Saturday, May 14, 2011

roadtrip + picnic

Able to sigh for least for this one week. Last Wednesday was the second paper, Jurisprudence 2. And while I really like learning about Jurisprudence; honestly, I just like reading and knowing about different philosophies and how these jurists think about changing the society and the law and how much they defend their theory and critic others. Nerd much? Maybe. Haha! Unfortunately, I kinda botched the paper. Failed to remember that well what those jurists said and argued. Furthermore, I was feeling sleepy due to lack of sleep and had infections at my right eye (it turned red and itchy), VERY disturbing!! Frustrated. I knew I could do better, because it's one of my favourite subject! damn!

Too late to mend things now. What's done is done. So, after the exam, we have 10 days gap before the remaining 2 papers; criminal procedure and evidence. And as usual, I'm not the type of person who go preparing notes straight away. Normally I'll be doing it 4 or 5 days before the exams. Ha! And you wondered why I couldn't answer properly...faridz, faridz....haih....

Anyways, my friends and I decided to release the tension and treat ourselves to enjoy the end of a stressful week. So on Friday, we packed our bags and drove to Sg.Sedim!!!! Yay!!! a perfect getaway! the place is just beautiful!(it's so pretty I'm gonna die!! XD) I love being surrounded by nature, and this place is a must go! It's quiet, the air is fresh, greenery everywhere, and the waterfall is just awesome!! love the cool clear water!! At first I didn't plan to join my friends for a dip, because my monthly friend came at the wrong time! >.< Nevertheless, the water is just soooooooo tempting, I decided to jump into the water anyway! Hahaha! we had an amazing time, splashing at each other and floating in the water. The current is really strong, and unless you really know how to swim, it's best to be cautious. We brought along food, and we had a small picnic. Not the yummiest food we've ever prepared, but what the hell, eh? we had a really good time and it is definitely one memorable time! I really love the time, being around friends and nature, all the stress, and the tension...gone.

Here are some pictures I took from facebook. Didn't manage to upload those from my camera. =p

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