Friday, January 15, 2010

One Evening

I've changed my layout for the fourth time. I guess I'm a person who cannot stick to one thing for too long or I'll get bored. This is bad news for me to start a relationship...hah!

Well...I'm writing this post from my home's PC. Yes, despite that it is not the mid semester holidays yet, I made a decision to go home for a few days. Thanks to Sultan Kedah for having his birthday this coming Sunday and extra gratitude to the lecturers who postponed Monday's lecture. Which means I have an extra day at home before going back to Sintok.

My lil brother grew so fast! He's getting larger too. That chubby boy excitedly told me his story being a newly standard four student, particularly about ko-k...Ah yes...'kokurikulum' brought back those reminiscence I had during my primary school times...about 11 years the age of 10, I was just like him. Very enthusiastic being part of a uniform body and a school club. I enjoyed my girl scouts experience the most. And I dearly missed my scouts teachers (Pn.Paziah, Pn.Jamaliah, Pn.Hazlah). Each teacher with different characters. One is caring and sweet, one is stern and funny and one is just plain fierce!

Unfortunately, lil brother couldn't follow my footsteps being a boy scout. His teacher made the choice..(xaci!). So, he is officially a member of Cadet, Ping Pong and Kompang club. Haha! Boleh masuk iklan 'potong' P1 Wimax! Good for him. At least those activities will make him lose some weight and be a healthy, slim, handsome boy!(x payah masuk biggest loser! haha...)

The main purpose of coming home...besides to see my to practise for my performance. Which, I hope, is confirmed. I don't have a keyboard I can bring along and the uni charged the students if they want to use it. So I thought since I have a piano at home, might as well I just go back and try to play the song and see how far can I do it. And trust me, it is NOT EASY. I totally respect those who can compose songs. Those people have a beautiful and precious talent gifted to them.

Anyway, I've done a few practices and I think the playing is improving(hopefully!). I just hope that when the day comes, I don't tumble or my fingers will not freeze out of stage fright! I have to say I am very excited about this. A performance. I'm not a good player, but I will try my best to help make that night the night of serendipity.

p/s: the singer wanted to dedicate a song to someone...but now he decided to cancel the song and sing this one song instead. Either way, I can't help but wondering who is the lucky girl that captures his heart???

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