Wednesday, January 13, 2010

ntah la good thing has come. And I am very grateful to God for making it a smooth one unlike the previous visit.

But then again...I have to say I'm disappointed with the system. Come on la wei...those docs aren't gonna be used for research or whatever. It's just going to be left on a storage until it turned yellow and dusty!

Furthermore, do consider the condition and situations that evolve around the residents here. We are far away from families, and having to do an extra job for wanting to satisfy the not so necessary evidence is...well...not necessary.

But I don't blame them completely. I myself, am guilty too. For being ignorant about this matter. Well, guess I am not completely a grown up girl as I thought I am. Still don't know much about this all thing. I didin't know that it has to be updated every year! But now I know...haha!

Damn...this car matters really ticks you off sometimes...

p/s: to my friend...I am so sorry for what happened to you. You may be at fault, but to punish you for the second time...for a small thing that you have to pay big money for...that... I just plain MEAN!!!

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