Saturday, January 23, 2010

goodbye to you my trusted friend...

Entry: Skema mode

This evening, I went to Changlun, along with cik miemi and her cousin cik diang. The purpose of the trip is to give an advanced treatment for cik miemi's newly bought lappy. (mentioned in previous post). Apparently, despite the fanciness of the new laptop, there are some shortcomings in it that were not supposed to be there in the first place. Cik Miemi was not satisfied with the service given by the laptop seller, for working inefficiently.

Another purpose is for me to buy some contact lens solution for my newly bought a new pair of contact lens. Guess what's the colour! hahaha.... And that is just it. I aim to but lens solution. But again...the temptation is everywhere, even in this small town of changlun.

While walking around the supermarket that I have set foot in hundreds of time, my eyes were fixed t this one particular item. One item, with a really nice colour of my favourite purple. And it has simple yet cute design at its body, something that I find really suits my ordinary self.

A wallet, a simple one, designed by no one, not even reached RM30, but captured my attention. I have been thinking of buying a new wallet to replace my faithful 6 years wallet, bought by my mum at the airport but I haven't found one that is suitable. Believe me, it is difficult to find one that really suits my fancy. Until now. Still, instead of paying straight away for the wallet, I had a 10 minutes dilemma. Dearest mum said that she is going to buy me a new wallet when we go to KL during the Chinese New Year holidays. And I can bet the place she will get me the wallet is Sogo, where discounts are at every floor, if not anywhere else. I was happy when she told me that, because that will mean that I don't have to give out any cash. (haha....teruk kan me?) But I already found one that I really really like and it is hard for me to forget the items if I decided not to buy them. In the end, I bought the simple purple wallet.

It's an expected decision right? I felt kinda embarrassed and guilty to have dearest mum buy for me things that I can buy for myself. I mean, come on, I'm already qualified to vote but I still let dearest mum to buy a wallet for me? Despite that she wants to buy it, it should be otherwise, since I am capable enough to buy things for my own useful purposes. It was an immature and selfish act for me if I let her. She has other responsibilities and commitments too. A wallet shouldn't be on her buying list.

Still, it is sad to be parted from faithful black wallet. We have endured pain and happiness together. Faithful black wallet has seen me through school, accompanied me to Japan, to National Service, be with me to my first enrolment as a university student, kept my pictures intact and my ex's picture well hidden, my money and my ID safe and didn't mind when I stuffed her tummy with receipts. It is hard to be parted with something that has been with us for a long time, right? I'm sure most people has at least one item with a sentimental value. I won't throw faithful black wallet away, but I will keep it safe, just in case I miss seeing it. (ignore the unnecessary emotional words). I will miss faithful black wallet dearly.

Goodbye faithful black wallet, my trusted friend...

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