Sunday, January 10, 2010

21 or 12?

I just found dear friend...whom I known since primary school...whom we always laughed crazily together...whom we made a pact that single is the best damn finally..out of my wildest MARRIED!!!!!

And I found out rather completely shocked me...astonished me...and managed to make me dumbfounded with my eyes and mouth wide open. I was like...WHA???!!!! Is this for real? Hell yeah! My dear friend is legally belongs to someone, a person's wife and loved very much by him.

I can only say...CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! It was one of the happiest news that I received in this early beginning of the year. Shocked, of course, but I am far from disappointed or frustrated by her from breaking the pact. I mean, come's just a silly pact we made during high school, right?

The thing is, I still cannot believe it. Not just her, it includes all my friends who are already married. They're the same age as I am. 21 years old and they are already a devoted wife and loving mother. Compared to me, I'm still learning how to be a lawyer, still watch cartoons, doesn't know much about cooking and sewing...and I acted as though that is the biggest news ever upon finding out they are married.

Sometimes...well..most of the times, I thought to myself. Am I the one who is 21 but still trapped in the mind and body of a 12 year old, or they are the ones who are moving too fast? Am I the one who is still immature or are they the ones who have grown up faster?

Mind that it is not a bad thing getting married at an early age. Even if it is, probably it is just me who finds it too soon.

Whatever it is...I am very happy for my married friends. They have found the person that they love dearly and can make them feel blissful. I wish them all the happiness and joy in the world. =)

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