Thursday, February 11, 2010

the 2 weeks adventure

Wow..been a while since I last post anything. Been busy. And this time, I mean REALLY busy. For the past 2 weeks my hands were tied so tightly that it brought sore not only to those poor dainty fingers, but also to the mind, body and sou. Yup. Last 2 weeks has been hell...HELL i Tell You! haha..(overacting).

There's so much things to commit to and how I wished I had the power to duplicate myself. Then I have less things to worry about. There were the dinner performances, then the test, the assignments, and the mooting. I still feel guilty for unable to give hundred percent commitment to all, but thankfully, they are considerate and understanding enough...(syg korg!)

Nevertheless, despite the tension and the lack of sleep and the mood swings, the 2 weeks were what I considered as an adventure. A rare adventure that I think I will ever experience it for the second time. They were full of sweet and joyful moments; which I prefer to look at rather than the bitter incidents that happened.

The best thing ever among all is the performance. I was involved in 3 performances for the Law Society Annual Dinner, where I played a small part as a keyboardist. It was tough, having to balance to practice 5 songs along with the assignments and the test and the mooting. Plus, it was my very first performance in front of a huge, important crowd, which made the butterflies in my stomach flit faster! I thought "what have i gotten myself into?" throughout the time, I kept thinking of how I will disappoint and embarrass my friends if made a blunder...and that caused me to be more nervous than ever. And it's not good to my health, especially in terms of hormones..(haha)

However, when the day comes, we made it! We nailed it! The night was a blast and a success! There were errors here and there during the performances, but we worked as one and managed to cover the defects. (apa yg penting? kerjaaaasaaamaaa!!!!). It was a memory that I kept inside my 'best memory' list. And everyone had a great time. The night was beautiful.

Still, with good comes bad right? I didn't perform as well as I did during the test. Well, that is expected when you only have one day to rad 2 topics and memorise the cases. And the assignments too, I didn't perform well during the presentation.

Nonetheless, like Dr. Ahmad Masum said; we have to see on both side of the coin. At one side of the coin. it was a wonderful adventure and a worthful challenge to me. On another side, it affects my performance academically. And as I said before, we have choices. The way I see it, I think the 2 weeks adventure was a wonderful way of learning and exploring life and moulding my inner self.

I have no regrets..

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