Saturday, April 9, 2011

my precious second home

Suddenly I miss my Alma Mater.
Was looking through the pictures with my highschool friends, and I realised it has been 6 years since I left Convent. I'm a product of Convent school and I'm proud of being one. It was there where I learn how to be courteous; we greeted every teacher we bumped into, 'P's and Q's is like a routine word used everyday, I learn how to pronounce a word correctly, where I made good relationships with the teachers and the school staff (the assistant librarian especially, Mrs.Ooi...I miss u!) and most of all, where I made friends that add colours to my life.

I remembered how nerdy I was back then. School librarian, teacher's daughter (yup, my mum's the teacher there, and she taught my class BM!) my friends are all from that school, and other girls from other school. Hardly know any boys, or even talk to one. Haha...a completely different person from what I am today. A big surprise! lol!

 Here's the badge. Originally, there was a cross sign, but it was replaced by the star. Then, there was a bible, but was then replace by a book.

And here's the picture of my beloved school, past and present:

 Honestly, I love it more when it was painted blue...looked more nostalgic...maybe it's just me (I'm a sucker for ancient and old gothic architecture). And I have few places that has become my favourite place to 'lepak' with my friends.

-The Library.
I'm a of course that's my place. And what other place is better for those who love being surrounded by books than the library? Had fun being a librarian...wrapped books, shelving, updating the DDCS (dewey decimal classification system), and got hooked on books, and often got away from paying the 'denda' whenever the borrowing date expired. heh heh... I love this library not only we can meet and gather together, but also there are lots of classical books, books you can never find it anywhere today. All the hardcover, yellow page books, with silverfish spotted in between the pages,...I miss that moment. >.<

-The Chapel.
This is another favourite place of mine. I love staying and hanging out in the chapel. For one thing, it's cooling, because of the'll never feel stuffy or hot when you're in the chapel. And since that's where we often practice our choir and that's where the music class is, it gives more reason to be there. Sometimes I played the piano, or tried playing the Gamelan and Caklempong, and banging on the drums, and tried my hands playing the guitar, or sometimes I just like to sit there enjoying it's pretty structure while waiting for my mom. Our choir sounds lovelier and we became more excited in trying to win the competition. =D

 -The Volleyball court.
or the place where we have our assembly, or where the 7th Coy Rangers practiced their march everyday, or the place where we sat and talked early in the morning, waiting for the bell to ring, or the place where we sat and hang out during recess...frankly it's a multi-purpose court. LOL! That was where we sat together talking about some interesting things happened during last night's tuition, or talking about the same tv programme we watched last night, or talking about what we heard on Hitz.Fm this morning on the way to school, or when it was football season, the team we supported; those Beckham lovers, Thierry Henry fans, Zinedine Zidane supporters, all gather together talking about which footballer is the best. Then came the assembly, where we sang a patriotic song, and listening to the announcements and some good or bad news. Sometimes we have to listen to our PK HEM lecturing us about our attitudes, and announcing the cleanest class and dirtiest class; who later had to go for Litter Duty. At that time, I was thinking what's the point in doing all this? But now, as I remembered, those were precious moments that I dearly miss.

Well, there are other things that I'd like to share about SMC, but I think it will only bore the readers. purpose of writing this. It just makes me happy to remember and share about the precious times I had with my friends in SM Convent.


Daniella Zulkifili said...

Simple in virtue, Steadfast in duty.
I bet you selalu pergi lepak Ipoh Parade after school. Haha

lily said...

danie: lol!! yeah!! that's our motto! hahaha...and no lar...didn't go lepak at Ipoh Parade...nanti ada orang report to my mom and I'll be the one in the hot soup! hahaha