the third one, which was scheduled on Friday. Will talk more about it later.

So, we stayed a night at a hotel. I brought along my Civil Procedure book. Yessss, for my friends who read this, ye, dengan bangganya aku memberitahu aku bawak sekali buku Janab yang besar, tebal gedabak tu. Kononnya nak baca, kot-kot la diorg tanya aku pasal civil. Mampus aku nak menjawab. Haha.

The first interview was at Mont Kiara, at 10 a.m, and we were there an hour early. Semangat!! Padahal dalam hati tersangat nervous asyik rasa macam nak terkentut je. Hehe. The interview was really short, about 10-15 minutes only. Perhaps it was not the partner who interviewed me. And honestly I was dumbfounded when they said they pay RM700 for chambering students. I might be wrong, but RM700 won't make the cut, especially if you're going to rent a house throughout the whole 9 months, plus with fuel money, maintenance and other necessary things, it's going to be difficult living with just RM70o (hari-hari makan maggi and nasi campur kicap/telur je la gamaknya...hahaha)

The second interview was at Megan Avenue, at 3 p.m. And we got lost while searching for the office. Bukan sesat cari jalan ye, sesat cari office. Hahaha! Well, considering that I've never been there before, it was quite acceptable that we couldn't find our way, plus it is a really big building! This firm is bigger than the first one. And there were another 3 students who came for interview. (one of them is Cik Fenny! hahaha!). The interview went quite well, I think. This one was really challenging. They asked me many questions that I really have to think quick and carefully to give them the answer. But that's not the challenging part. The challenging part was that even after you answer, they would twist and turn my answer and asked another question from that. Psycological much? Indeed it is!!! It was funny that I didn't find it stressful, rather kind of enjoyed it. It was like a discussion and giving opinions rather that they questioned and I answered. This interview took like 45 minutes! didn't expect it would be that long. Poor Fenny! She had to leave for another interview at 5.30 p.m. But, lucky for her, she's already been accepted to the first firm she went to! Yay!! Good for you girl! They must've liked you very much! =D

So now, I'm still 'unemployed' by any firms. Heh. Not that worried though. I have tried my best, so it's up to them to consider if I'm suitable for their firm. Plus, I'm still going to send applications around, hopefully I'll find a place sooner or later.

Ok lah, that's all I wanna write about so far. Lots more in my mind, but I'll tell later. Toodles!

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