Tuesday, January 19, 2010

From the Lab.

it's been quite a while since I posted anything on this blog. Nk wat cmne....busy as a career woman (ceh!). The hands are starting to get tied. Assignments comes whooshing altogether. Mcm dh pakat ramai2 nk dtg kt kitorg. This semester, although it is still early, I would to label it as a strenuous one, or in a rather rude, poyo word; hell.

I'm writing this from the computer lab at my faculty...well...department actually. My assignment group went to see the professor to submit our outlines and to receive positive and negative feedbacks. During that 45 minutes 'meeting', I can say that our outline is satisfactory; in pari materia of 'fine' said by the professor. (semangat nk pkai legal jargon..). The Professor added more into out outline for she thought our outline is too general. And she wants it more thoroughly discussed, which means some more extra works and researches for us. But hey, that's what students do right? In order to receive a praiseworthy marks, we have to sacrifce our comfort and other luxuries such as sleep, eat, tv (ada ke?) and facebook (erkk....this sounds impossible.. =p).

All in all, I can say that I kinda like the way the Professor organized her method of teaching. It's different from other lecturers that I encountered before. This Professor, prefers to have the non-talkative, the one who sits quietly and hardly active in lectures to be the presenter during the class presentation. Why? To give opportunity to speak in public and for the students to gain confidence speaking in public, which is one thing that a lawyer will do all day for the rest of their career. The good thing is, this shy but brave presenter will not have to be answering questions during the Q & A sessions. It's a fair deal. The presenter will have their nerve wrecking moment for 10-13 minutes and the rest of the members will have their nerve-wrecking moment at the similar duration as the presenter, depending on how much questions the students and the Professor has.

I think the Professor establishes the mission and vision of the department, in her own way. Indeed, it is quite a challenge being in the Socratic method lecture, but the silver lining is it makes the students more alert and sleeper free, especially with her clear, loud voice!

p/s: I did my first online shopping last week! (yay!) now I know why my online shopper lover friend is getting addicted with it! I can't wait to receive the things that I bought. =)

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