Saturday, January 23, 2010

From The Lab: Here They Come!!!

Sunday morning. If at home, I'll still be sleeping, dreaming being rescued by a Prince Charming and live happily ever after in a beautiful palace. But here in uni....Sunday is the starting day of the week. Which means no more weekend holidays, no more sleeping till noon, but lectures, lectures and more lectures....

In my life, its not Monday blues, but Sunday blues...

The alarm clock showed 8.30 a.m. Why the heck my eyes opened at this early time of the day? I slept late yesterday and deserve more sleep! Rajin pulak mata ni nk bgn awal...when you are already awake its very hard to fall back asleep. But I forced myself back to sleep anyway. And it worked for 30 minutes.

When I really felt ready to wake up, I remembered something. The parcels have arrived! Yup, the things that I've been waiting for is waiting for me to pick them up at the college office. So, instead of dawdling, I went straight to shower and dressed up in formal attire and walked quickly to the office.(saje pkai formal nk create good impression..ceh!). I checked at the list and there they were!!!!! Yay!!! Hooray! They're here! Finally!

My online clothes that I ordered have arrived! Hahahaha.... I am so thrilled to rip off the package and see those online dresses. They are first time online shopping items. So, of course there is excite,ent and nervousness because the risk of those clothes not being in good quality are high.

I opened one by one and tried them on. The good news is, they are all in very good condition! Seriously, considering they are vintage dresses, I thought they will be some minor damage. But no, they turned out perfectly fine! Kudos to those sellers. They really meant business, and they did it really well.

The not so good news is, the size. Two of them are too big for me. The dress that I bought, instead of looking like a dress, turned out looking like a kaftan. (mcm baju tido kelawar pn ada gak. haha..). Well, that's he risk of online shopping, no try outs. Plus due to my skinny figure, the dress doesn't fit my body like it should be on a normal sized person. Nothing to be blamed for. They wll turn out good when I wear them with belts or clinchers or better yet, when I did some alterations on the dress. They still look gorgeous.

All in all, I'm satisfied with the service. I think I'm almost addicted to this online shopping. Haha...The net is where we can get things that we cannot get in stores. Now, I'm hunting for some vintage belts. But still, no luck. Huhu...

p/s: thank you for the dresses cupclothes and kittyowl. They were gorgeous. =)


mieZa taiB said... ja y lum smpai2 baju tu..hu3

nurulfari8zahamdan said...

dun wori mie...baju mu dlm perjalanan..hehe

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