Friday, May 20, 2011

Today in History

SINTOK- This just in. Apparently, a class of final year student who were taking their criminal procedure exam today had their exam to be 'postponed' for a few hours. This is due to the fact that the staff and the lecturer failed to provide them with Criminal Procedure Code (CPC), an essential reference for their exam. It was reported before that the lecturer, who do not wished to have his name published, have agreed and told his beloved final year students that they will be provided with Criminal Procedure Code for their exams. The Code will be provided by the faculty.

Nevertheless, the students were shocked when they found out that there was no CPC provided. Despite attempts made by several students to request to the staffs for the CPC to be photocopied as soon as possible, their request were not well entertained as the staff said they need to get permission by the lecturer himself. The lecturer was in Penang, activity unknown, perhaps handling a case or in his office or having a rest at home.

Due to the miscommunication between both the lecturer and the staff, students were made to wait without any definite answer of when the exam will actually starts. The paper that should have started as early as 9.00 a.m. was delayed for 3 hours, causing not only dissatisfaction, but also anger and tired of waiting.

This is perhaps one of the rarest occasion to occur in this place who take pride on having somewhat a good and efficient management skills. So far, there are no other places reported to this reporter about a delayed exam for 3 hours. Well, I guess this really is a one of a kind uni.

p/s: sila baca cara orang baca berita TV3 or BBC. lol!


che'ila said...

memang dari awal aku baca entry ni feeling pembaca berita TV1..haha,lawak oh..

lily said...

hahaha....ada bakat tak aku jadi reporter? lol!